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his grace b; the holy spirit c, his witness d, and workings e; against fuperiors, men of eminency 1, and such as we stand especially related and engaged unto g; against any of the faints h, particularly weak brethren i, the souls 'of them or

any b Heb.2; 2.For if the word spo- behave himself proudly against the kenby angels was stedfaft,and eve ancient, and the base against the ry transgression and disobedience honourable. received a just recompense of re g Prov. 30.17. The eyethat mock ward; v. 3. How shall we escape, eth at his father, and despiseth to if we neglect so great falvation, obey his mother, the rayens ofthe Heb. 12. 25. See that ye refuse not valleys shall pick it out, and the him that speaketh: for if they ea young cagels shall eat it. 2 Cor, scaped not who refused him that 12,15. And willvery gladly spend spake on earth,much more shallnot and be spent for you, though the we escape, if we turn away from more abundantly I love you, the him that speaketh from heaven. less I be loved, Pfal. 55. 12. For

c Heb.10:29. Of howmuchsorer it was not an enemy that reproachpunishment, suppose ye, shall he be ed me, then I could have born it ; thought worthy,who hath troden neither was it he that hated me, under foot the Son of God,-Mat. that did magnify himself against 12, 31. Wherefore I say unto you, me, then I would have hid my self All manner of sin and blasphemy from him. v. 13. But it was thou, Thall be forgiven unto men;but the a man, niine equal,my guide, and blafphemy against the holy Ghost my acquaintance, v. 14. We took Thall not be forgiven unto menv.32 sweet counsel together and walkAnd whosoeverspeaketh a word a- ed unto thehouse of God in comgainst the Son of man, it shall be pany. v. 15. Let death seize upon forgiven: himbutwhosoeveri peak. them and let them go down quick eth against the holy Ghost, it ihall into hell.not be forgiven him,neitherin this h Zeph.2.8.I have heard the reworld,neither inthe worldto come. proach of Moab,and the revilings

d Eph.4. 30. And grieve not the ofthechildren of Ammon,whereby holy Spirit of God, wherebyy.eare they have reproached my people, sealed unto the day of redemption. V, 10. This shallthey have fortheir

e Heb. 6,4. For it is impossible pride, because they have reproachfor those who were once enlight- edandmagnified themselvesagainst ned,and have tasted ofthe heaven- the people of the Lord of hosts. ly gift, and were made partakers' v. 11. The Lord will be terrible unof the holy Ghost. v. 5. And have to them.--Mat. 18. 6. But wholo tasted the good word of God, and Shall offend one of these littleone's the powers of the world to come; which believe in me, it were better v. 6. If they shall fall away, to re- for himthat amilstone werehanged new them againuntorepentance about his neck, and that he were

f Jude v. 8. Likewise allo thele drowned in the depth of the sea. filthy dreamers defile the flesh,de- ? Cor.6. 8. Nay, you do wrong & fpife dominon, and speak evil of defraud, and that your brethren. dignities. Numb. 12 8.-Where. Rev. 17.6. Andi saw the woman fore then were ye not afraid to drunken with the blood of the speak against my servant Mofes ? saints, and with the blood of the 7. 9. And the anger of the Lord martyrs of Jesus. was kindled against them, and he in Com. 8. 11.And through thy departed, Ifa,3.5.--The child hall


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any other k, and the common good of allor many

1. 3. From the nature and quality of the offence m: if it be againft the express letter of the law 1), break many com mandments, contain in it many fins oz if not only conceived

in knowledge shalt the weak brother they mightbe faved.- Josh.22.20. perish, for whom Christ died?0.12. Did not Achan the fon of Zerah But when ye fin fo againlt the bre- commit a trespass in the accursed thren,and wound their weak con- thing,and wrathfell on all the con fcience, ye fin against Christ. Rom. gregation of Israel and that man 14.13. Let us not therefore judge perished not alone in his iniquity. one another any more; but judge m Prov.6.30. Men donot defpifa this rather, that no man put a a thief, if he steal to fatisfy his Kumbling, block, or an oceasión to foul when he is hungry: v:31. But fall in his brother's way.v, 15.But if he be found, he shall restore leif thy brother be grieved with thý ven-fold, v.32. But whoso commeat,now walkest thou not chari. mitfeth adultery with a woman; tably. Destroy not him with thý laketh understanding he that doth meat,for whom Christ died. v.21. it, destroyeth his own foul. v. 33. It is good neither to eat flesh not wound & dishonour shall he get, to drinkwine nor any thingwhere- & his reproach shall not be wiped by thy brother stumbleth, or is of- away.And so on to the end of the fended, or is made weak. chapter.

k Ezek.13.19.And will ye pol n Ezra 9. 10. And now, o our lute meamongmy people

for hand- God, what shall we say after this? fuls of barely, and for pieces of forwe have forsakently commanda bread, to say the souls that should ments,v.IT. Which thou heft comnot diè,and to save the souls alive manded by thy servants the proš that should not live,by your lying phets, saying, The Jandunto which to my people that hear your lies? ye go to possess it, is an unclean I Cor. 8.12.But when ye fin soa- Jand with the filthiness of the peogainit thebrethren,andwound their ple,--V.12 Now therefore give not weak consciences, ye fin against your daughters unto their fors, Christ. Rev. 18. 13:( The merchan- nor-1 Kings 11.9. And the Lord difeof gold)&cinnamon,& odours was angry withi Solomon, because and ointments, and frankincense, his heart wasturned from the Lord and wine, and oil, and fine four, God of Israel, which had appeard and wheat, and beasts, and Theep, unto him twice. V: 10. And had and horses and chariots,andflaves, commanded bim concerning this and fouls of men. Mat.23,15. Wó thing, that he should not go after unto you scribes and pharisees,hy. Other gods: but he kept not thar pocrites; for ye compass lea and which the Lori commanded. Land to make one profelyte, and Col.3.5. Mortifytherefore your when he is made, ye make him members whichareupon the earth; two-fold more the childofhellthan fornication,uncleanness inordinate yourselves.

affection, evil concupiscence, and li Thell.2 15.Who both killed covetousness, which is idolatry, theLord Jesus,and their own pro- iTim.6.10. For the loveof money phets, & have persecuted us, and is the root of all evil: which while they please not God, and are con- some coveted after, they have er: trary to all men: v. 16. Forbiding red from the faith, and pierced as to Speak to the Gertäles, that themselves thro' with many for


te! his TH bri


be W

in the heart, but breaks forth is words and actions p, fcandalize others q, and admit of no reparation * : if against means by

mers rows. Prov. 5.8. Remove thy way through you, as it is written. far from her, and

come not nighthe r Deut.22.22. If a man be found door of her house: v. 9, Lest thoá lying with a woman married to an give thine honour into others, & husband, then they shall both of thy years unto the cruel. V. 10. them die, both the man that lay Left (trangers be filled with thy with the woman, and the woman: wealth,---, 11. And thou mournfo shalt thou put away evil fromifat the last, when thy flesh and thy rael.Compared with v.28.If a man body are consumed, v. 12.And say, find a damfel that is a virgin which how have I hated instruction, and is notbetrothed,andlay hold on her my heart defpifed reproof? Prov. and ly with her and theybe found': 6.32. But whoso comınitteth adul- 0.29. Then the man that lay with tery with a woman,lacketh under her,fhal!give to the damsels father ftanding : he that doth it, destroy- fifty shekels of Gilver, and the shall eth his own foul, v. 33. A wound be his wife, because he hath humand dishonour shall he get,-- Jofh. Bled her; he may not put her away 7.21. When I sawamong the spoils all his days. Prov.6-32.But wholo a goodly Babylonish garment, and committeth adultery withawoman, two hundred shekels of silver, and laketh understanding: he that doth a wedge of gold of fifty shekels it, destroyeth his own loul. v. 33. weight, then I coveted them, and A wound and dishonour shall he took them.

get, and his reproach shall not be p James 1. 14. But every man is wiped away. v.94. For jealousy is tenipted when he is drawn away of the rage of a man: therefore he his own-lufts, and enticed. v. 15. will not spare in the day of venge Then, when luft hath conceived, it ance.v.35.He will not regard any. bringeth forth fin; and lin, when ranfom: neither will he rest conit'is finifhed, bringeth forth death. tent, thoughthon givestmany gifts. Mat. 5. 22.But I say unto you, that (Mat, 11,21, Wounto thee Chowhosoeveris angrywithhisbrother razin,wo unto thee Bethsaida: for without a cause, shall be in danger if the mighty works which were of the judgment; and whosoever done in you had been done in Tyre shall say, to his brother, Raca, shall andSidon, they would have repenbe in danger of the council : but ted long ago in fackcloth and alhes. whosoever shall say,thou fool, shall v. 22, But I fay unto you, it shall be in danger of hell-fire. Mic.2.1; be more tolerable for Tyre and siWounto themthat devise iniquity, donatthethedayofjudgmenthanfor and work evil upon their beds; you, v. 25. And thou Capernauni, when the morning is light, they which art exalteduntoheaven, shalt practise it, becanse it is in the pow- be brought down to hell: for if the er of their hand.

mighty works which have been 9 Mat. 18. 7. Wo to the world done in thee,had been done in So. becauseofoffences; forit muftneed's dom,it would have remained until be that offences come; but wo to this day,v.24. But I say unto you, that man by whom the offence that it shall be more tolerable for cometh. Rony, 2.23. Thou that ma the land of Sodom,--Johii 15.22. kest thy boast of the law, through If I had not come, and spoken unbreaking the law dishonourelt thou to them, they had not had sin: but God? v. 24. For the name of God now they have no cloke for their is blasphemed among the Gentiles ling

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merciest, judgments V, light of nature w, conviä
{tion of confcience ®, publick or private admoni-
tion y, cenfures of the church z, civil punish-
ments a.; and
and our prayers, purposes, promises by

t Ifa, 1, g. The ox knoweth his use of the women, burned in their
owner, and the ass bis master's lust one toward another, men with
crib: but Israel doth not know, my men workingthatwhich isunfeem-
people.doth not consider, Deut, ly,andreceiving in themselvesthae
32.6. Do ye thus requite the Lord, recompence of their error which
o foolish people and unwise? is
not he thy father that hath bought * Rom. 1.34. Who knowing the
thee: hath he not made thee, and judgment of God, (that they which
established thee?

commit such things are worthy of . v Amos 4.8. Sotwo or three cities death), not only do the same, but Wandred into one city, to drink 'have pleasure inthem that dothem. water ;but they were not satisfied: Dan 5.22. And thou his son,O Bela yet have yenot returned unto me, Shazzer, haft not humbled' thine saith the Lord. y... I have smitten heart, tho' thou knewest all this, you with blasting, and mildew: Tit. 3i 10. A man that is an here when your gardens and vineyards, tic, after the first and fecond adand your fig trees and your olive-, monition, reject; V. II. Knowing trees increased, the palmer worm, that he that is fuch, is fubverted, devoured them: yet have, ye not and sinneth, being condemned of returned unto me, faith the Lord. himself. V. 10. I have sent among you the y hoy.29. 1. Hethatbeing often peftilence after the manner of E- reproved, hardneth his neck, shall gypt: your young men have I Main suddenly be destroyed, and that with the sword, and have taken am without remedy. way your horses, and I have made z Titus 3. 10. A man that is an the stink of your camps to come up heretic, after the first and second unto your nostrils: yet have yenot admonition, reject, Mat, 18. 17: returned unto me, faith the Lord. And if he shall beglect to hear V.11. I have overthrown some of them, tell it unto the church; but you, as God overthrew Sodom & if he neglect to hear the church, Gomorrah, and ye were as a fire- let him be unto thee as an heathen brand pluckt out of the burning: man and a publican. yet have ye not returned unto me, a l'rov. 27. 22. Though thou faith the Lord. Jer. $. 3. O Lord, shouldit bray á fool in a mortar are not thine eyes upon the truth among wheat with a peftil, yet witl thou halt stricken them, but they not his foolishnelsdepart from him have not grieved: thou haft cona Prov. 23. 35. They bave stricken sumed them, but they have refused me, shalt thou say, and I was not to receive correction; they have fick; they have beaten me, and I made theirfaces harder than a rock, felt it not : when shall I awake? I they have refused to return. will seek it yet again.

w Roni,1,26.For this cayleGod b Psalm 78. 34. When he slew gavc them

up unto vile affections: them, then they fought him: and for even their women did change they returned and enquired early the natural use into that which is after God. v. 35. And they reagainst nature: v.27. And likewise membred that God was their rock, allo the men, leaving the natural and the high God their redeemer.

31. 26,

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covenants d, and engagements to' Godi ot men e: If done deliberately f, wilfully , presumptuously !, b, impudently i, boasting k, maliciously by frequent


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7:36. Nevertheless, theydidflatter the quarrel of my covenant:
him with their mouth, and they e Prov. 2. 17. Which orsaketh
lied unto him with their tongues. the guide of her youth, and for
7.37.For their heart was not right getreth the covenant of her. Code
with him, neither were they (ted- Ēzek.17.18.Seeing he despised the
fall in his covenant. Jer. 2. 20.For oath by breaking, the covenant
of old time I have broken thy (when lo, he had given his hand)
yoke,and burst thy bands,andthou and hath done all these things, he
faidit' I will not transgress when do thall not escape. 9. 19. Therefore
pon every high hill, and under thus faith the Lord God, As I live,
every green tree thou wandrelt, fürely mine Oath thathehạth despis
playing the harlot. fer. 42.5. Then sed, and my covenant that he hath
ebey said to Jeremiah, The Lord be broken, even it will Frecompense
a true and faithful witness between upon his own head.
us, if we do not even' according to f Pfal. 36. 4. He deviseth mir:
all things for which the Lord thy chief upon his bed, he setieth him,
God fhall fend thee to us; v, 6. self in a way that is not good; he
Whether it begood, or whether it abhorreth not evil.
be evil, we will obey the voice of gjer.6. 16.Thus faiththe Lord,
the Lord our God, to whom we Stand ye in the ways and fee, and
send thee :- 1.20. For ye dissem-alk for the old paths, where is the
bled in your hearts, when ye fent goodway, and walk therein,and ye
me unto the Lord your God, fay- hall find rest for your souls; but
ing,Pray for us unto the Lord our theyfaid, We willnot walktherein,
God, and according unto all that h Núm.15.30.But the soul that
the Lord our God will lay, so de- doth ought presumptụoully (whe-
clare unto us, and we will do it, ther he be born in the land, or a
2:21. And now I have this day de- ftranger) the farne reproacheth the
clared it to you, but ye have not lord; and that foul shall be cut off
obeyed the voice of the Lord your from amonghis people.Ex.21,14.
God, nor any thing for the which But if a mancome presumptuously
he hath sent me unto you: upon his neighbour, to say him

c Eccl. $.4.Whenthou yowest a with guile; thou shalt take him
How unto God, de ser nor to payit: from mine altar, that he may die.
for he hath no pleafureinfools,pay i Jer.3:3. Therefore the ihowers
that which thou hast vowed. v. 5. have been witholden, and there
Better is it that thou shouldīt not hath been no latter rain, and thou
vow, than that thou shouldk vow hadita whore's fore head, thoy re-
and not pay. • 6. Suffer' not thy fufedit to be alhamed. Prov.7.13.
mouth to cause thy flesh to fin; So she 'caught him and kissed bim
neither say thou before the angel, and with an impudent face faid un-
that it was an error: wherefore to him.
fhould God be angry at thy voice, k Pfal. 52. 1 Whiy boasteft thon
& destroy thework of thine hands? thy self in mischief,Ömighty man?
Prov.20.25. It isa snare to the man, 1 3 Johnio. Wherefore if I come,
who devoureththat which is holy: I will remember his deeds which
and after vows to make chiquiry. he doth, prating against us with

d:Lev. 26. 25. And I will bring a malis wus words. fword upon you that Mall ayenge



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