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word, are to preach found doctrine m, diligently, ) in Teason, and out of season 0; plainly P, not in the enticing words of man's , wisdom, but in demonstration of the spirit, and of power ¥; faithfully. r,

4, faithfully, r, making known the whole counsel of God: 1; wiselyt, applying themselves to the necessities and capacities of the hearers V; zealoully w, with fervent love to God and the fouls of his

peo159. m Tit. 2.1. But speak thou every man in all wisdom; that we the things whichbecome sounddo. may present every man perfect in etrine, v.8. Sound speech thatcan- Christ Jelus.2 Tim.2.15.Study to not be condemned; that he that is shew thyself approved unto God,a of the contrary part, may be asha- workman that needeth not to be med, having no evil thing to say alhamed, rightly dividing theword

of truth. n A&te 18.25. This man wasin VI Cor.3.3.I have fect you with fructed in the way of the Lord; milk,& not with meat; for hitherand being fervent in the spirit, he to ye were not able to bear it, nei, Ipake and taught diligently the ther yet ņow are ye able Heb.5.12 things of the Lord.+-

For when for the time ye ought to 02 Tim. 4: 2. Preach the word, be teachers,ye have need that one be instant in seafon, out of season; teach you again which be the first reprove, rebuke, exhort with all principles of the oracles of God; long-luffering and doctrine. and are become such as have need rpi Cor.14. 19. Yet in the church of milk, and not of strong meat: I had rather speak five words with 7. 13, For every one that useth my understanding,thatbymyvoice milk, is unikilful in the word of I might teach others also, than ten righteousness; for he is a babę. v. thouland words in an unknown 14.. But strong meat belongeth to tongue.

themthat are of fullage,even those q 1 Cor.2.4. And my speech,& who by reason of use have their my preachingwasnotwithenticing lenses exercised to discern both words of mans wisdom,but in de- good and evil. Lukci2.42. Andthe monstration of the Spirit; and of Lord said, Who then isthatfaithful power:

and wife steward, whom his lord r Jer.23, 28. The prophet that shall make ruler overhis houfhold, hath a dream, let him tell a dream; to give them their portion of meat and he that hath my word, let him in due scalon? Speak my word faithfully: what is w Acts 18.25. This man was in. the chaft to the wheat faith the structed in the way of the Lord ; Lord. i Cor. 4.1. Let a manso ac, and being fervent in the Spirit, he count ofus,

as of the minilters of spake and taught diligently the Christ, and stewards of the myste- things of the Lord, ries of God. v. 2, Moreover it is X 2 Cor. 5.13, For whether webe required in stewards, that a man be besides our felves it is to God: or found faithful,

whether we be sober, it is for your fAts 20, 27. For I have not canse, v.14. For the love of Christ shunned to declare unto you all constraineth us, because we thus the counsel of God,

judge that if one died for all, then i Col, i 28. Whom we preach, were all dead. Phil. 1. 15. Some warning every man, and teaching indeed preach Christ even of envy


people y; fincerity 2, aiming at his glory a, and their con

: version bi edification c, and salvation d. 0.160.What is required of those that hear the word preached? A. It is required of those that hear the word preached,


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and strife ; and some also of good free from all men,yet I have made will. v. 16. The one preach Christ myself servant unto all, that I of contention, notfincerely, fuppo- mightgain themote.v. 10 AndunSing to add afiliation tomy bonds: to the Jews, I becanie asa Jew,that 7. 17. But the other of love, know- Imight gain the Jews:tothem that ing that I am set for the defence are under the law, as under the of the gospel.

law, that I might gain them that y Col. 4. 12. Epaphras, whoisone are under the law; v. 21. To them of you,a servant of Christ, faluteth that are withoutlaw, as without you always labouringferventlyfor law (beingnot without lawto God, you

in prayers, that ye may stand but under the law to Christ}that i perfect, andcompleatin all thewill might gain them that are without of God. 2 Cor. 12, 15. And I will law. v. 22. To the weak. became very gladlyspend and be spent for I as weak, that I might gain the you, though the more abundantly weak : I am made all things to all I love you, the less I be loved. men, that I might by all means

ż 2 Cor. 217, For we are not as lave Tome.
many, which corrupt the word of c 2 Cor. 12, 19. Again, thinkyou
God: but as offincerity, but as of that we excuse ourselves unto you,
God in the light of God, speak we we speak before Godin Chrift:but
in Christ. 2 Cor.4. 2. But havere- we do all things, dearly beloved?
nounced the hiddenthingsofdilho- for your edifying. Eph. 4. 12.For
nesty,not walkingincraftinels, not the perfecting of the saints, for the
handling the word of God deceit- work of the ministry, for the edi-
fully, but by manifestation of the fying of the body of Christ.
truth, commending ourselves to di Tim. 4. 16. Take heed unto
cyery mans conscience in the light' thyself, and unto thy doctrine

3 of God.

continue in them. For in doing ai Thess. 2. 4. But as we were this thou shalt both save thy self, allowed of God to be put in trust and themthathearthee. Acts 26.16. with the gospel, even lo we speak But rise, and fand upon thy feet;. not aspleafingmen,but God, which for I have appeared unto thee for trieth our hearts. v. 5. For neither this purpose, to make thee a miniat any time used we flattering ster, and a witness both of these words, as ye know, por a cloke of things which thou hast seen, and coyetousness; God is witness v, 6. of those things in the which I will Nor of men fought we glory, nei- appearunto thee. v.17. Delivering ther of you, nor yet of others, thee from the people, andfromthe when we might have been burden- Gentiles, unto whom now I send fom, as the apostlesof Christ. John thee, v. 18. To open their eyes, 7.18. He that speaketh of himself andto turn them fromdarkness to seeketh his own glory, but hethat light, and from the power of Satan feeketh his glory thatsent him,the unto God, that they may receive fame is true, and no unrighteouf- forgivenelsof fins and inheritance pels is in him.

among them which are sanctified hi Cor. 9. 19. For thougl I be by faith that is in me.

160. CProv.

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20 have.

& fupplication for all saints ; v.19. more earnest heed to the things we

that they attend upon it with diligencee, preparation f, and prayer g; examine what they hear by the scriptures h; res ceive the truth with faith i, lovek, meekness 1, and readiness of mind m, as the word of God n; meditate o, and confer of it P; hide it in their hearts 9, and bring forth the fruit' of it in ther lives r,

161, 160. e Prov. 8. 34. Blessed is the of naughtiness, and receive with man, that heareth me, watching meeknesstheingrafted word,which daily at my gates, waiting at the is able to fave your souls. posts of my doors.

m Acts 17.11.Thefe were more f1. Pet. 2.1. Wherefore laying noblethanthose in Thessalonica,in alide all malice and all guile, and that they received the word with hypocrisies, and envies, and all all readiness of mind, and searched evil speakiigs, 3. 2. As new born the scriptures daily, whether those babes defire the fincere milk of the things were so. word, that ye may grow thereby. n 1 Thefl:2.13. For this cause alLuke S. 18. Take heed therefore fo thank we God without ceasingi how ye hear: for whosoever hath, because when ye received theword to him shall be given; and whofo- of God which ye heard of us, ye ever hath not, from him shall be received it not as the word of men, taken even that which he feemeth but (as it is in truth) the word of

God, which effectually worketh alg Pfal.119. 18. Open thou mine fo in you that believe. eyes,that I


behold wondrous Coluke 9, 44. Let these fayings things out of thy law. Eph. 6. 18. fink down into your ears: for the Praying always with allprayer and Son of man shall be delivered into fupplication in the spirit, & watch: tlre hands of men.

Heb. 2, I, ing thereunto with allperseverance Therefore we ought to give the And for me, that utterance maybe have heard, left at any time wę given unto me, that I may open should let them slip. my mouth boldly, to make known p Luke 24. 14. And they talked the mystery of the gospel. together of all these things which :h Acts 17.11. These were more had happened, Deut. 6. 6. And noble than those in Thesalonica, these words which I command thee in that they received the word with this day, shall be in thine heart, all readinels of mind, and search - 0.7. And thou shalt teach them died the scriptures daily whether ligently unto thy children, and thofe things were fo.

flialt talk of them'when thou fittest i Heb. 4. 2. For unto us was the in thy house, and when thou walkgospel preached, as well as unto est by the way, and when thou lielf them: but the word preached did down, and when thou rijest up: not profit them, not being mixed q Prov, 2,1, My son, if thouwilt with faith in them that heard it. receive my words, and hide my

k 2 Thess.2.10. And with allde: commandments with thec. Pralni ceivableness of unrighteousness, in 1:9, 15. Thy word have I hid in them that perish; because they re mine heart, that I might not fin ecived not the love of the truth, against thee, that they might be saved.

r Luke 8, 15, But that on the 1 james 1, 21. Wherefore lay a good ground are they, which in an part all filthiness, and fuper Huity loncit & good heart,having heard


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QI61. How do the facraments become effectual means of salvation?

A. The facraments become effectual means of salvation, not by any power in themselves, or any vertue derived from the piety or intention of him by whom they are administred; but only by the working of the holy Ghost, and the blessing ;; of Christ by whom they are instituted f.

Q. 162. What is a facrament?

Ă. A facrament is an holy ordinance instituted by Christ in his church t, to signify, seal, and exhibite v unto those


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the word, keep it, and bring forth v. 1o. This is my covenant, which fruit with patience. Jam. 1:25. But ye shall keep between me and you, whoso looketh into the perfect law and thy feed after thee; every ofliberty, and continueth therein, man-child among you shall be cir, being not

a forgetful hearer, but a cumcised. Exod.chap.i2. contain doer of the word, this man fhall be ing the institution of the pasover; blested in his deed.

Mat. 28. 19: Go ye therefore and 101, f i Pet. 3. 21. The like fi- teach all nations, baptizing them in gurewhereuntoeven baptism,doth the name of the Father, and of the also now fave us (not the putting Son,and of the holy Ghoft. * Mat, away of the filth of the flesh, but 20.20, And as they were eating, the answer of a good conscience to- Jesus look bread, and blessed it, wardGod)bythe resurrectionof fe- and brake it and gave it to the diff fusChrist. Acts 8. 13. Thensimonciples, and said, take, eat; this it himself believed also : And when my body. v. 27. And he took the he was baptized, he continued with cup, and gave thanks, and gave it Philip, and wondred, beholding to them, saying, drink ye all of it; the miracles and ligns which were v. 28. F'or this is my blood of the done. Compared with v23. For I new testament, which is shed for perceive (laid Peter to Simon) that many, for the remission of sins. thou art in the gall of bitterness v Ron. 4. VI. And he received and in the bond of iniquity. Cor. the fign of circumcifion; a seal of 3-6. I have planted, Appollos wa- the righteousness ofthefaith which tered: but God gave the increase. he had yet being uncircumcised : 7. 7. So then, neither is he that that he might be the father of all planteth any thing, neither be that them that believe, though they be watereth ; but God that giveth the notcircumcised: thatrighteousness increafe. I Cor. 12. 13. For by one might be imputed unto them also. Spirit are we all baptized into one I Cor. 11.24. And when he had gibody,whether we be Jews orGen ven thanks, he brake it, and said, tiles, whether we be bond or free; take, eat; this is my body, which and have been all made to drink is broken for you ; this do in reinto one Spirit.

meinbrance of me.

V, 25. After 162. t Gen.177. And I will-esta- the same manner also he took the blish my covenant between me and cup, when he had supped, saying, . thee, and thy feed after thee, in This cup is the new testament in their generation's, for an everla- my blood : this do ye, as oft as ye fting covenant; to be a God unto drink it, in remenibrance of me. Thce, and to thy feed after theca

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that are within the covenant of grace w, the benefits of his mediation ; to strengthen and increase their faith, and all other graces y; to oblige them to obedience ż; to testify and cherish their love and communion one with another a, and to distinguish them from those that are without b.

Q. 163. What are the parts of a sacrament?

Ā. The parts of a facrament are two; the one, an outs ward and sensible sign used according to Christ's own appointment; the other, an inward and fpiritual grace thereby fignified c.

li 164. w Rom. 15.8. Now I say, that a Eph. 4. 2. With all lowliness Jesus Christ was a minister of the and meekness,withlong-suffering circumcision, for the truth of God, forbearing one another in love; to confirm the promises made unto v. 3. Endeavouring to keep the the fathers. Exod.12.48. Andwhen 'unity of the Spirit in the bond of a stranger shall sojourn with thee, peace.y.4.There is one body, and and will keep the pallover to the one Spirit, even as ye are called in Lord,let all his males be circumci- one hope of your calling vor.One fed, and then lethimcome near and Lord, one faith,one baptism. I Cor. keep it; and he shall be as one that 12.13. For by oneSpirit are' we alt is born in the land: for no uncir baprized into one body, whether cumcised person shall eat thereof. we be Jews or Gentiles, whether

* Acts 2, 38. Then Peter said we be bond or free; and have been unto them, repent, and be baptis all made to drink into one Spirit.' zed every one of you, in the name b Eph.2.11.Wherefore reinem of Jesus Christ, for the remission ber that ye being in timés paffed of lins,and ye shall receive the gift Geritiles in the ftesh, who are calofthe holy Ghoft. I Cor.10.16. The leduncircumcision by that which is cup of blessing which we bless, is called the circumcision in the flesh it not the communion of the blood made by hands; v, 12. That at of Christ ? the bread which we that time ye were without Ghrift, break, is it not the communion of being aliens from the commonthe body of Christ?

wealth of Israel,and strangersfrom y Rom, 4. 15. See in v. above. the covenants of promise, having Gal. 3. 27. For as many of you as no hope, and without God in the ħave beenbaptized into Chrilt,have world. Gen. 34. 14. And they said

untothem,we cannot do this thing, z Rom. 6:3. Know ye not, that to give our sister to one that is fo many of us as werebaptizedin- uncircumcifed'; for that were a reto Jesus Christ, were baptized into proach to ns. his death? v. 4. Therefore we are 163 c Mat. 3. II. Tindeed bapburied with him by baptism into tize you with water unto rependeath: that like as Christ was raised tance, buthetkat cometh after me, up from the dead by theglory ofthe is mightier than I, whoseshoes I am". Father, even so we also should walk not worthy to bear: hesallbaptize in newness of life. I Cor.10.21. Ye you with the holy Ghost, and with cannot drink the cup of the Lord, fire. 1 Pet. 3:21. The like figure and the cup of devils: ye cannot whereunto, even baptism; doth also de partakersoftheLord's table and now

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