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Q: 176.Wherein do the sacraments of baptism and the Lord's fupper agree? SA. The facraments of baptifm and the Lord's fupper agree,

in that the author of both is God m; the spiritual part of both is Chrift and his benefits n ; both are feals of the fame scovenant o, are to be dispensed by ministers of the gospel. and by none other P, and to be continued in the church of

Chrift thers, tho' he be not cleansed ac n Rom. 6. 3. Kñow ýe not, that cording to the purification of the so many of us as were baptized ina fanctuary. Ifa. 1. 16. Wash ye, to Jesus Christ, were baptized into make you clean, put away the evil his death? v, 4 Therefore we are

of your doings from before mine' buried with him by baptism into eyes; cease to do evil, v. 18.Come death: that like asChristwas raised now, and let us reason together, up from the dead by the glory of faith'the Lord : tho' your sins be his Father, even so we also should as scarlet, they shall be white as walk in newness of life. i Cor, fnow; thó' they be red like crim- 10. 16. The cup of blessing which fon, they shall be as wool.

we bleis,is it not the communion 12 Cor. 7. 11. For behold,this of the blood of Christ ? the bread Self-lame thing that yesorrowed af. which we break,is it not the comzer a godly fort,what carefulness it munion of the body of Chrift? wrought in you, yea,what clearing

o Rom. 4. II. And he received of yourlelves, yea, what indigna- the sign of circumcifion, a feal of tio,yea, what fear, yea,

what ve• the righteoufnessof the faith,which hement desire, yea, what zeal, yea, he had yet being uncircumcifed what revenge!in all things yehave that he might be the Father of all approved yourselvesto be clear in them that believe,tho? they be not this matter. i Chron. 15. 12. And circumcised; that righteousness David faid unto them, Ye are the might be imputed unto them also chief of the fathers of the Levites; Compared with Col. 2. 12. Buried fanctify yourselves, both ye and with him in baptifin,

wherein also your brethren,that you may bring ye are risen with him thro the up thearkof the Lord God of Israel, faith

of the operation of God, who untothe place that I have prepared hath raised him from the dead. / for it.v.13. For because you did it Mat. 26. 27. And he took the cup

not at the first, the Lord our God and gave thanks, and gave it to made a breach upon us, for thatwe them, laying, Drink ye all of it: fought him not afterthe due order. v. 28. For this is my blood of the v. 14. So the priests and Levites new testament which is shed for fanctified themselves to bring up many for the remission of sins. the ark of the Lord God of I/rael.

p John 1. 33. And I knew him 176 m Mat. 28, 19. Go ye there. not:buthe that sent me to baptize foreand teach allnations,baptizing with water,the fame said unto me, them in the name of the Father, Upon whom thou shalt see the Spiand of the Son, and of the holy rit descending and remaining on Ghost. 1 Cor. II. 23. For I have him, the fame is he which baptiTeceived of the Lord, that which I žeth with the holy Ghost. Mat. also delivered unto you, That the 28. 19. Go ye therefore and teach Lord Jesus,the same nightin which all nations, baptizing them in the he was betrayed, took bread


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Christ until his second coming 9.75

Q. 177. Wherein do the sacraments of baptism and the Lord's fupper differ?

A. The lacraments of baptism and the Lord's supper differ, in that baptifm is to be administred but once, with water, to cibe a sign and seal of our regeneration and ingrafting into Chrilt r, and that even to infants f; whereas the Lord's fupper is to be administred often, in the elements of bread and wine, to reprefent and exhibit Chrift as fpiritual nourishment to the Soul t, and to confirm our continuance and

growth name of the Father, and of the Gen. 17. 6. And I will establish Son, and of the holy Ghost. I Cor.; my covenant between meand thee, 11:23. For I have received of the and thy feed after thee, in their ge Lord, that which also I delivered nerations, for an everlasting cove unto you, that the Lord Jesus,the nant; to be a God unto thee, and fame night in which he was betray- to thy feed after thee. v.9. And ed, took bread, I Cor. 4.1. Let a God said unto Abraham, thou shalt man fo account

of us as of the mi- keep my covenant therefore, thou, nilters of Christ, and stewards of and thy feed after thee, in their geo the mysteries of God. Heb. 5.4. nerations. Acts 2., 38. Then Peter And no man taketh this honour faid unto them, repent, and be unto himself, but he that is called baptized every one of you in the of God as was Aaron,

name of Jesus Christ, for the re4 Mat. 28. 19. Go ye therefore mission of fins, and ye shall receive and teach all nations, baptizing the gift of the holy Ghoft. v.39. them in the name of the Father, For the promisc is unto you, and and of the Son, and of the holy to your children,and to all that are Gholte v. 20, Teaching them to afar off, even as many as the Lord observe all things whatloever I our God fhall call 1 Cor.7.14. For have commanded you: and lo, I the unbelievinghusband is fanctifiam with you alway, even unto the ed by the wife, and the unbelieving end of the world. Amen. I. Cor. wife is fanctified by the husband IL. 26. For as often as ye eat this else were your children unclean; bread, and drink this cup, ye do, but now are they holy. thew theLord's death till he come. ti Cor.11,23. For I have recei

177. . Mat. 3. 11, I indeed bap- ved of the Lord, that which also I size you with water unto repen- delivered unto you, that the Lord tance; but he that cometh after Jesus, the fame night in which he me, is mightier than I, whose shoes was betrayed, took bread: v.24. I am not worthy to bear; he shall. And when he had given thanks, baprize you with the holy Gholt, he brake it, and said, take, eat; and with fire. Tit. 3.5. Not by this is my body, which is broken works ofrighteousnefs, which we for you: this da in remembrance have done, but accordiog to his of me. v.25. Atter the same man. mercy he saved us by the washing ner alfo he took the cup, when he pof regeneration, and renewing of had fupped, saying, this cup is the

the holy Ghost. Gal. 3. 27- Foros new teftament in my blood: this many of you as have been bapti-4 do ye, as oft as ye drink it,

in rezed into Chrifty have put on Christ. . membrance of me..0.26. For as


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growth in him V, and that only to such as are of years, and ability to examine themselves w.

Q. 178. What is prayer?

A. Prayer is an offering up of our desires unto God x, in the name of Christ y, by the help of his Spirit z; with con fellion of our fins a, and thankful acknowledgment of his mercies b.

Q. 179. Are we to pray unto God only?

A. God only being able to search the hearts c; hear the requests d, pardon the sins e, and fulfil the desires of all f;


ti he


fc f 01

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often as ye eat this bread, and thou mayelt be found :--Dan. 9:4. drink this cup, ye do lew the And I prayed unto the Lord my Lords death till he come,

God, and made my confession, & v I Cor. 10.16. Thecupof bles- said, O Lord, the great and dreado sing which we blefs, is it not the ful God,-communion of the blood ofChrift? Phil.


6. Be careful for rio. the bread which we break, is it not thing; but in every thing by pray: the communion of the body of er and supplication with thankf. Christ?

giving, let your requests be made wiCor. 11:28.Butleta manex-: known unto God. amine himself, and fo let him eat of

179. © Kings 8.39. Then hear that bread, and drink of that cup. thou in heaven thy dwelling place,

v.24. For he that eateth and drink and forgive, and do, and give to - eth unworthily, eateth and drink eyery man according to his ways,

eth damnation to himself, not dis whole heart thou knowelt; for cerning the Lord's body.

thou, even thou only knowest the 9; 178.x Pfal. 62. 8. Truft in him hearts of all the children of nién.

at all times; ye people, pour out Acts 1.25. And they prayed, and your hearts before him: God is a faid, thou Lord, which knowelt refuge for us. Selah.

the hearts of all men, shew when y John 16. 23. And in that day ther of these two thou halt chosen, ye shall ask me nothing: verily, Rom. 8. 27. And he that fearchelt verily I lay unto you, whatsoever the hearts, knoweth what is the ye ihall alk the Father in my name, mind of the Spirit, because he mahe will give it you.

keth intercession for the faints aca
z Rom.8.26. Likewise the Spirit cording to the will of God.
also helpeth our infirmities : for we d Pfal. 65. 2. O thou that hear-
I know not what we should pray for est prayer, unto thee shall all files

as we ought: but the Spirit itself come.
maketh intereellion for us with e Micah7.18. Who is a God like
groanings which cannot be ut unto thee, that pardoneth iniquity,

and pafseth by the tranfgrellion of
a Pfal. 32. 5. I acknowledged the remnant of his heritage? he

unto thee, and mine iniquio retaincth not his anger for ever; ty have I not hid: I faid, I will because he delighteth in mercy, confess my transgressions unto the f Pfal. 145.18. TheLord is nigh Lord: and thou forgavest the ini- unto all them that call upon him, quity of my sin. Selah. 7. 6. For to all that call upon him in truth. this shall every one that is godly, V. 19. He will fulfil the desire of pray unto thce, in a tiine when


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and only to be believed in g, and worshipped with religious
worship h; prayer, which is a special part thereof i, is to be
made by all to him alone k, and to none other l.
Q. 180. What is it to pray in the name of Christ?

A. To pray, in the name of Christ, is, in obedience to his
command, and in confidence on his promises, to ask mercy
for his fake m: not by bare mentioning of his name n; but
by drawing our encouragement to pray, and our boldness,
strength, and hope of acceptance in prayer, froin Christ and
his mediation @..

Q. 181. Why are we to pray in the name of Chris?

A. The sinfulness of man, and his distance from God by reason thereof, being so great, as that we can have no access into his presence without a mediator P; and there being none


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them that fear him: he also will shine upon thy sanctuary that is
hear their cry, and will save them. defolate, for the Lord's sake.

g Rom. 10. 14. How then shall n Mat.7.21. Not every one that
they call on him in whom they faith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall
have not believed ?

enter into the kingdom of heaven:
h Mat, 4.10. Then faith Jesus but he that doth the will of my
unto him, get thee hence, Satan : Father, which is in heaven.
for it is written, Thou shalt wor o Heb.4.14.Seeing then that we
fhip the Lord thy God, and him have a great high-priest, that is
only shalt thou ferve.

passed into the heavens, Jesus the
: i Cor 1. 2. Uuto the church of Son of God, let us hold fast our
God, which is at Corinth, to them profeffion: v. 15. For we have not
that are sanctified in Christ Jesus, an high-priest which cannot be
called to be saints, with all that in touched with the feeling ofour in-
every place call upon the name of firmities; but was in all points
Jesus Chrilt our Lord, both theirs tempted like as we are, yet with-

out fin. v. 16. Let us therefore k Psalm 50: 15. And call upon come boldly unto the throne of me in the day of trouble; I will de- grace that we may obtain mercy, liver thee,& thou shalt glorify me. and find grace to help in time of

I Rom. 10. 14. How then shall need. I John 5. 13. These things they call on him in whom they have I written unto you that be have not believed ?

lieve on the name of the Son of 180 m John 11. 13. And what. God; that ye may know that ye soever ye shall alk in my name, have eternal life, and that ye may that will I do, that the Father may believe on the name of the Son of be glorified in the son. v. 14. If God. v. 14. And this is the confiye shall ask any thing in my name, dence that we have in him, that if I will do it. John 16:24. Hitherto. we ask any thing according to his have ye asked nothing in my name: will, he heareth us.' v.15. And if ask, and ye shall receive, that your we know that he hear us, whatsojoy may be full, Dan. 9.17. Now ever we alk,we know that we have therefore, O our God, hear the the petitionsthat wedelired of hini. prayer of thy servant,and his sup 181.p John14.6. Jesus saithun. plications, and caule thy face to


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in heaven or carth appointed to, or fit for, that glorious work but Christ alone I; we are to pray in no other name but his only r.

Q. 182. How doth the spirit help us to pray?

A. We not knowing what to pray for as we ought, the fpirit helpeth our infirmities; by enabling us to understand both for whom, and what, and how prayer is to be made; and by working and quickning in our hearts (altho' not in all perfons, nor at all times in the fame measure) those apprehenfions, affections, and graces, which are requisite for the right performance of that duty f.

d. 183. For whom are we to pray
A. Weare to pray for the whole church of Christ uponEarth t,


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to him, I am the way, & the truth, thanks to God, and the Father by
and the life: no man cometh unto him, Heb. 13.15. By him therefore
the Father but by me. Ifa. 59 2. let us offer the facrifice of praise
But your iniquities have separated to God continually, that is, the
between you and your God, and fruit of our lips, giving thanks in
your sins have hid his face from his name,
you, that he will not hear. Eph. 182, [Rom. 8. 26. Likewise the
3. 12. In whom we have boldness Spirit also helpeth our infirmities:
and access with confidence by the for we know not what we should
Faith of him.

pray for as we ought: but the Spi-
9 John 6.27. Labour not for the rit itself maketh" intercellion for
meat which perisheth, but for that us with groanings which cannot be
meat which endureth unto ever- uttered. v. 27. And he that search:
Jasting life, which the son of man eth the hearts knoweth what is
Thall give unto you: for him hath the mind of the spirit, becaule he
God the father lealed, Heb. 7, 25. maketh intercellion for the saints
Wherefore he is able also to faye according to the will of God. Pfal.
them to the uttermoft, that come 10. 19. Lord, thou hast heard the
unto God by him, feeing he ever desire of the humble; thou wilt
liveth to make intercession for prepare their heart, thou wilt cause
them. 5. 26. For fuch an high thine ear to hear. Zech.12.10.And
priest became us, who is' holy, I will pour upon the house of Da-
harmless, undefiled, leparate from vid, and upon the inhabitants of
finners, and made higher than the Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and
heavens.7.27. Who needeth not of fupplications, & they hall look
daily, as those high-prielts, to offer upon me whom they have pjerced,
up lacrifice, first for his own sins, and they shall mourn,
and then for the peoples : for this 183. tEgh.6.18.Praying always
be did once, when he offered up with all prayer and fupplication in
himself. 1 Tim. 2.5. For there is the spirit, and watching thereun-
one God, and one mediator be- to with all perseverance, and sup-
tweenGod and men, the map Chrilt plication for all saints. Flal: 28.9

Saye thy people, and bless thine r Col. 3. 17.And whatsoever ye inheritance ; feed them alio, and do in word or deed, do all in the lift them up for ever. name of the Lord Jesus, giving

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