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for magistrates v, and ministers-w, for ourselves x, our brethreny, yea our enemies 2; and for all sorts of men living a, or that shall live hereafter b: But not for the dead c, nor for those that are known to have finned the sin unto death d.

Q. 184. For what things are we to pray?

A. We are to pray for all things tending to the glory of God e, the welfare of the church f, our own & or others good h:But not for any thing that is unlawful i.

Q. 185. viTim.2.1. I exhort therefore, didit fast and weep for the child that first of all, fupplications, pray while it was alive, but when the ers, intercessions, and giving of child was dead, thou didst rise and thanks be made for all men: 0 2. eat bread. v. 22. And he said, For kings, and for all that are in While the child was yet alive, f authority, that we may lead a falted and wept; for I' faid, Who quiet and peaceable life in all god. can tell whether God will be graliness and honelty.

cious to me, that the child may w Col.4.3. Withal, praying,also live? V. 23. But now he is dead, for us, that God would open unto wherefore should I fast?canl bring us a door of utterance, to speak him back again? I shall go to him the mystery of Chrift, for which I but he shall not return to me. am allo in bonds

di John 5.16.1fany mansee his xGen.32.11. Deliver me, I pray 'brother fin a sin which is not unto thee, from the hand of my brother, death, he hall alk,and he shall give from the hand of Efau : for I fear him life for them that sin not unto him,lelt he will come andsmite me, death. There is a sin unto death: and the mother with the children. Ido not say that helhall pray forit.

y Jam.5.16.Confess your faults 184. e Mat 6.4. After this manone to another, and pray one for ner therefore pray ye: Our Father another, that ye may be healed : which art in heaven, hallowed be The effcctual fervent, prayer of a thy name. righteous man availeth much. fPfal. 51. 18. Do good in thy

z Mat. 5.44.But I say unto you, good pleasure unto Sion : build love your enemies, bless them that thou the walls of Jerusalem. Pfal. curle you, do good to them that 122, 6. Pray for the peace of Jeruhate you,and pray for them which falem: they shall prosper that love despitefully ule you,and perfecute thee. you.

g Mát 7. 11. If ye then being a i Tim.2.1,2. (See above in v) evil,know how to give goodsgifts

b John 17. 20. Neither pray í unto your children, how much for these alone, but for them also more shall your father which is in which shall

believe on me thro? heaven, give good things to them now let it please thee to bless the h Pfal. 125 4.Do good, Lord, houle of thy fervant, that it may unto those that be good; and to continue for ever before thee: for them that are upright in their thou, O Lord God, haft spoken it, hearts. and with thy blessing let the house i 1 John 5. 14. And this is the of thy servant be bletfed for ever. confidence that we have in hini,

C 2 Sam. 12. 21. Then said his that if we ask any thi ng according servants unto him, What thing is to his will, he heareth us. this that thou hast done ? thou

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Q. 18 5., How are we to Pray ?

A, We are to pray with an awful apprehension of the majesty of God $, and deep sense of our own unworthiness, neceflities m, and Sins n, with penitent o, thankful P, and inlarged hearts with understanding r, faith 1, sincerity t, fervency v, love w, and perseverance x, waiting upon him y


185. k. Eccl. 5. 1. Keep thy foot q 1 Sam. 1. 15. And Hannah anwhen ti ou goest to the house of swered and said, No, my lord, I God, and be more ready 10 bear, am a woman of a sorrowful {pirit, than to give the sacrifice of fools: Thavedrunkneitherwinenorltrong for they considernot that they do drink, but have povredout my soul evi!,

beforethe Lord. 1 Sam. 2. 1. And Gen. 18:27. And Abraham an- Hannah prayed,and laid, My heart Iwered & laid, Behold now, I have rejoiceth in the Lord, minehorn is taken upon me to speak unto the exalted in the Lord: my mouth is Lord, whicham bat duft and ashes, enlarged over mine enemies; beGen.32.19.I am not worthy of the cause I rejoice in thy salvation. least of all the mercies, and of all ri Cor. 14. 15. Whatis itthen? the truth which thoy haft shewed I will pray with the spirit, & lwill unto thy servant.

pray with the understanding also, m Luke 15.17. And whenhe came Mark II. 24. Therefore I say to himself, he said, How inany liie unto you, what things foever ye red fervants of my fathers have desire when yę pray,

believe that bread enough and to spare, and I ye receive them, and ye shall have perith with hunger ! v. 18. I will them. James. 1.6. But let him ask arileand go to my father and I will in faith, nothing wayering, for he say unto him, Father,Ihave sinned that wavereth is like a wave of the against heaven, and before thee, sea, driven with the wind, and v. 19. And am no more worthy to tolled, be calledthy Son ; make me as one t Pfal. 145, 18 The Lord is ni of thy hired servants.

unto all them that call upon him, a Luke 18. 13. And the publican to all that call upon him in truth, standing afar of, would not lift up Pfal, 17.1, Hear the right, Lord fo much as his eyes unto heaven attend unto my cry, give ear untą butsmote uron, his breast, saying, my prayer that goeth not out of God bemercifulto nicalinner.31.14, feigned lips. I tell you, this man went down to v James 5. 16.-The effectual his house justified rather than the fervent prayer of a righteous man other: for every one that exalteth availeth' much, himself shall be abaled, & he that w i Tim. 2:8. I will thereforç humbleth himself, thall be exalted. that menpray every where,lifting 9 lilib, s!. 17. The sacrifices of up holy hands, without wrath and God are a broken Spirit : a broken doubting, and a contrite heart, O God, thou . x Eph. 6, 18. Praying always wilt not dispise,

with all prayer and supplicationin p Phil. 4. 6. Be careful for noe the spirit and watching thereunto thing; But in everything by pray. with all perseverance,

and suppli, er and fupplication with thanksgi- cation for all saints, ving, let your requests be made y Micah 7. 7. Therefore I will known unto God,

look unto the LordiI will wait for


with humble submission to his will z,

Q. 186. What rule hath God given for our direction in the duty of prayer?

A. The whole word of God is of use to direct us in the duty of praying a; but the special rule of direction is that form of prayer which our Saviour Christ taught his di ciples, commonly called, The Lord's prayer, b.

Q. 187. How is the Lord's praer to be used?

A. The Lord's prayer is not only for direction, as a pattern according to which we are to make other prayers; but may also be used as a prayer, so that it be done with understanding, faith, reverence, and other graces necessary to the right performance of the duty of prayer c. Q. 188, Of how many parts doth the Lord's prayer consist ?

A. The Lord's prayer consists of three parts ; à preface, petitions, and a conclusion.

Q.189. What doth the preface of the Lord's prayer teach us? 710, A. The preface of the Lord's prayer (contained in these, fay words, Our Father which art in Heaven d) teacheth us, when

we pray, to draw near to God with confidence of his fatherly the

goodness, and our interest therein e; with reverence, and all other child-like dispositions f, heavenly affections g, and due apprehensions of his sovereign power, majesty, and


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the God of my salvation; my God 189. d Mat. 6. 9.
will hear me.

e Luke 11. 13. If ye then, being z Mat. 26. 39. And he went a evil, know how to give good gifts little further, and fell on his face, unto your children: how much and prayed, saying, O my Father, more shall your heavenly Father if it be poslible, let this cup pals give the holy fpirit to them that from me: nevertheless, not as I ask him ? Rom, 8.15. For ye have will, but as thou wilt.

not received the spirit of bondage 186. a I John 5. 14. And this again to fear; but ye have received is the contidence that we have in the spirit of adoption, whereby him, that if we ask any thing ac• we cry, Abba, Father, cording to his will,he heareth us. flía. 64. 9. Be not wroth very

b Mat. 6. verses 9, 10,11,12,13. fore, O Lord, neither remember After this manner therefore pray iniquity for ever: behold, see, we ye: Our Father, &c, Luke 11. beseech thee,we are all thy people. verses 2, 3, 4. And he said unto g Pfal. 123. 1. Unto thee lift I them, When ye pray, say, Our up mine eyes, O thou that dwellest Father, &c.

in the heavens. Lam. 3,41. Let us 187. c Mat. 6.9. Compared with lift up our heart with our hands Luke 11.2.(See above in letter b.) unto God in the heavens.


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gracious condescension h,As 'also to pray with and for ga thers i.

Q. 190. What do we pray for in the first Petition?

A. In the first Petition (which is, Hallowed be thy Namek) acknowledging the utter inability and indit position that is in ourselves and all men to honour God arighel, we pray, that God would by his grace enable and incline us and others to know, to acknowledge, and highly to esteem himm, his titles ú, Attributes o, ordinances, word p, works, and what


3 let

h Isa.. 63, 15. Look down from ficiency is of God, Pfal. 51. 15.0 heaven, and behold from the habi. Lord open thou my lips, and my tation of thy holiness and of thy mouth

shall shewforth thy praise. glory; where is thy zeal and thy m Pfal.67. 2. That thy waymay Krength, the founding of thy beknownupontheearth, thy saving bowels, and of thy mercies to health among all nations.. wards med are they restrained ? the people praise thee, u God; Let 7. 16, Doubtless thou art our Fa- all the people praise thee. ther though Abraham be ignorant n Psal. 83.18. That men may of us, and Israel acknowledge us know that thou,whose namealone not: thou 0, Lord, art our father is JEHOVAH, art the most high our redeenier, thy name is from over all the earth. everlasting. Neh.l. 4. And it came o Psal. 86 10. For thouartgreat to pass, when I heard these words, and dort wondrous things : thou that I sat down and wept, and art God alone, 7, 11. Teach me mourned certain days,and fafted, thyway, Lord, I will walk in thy and prayed before the Godof hea. truth: unite my heart to fear thy ven.7, 5. And I said, Ibeseech thee, name. ?'. 12, I will praise thee, O O Lord God of heaven, the great Lord my God, with all my heart: and terrible God, that' keepeth co- and I will glorify thy name for evenant and mercy for them that vermore, v, 13. For great is thy Jovehimandobferve his command. inercy towards me; and thou balt ments. v.6. Let thine ear now be delivered my soul froni the lowest attentive,andthine eyes open, that helf. 1. 15. But thou, O Lord, art thou mayest hear the prayer ofthy a God full of compassion, and gras fervant, which I pray before thee cious : long suffering, and plenteRow, day and night, for the chile ous in mercy and truth. dren of Israel, thy servants,& con. pa Chell. 3.1. Finally, brethren, Fess the fins of the children of if pray for us, that the word of the rael, which we have finned against Lord may have free course, and be thee: both I and my fathers houfe glorified even as it is with you, have sinned.

Pfal. 147.19. He sheweth his word i Acts 12. 5. Peter thereforewas unto Jacob,hisstatutes & his judg. kept in prison ; bot prayer was ments unto Ilrael, v. 20. He hath madewithoutceasing of the church not deale so with any nation; and unto God for him,

asforhis judgments, they have not 190. k Mat. 6.9.

known them. I'raife ye the Lord. 1 2 Cor 3. 5. Not that we are Plal. 138. 1. I will praise theewith fufficient of ourfelves to think any my whole heart, before the gods thing as of ourselves; but our fufc will ] lipg praise unto thee. v. 2:1

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foever is pleased to make himself known by q; and to glorify him in thought, word r, and deeds. That he would prevent and remove Atheism t, ignorance v; idolatry w, profaneness X, and whatsoever is dishonourable to him y: and, by his over-ruling providence, direct and dispose of all things to his own glory z.


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willworship towards thy holy tem V. Eph.i. 14. That the God of ple, and praile thy name, for thy our Lord JesusChrift,the Father of loving kindness and for thý truth: glory,máy give unto you the spirit for thou hast magnified thy word of wisdom and revelation in the above all thy name.v.3. In the day knowledge of him : 1.18. The when I cried thou answeredít

me eyes of your understanding being and strengthnedft me with strength enlightned, that ye may know in my loul.2Cor 2:14. Now thanks what is the hope of his calling,and be anto God which alwayscauleth what the

riches of the glory of his us to triumph in Christ, & maketh inheritance in the saints. manifest the favonr of his know w Pfal.97.7. Confounded be all Jedge by us in every plaee. v.15. theythat fervegraven images that Forwe are unto God a Tweetfavour boast themselves of idols: worship of Christ, in them that are saved, him, all ye gods. and in them that perish.

x Pfal. 74. 18. Remember this q Pfal.145.throughout, Iwill ex: that the enemy hath reproached, tol thee, my God, o king, &c. O Lord, & that the foolilh people, Pfal. 8. throughout, O Lord onr have blafphemed thy name v. 22. Lord, how excellent is thy name Arife, o God, plead thine own in all the earth! &c.

cause : remember how the foolish r Pfal. 103. 1. Blels the Lord; man reproachech thee daily; 2.23. @niy soul : and all that is within Forget not the oice of thinc eneme,bless hisholyname.Pfal. 19.14. mies:the tumult of those that'rile Let the words of my mouth, and up against theė, increaseth contia the meditation of my heart be ac- nually. ceptable in thy fight, O Lord my y 2 Kings 19. 5.And Hezekiah ftrength, and my Redeemer. prayed before the Lord, and laid,

[Phil. 9. And this I pray, that o Lord God of Israel, which dwelyour love may abound yet more lelt between the cherubims, thou and more in knowledge and in all art the God, even thou alone, of all judgment. v: 1 1. Being filled with the kingdoms of the earth, thou the fruits of righteousness, which haft made heaven and earth.v. 16. are by Jesus Christ unto the glory Lord, bow down thine ear, and and praise of God.

hear: open, Lord, thine eyes, and t Plal. 67. 1. God be mercitol fee: and hear the words of Senna. unto us.& blefs us; and caufe, his cherib, which hath sent him to reface to shine upon us. Selah. v. 2. proach the living God. That thy way may be known upon 2 2 Chron. 20. 6. Andi Jehoshaearth, thy faving health among all phat) faid, O Lord God of our Fa: nations. v3. Let the people praise thers,art not thou God in heaven thee, O God : let all the people and ruleft not thou over all the praise thee. v.4. O let the nations kingdoms of the heathen ? and in be glad and sing for joy : for thou thine hand is there not power and fhalt judge the people righteously might,so that none is able to withandgovern the nationsupon earth: Stand thee? v. 10. And now bea Selah,


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