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Τ Η Ε . SHORTER CATECHISM, Agreed upon by the ASSEMBLY of Divi:N ES at WesTMINSTER: Examined and approyed, Anno 1648, by the GENERAL ASSEMBLY of the CHURCH of SCOTLAND, &c.

Question .W "Antwer

. Man's chief end, is to glorify God

THAT is the chief end of man?

and to enjoy him for ever b.

Q. 2. What rule hath God given to direct us how we may glorify and enjoy Him?

A. The word of God, which is contained in the scriptures of the old and new testaments c, is the only rule to direct us how we may glorify and enjoy him d.

Q. 3. What do the scriptures principally teach?

A. The scriptures principally teach, what man is to believe concerning God, and what duty God requires of man e.

Q. 4.

1.2 I Cor. 10.31. Whether there 2. c 2 Tim.3.16.AU scripture'is fore ye eat or drink,or whatsoever given by inspiration of God,and is ye do, do all to the glory of God. profitable fordoctrine, for reproof, Rom. II. 36. For of him, and for correction, for instruction in through him, and to him are all righteousness. Eph. 2. 20. And are things: to whom be glory for e- built upon the foundation of the aver. Amen.

postles and prophets, Jesus Chrilt b Psal. 73. 25. Whom have I in himself beingthechiefcorner-stone. heaven but thee and there is none di John 1.3.That which we have upon earth that I delire besides seen and heard, declare we unto thee, v,26, My flesh, and my heart you, that ye also may have fellowfaileth: but God is the Itrength of ship with us:and truly our fellows my heart, and my portion for ever, ship is with the Father, and with v. 27. For lo; they that are far from his Son Jesus Christ. v. 4.

And thee, thall perish : thou hast de- these things write we unto you, Stroyed all them that go a whoring that your joy may be full. from thee, v.28. But it is good for 3. c 2 Tim. 1, 13. Hold fast the me to draw near to God: I have forin of sound words, which thou put ny trust in the Lord God, that halt heard of me, in faith and love Imay declare all thy works.



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of ourselves unable and willing to resist them, to re-
cover out of them, and to improve them m; and wor-
thy to be left under the power of them n: We pray,
That God would so over-rule the world and all in it on
subdue the flesh Dg and restrain Satan q, order all

but whenthey werecome, he with- Nevertheless, the kings word pre-
drew,and separatedhimself, fearing vailedagainst Joab:wherefore Joab
them which were of the circumci- departed, 2Chron. 16.7. Andat
fion. ?, 13. And the other Jews that time Hanani the leer came to
dissembled likewise with him, in- Afa king of Judah, and said unto
fomuch that Barnabas also was car. him, Because thou hast relied on
ried away with their dissimulation.' the king of Syria, and not relied
v. 14 But when I saw that they on the Lord thy God, therefore is
walked notuprightly,according to the holtofthe king ofSyria escaped
the truth of the gospel, I said unto out of thine hand. v.8. Were not

2-2 Chron. 18. 3. AndAhab' the Ethiopians and Lubims a huge
kingofllrael saidunto Jeholhaphatholt, with very many chariotsand
king of Judah, wilt thou go with borsemen? yet because thou didst
me to Ramoth-gilead? And he an- rely onthe Lord, hedelivered them
*fwered him, I am as thou art, and into thine hand. 2.9. for the eyes y
my people as thy people, and we of the Lord run toandfro through-
will be with thee in thewar. Com out the whole earth, to shew him-
paredwith 2 Chron. 19.2 And Jehu felt (trong in the behalf of them,
the son of Hanani the seer, went whose heart is perfect towardshim.
out to meet him, and said to king Herein thou hast done foolishly;
Jehofhaphat,shouldst thouhelp the therefore from henceforth thou
ungodly, and love them that hate shalt have wars. v. 1o. Then Asa
the Lord? Therefore iswrathupon ' was wroth with the feer, and put
thee from before the Lord. him into aprison-house:forhe was

m kom. 7.23, Rut I fee another in a rage with him, because of this
lawinmymembers.warringagainst thing; and Asia oppressed some of
the law of my mind, and bringing the people the same time.
me into captivity to the law of fin, n Pfal. 81. 11. But my people
which is in my members. v. 24. - would not hearken to my voice,
o wretched man that I am, who and Israelwould none of me. v, 12.
shall deliver me from the body of So I gave them up to their own
this death! ¡Chron 21. 1. Andsa- hearts luft: and they walked in
tan stood up against Ifrael,and pro- their own councils.
voked Davidto number Israel V.2, John 17. 15. I Pray not that
And David laidto Joab,and to the thou shouldit take them out of the
rulers of the people, Go, number world, but that thou shouldst keep
Israel,from Beer-shebaevento Dan, them from the evil.
and bring the number of them to p Pfal. 51. 10. Create in me e
me, that I may know it.v.3. And clean heart, O God; and renew a
Joab answered the Lord make his right fpiritwithinme. Pfal.119.133.
people an bundred tinies so many Order my Iteps in thy word; and
moreas they be: but, my lord the let notanyeniquityhave dominion
king,are theynot all my Lordsser- over me.
vants? why thendoth my lord re q 2 Cor. 12.7. And left I should
quire this thing? why will he be be exalted above measure, throngh
a cause of trelpass to Israel? v. 4. the abundance of the revelations.


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things r; bestow and bless all means of grace s, and quicken
us to watchfulness in the use of them; that we and all his
people may by his providence be kept from being tempted to
fint; or,if tempted, that by his spirit we may be powerful-
ly supported and enabled to stand in the hour of temptation v;
or, when fallen, raifed again and recovered out of it w, and
have a fanctified use and improvement thereof x : That our
fanctification and salvation may be perfected y, Satan troden
under our feet z; and we fully freed from fin, temptation,

there was given to me, a thorn in inner man;0.17. That Christ may
the desh, the meffenger of Satan to dwell in your hearts by faith;
buffet nie, left I should be exalted 1 Thell. 3. 13. To the end, he may
above measure.7. 8. For thisthing Itablish yourhearts unblameable in
I belought the Lord thrice; that it hóliness before God even our Fa-
might depart from me.

ther, at the coming of our Lord
i I Cor. 10. 12. Wherefore let Jesus Christ with all his faints.
him that thinketh he tandeth,take Jude. 7. 24, Noiv unto him that is
heed left he fall, 7.13. There hath able to keep you from falling and
no temptation taken you,liut such to prelent you faultless before the
as is common to man: But God is presence of his glory with exceeda
faithful, who will not fuffer you to ing joy.
be tempted above thatyou are able; w Plal. 51.12. Restore unto me
but will with the temptation also the joy of thy salvation : an up-
make away to escape, that ye may hold me with thy free spirit.
be able to bear it..

x 1 Pet.5.8.Be fober, bevigilant
[Heb. 13.20. Now the God of becauseyour adversary the devil,as
peace that brought again from the a roaring lion, walketh about seek-
dead our Lord,

Jesus that great ing whom he may devour v. 9. Thepherd of the sheep, through the Whom resist stedfast in the faith, blood of the everlasting covenant, knowing that the same apictions V. 21. Make you perfect in every are accomplished in your brethren good work,to do his will, working that are in the world. v 1o. But in you that which is well pleasing the God of all grace,who hath calin bis light,through Jesus Chrift; led us unto his eternal glory by

t Mat, 26. 41. Watch and pray Christ Jelus, after that ye have
that ye enter not into temptation, luffered a while,make you perfect,
Pfal. 19.13. Keep back thy servant stablish, strengthen, fettle you.
also from presumptuous lins, let y 2 Cor.13.7. Now I prayta God
them not have dominion over me: that ye do no evil; not that we
then shall I be upright, and I shall should appear approved, but that
be innocent from the great tranf- ye should do that which is honest

tho' we be as reprobates 2.9. For
v Eph.3, 14.Forthis cause I bow we are glad when we are weak
my knees unto the Father of our and ye are strong: this also we
Lord Jesus Chrilt, v. 15.Of whom wifh, even your perfection.
the whole family in heaven and z Rom 16:20. And the God of
earth is named, v. 10. That he peace shall bruise Satan'underyour
would grant you according to the feet shortly, --Zech. , 2. And the
riches of his glory,to be strength=" Lord faidunto Satan, The Lord ré-
ied with might;by his spirit in the buke thee, O'Satan, even the Lord



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and all evil for ever a.

Q. 196. What doth the conclusion of the Lords prayer teach

A. The couclusion of the Lord's prayer (which is, For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory for ever, Amen.b) teacheth us to enforce our petitions with agruments Č, which are to be taken, not from any worthiness in ourselves, or in any other creature, but from God d: And with our Prayers to join praises e, afcribing to God alone eternal love reignty, omnipotency, and glorious excellency t; in regard


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that hath cholen Jerusalem,rebuke against thee. v. 9. To the Lord thee: is not this a brand pluckt our God belong mercies and forout of the fire? Luke 22. 31. And givenesses, tho' we have rebelled the Lord said, Simon, Simon, be against him. 7.16. O Lord accordhold, Satan hath desired to have ing to all thy righteousness, I be. you,that he may lift you as wheat: feech thee,let thine anger and thy 7:32. But I have prayed for thee, fury be turned away from thy city that thy faith fail not; and when Jerusalem, -0.17. Now therefore, thou art convcrted,strengthen thy 0 our God, hear the prayer of brethren,

thy servant, and his fupplications, a John, 17.15. I pray not that and cause thy face to shine upon thou should take them out of the the fanctuary that is defolate, for world, but that thou thould't keep the Lord's fake, v.18. Q my God, them from the evil. Thesl. 5.23. incline thine ear, and hear; open And the very God of peace sancti. thine eyes and behold our defolafy you wholly: And I pray God tions,and thy city, which is called your whole spirit, and soul and bo- by thy name : for we do not predy, be preservedblameless unto the sent our fupplications before thee coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. for our righteousneffes, but forthy 106. b Mat 6. 13;

great mercies. v 19.0 Lord,hear, c Rom. 15. 30. Now I beseech O Lord, forgive, O Lord, hearken you, brethren,for the Lord Jesus and do, defer not, for thine own Chriff s lake, and for the love of fake, Omy God: for thy city,and the (pirit, that you strive together thy people are called by thy name. with me in your prayers to God, e Phil. 4, 6, Be careful for no

thing:but inevery thing by prayer d Dan. 9, 4. And I prayed unto & fupplication with thansgiving, the Lord my God, and made my let your requelts be made known confession, and said, O Lord, the unto God, &c. great and dreadful God, keeping fu Chron. 29. 10. Wherefore the covenant, and mercy to them David blessed the Lord before all that love him, and to them that the congregation : and David fáid keep his commandments. v7, o Blelled be thoạ,Lord God of Israel Lord, righteousnessbelongethunto our father,for ever and ever v'I. thee, but unto usconfufionoffaces, Thine, O Lord, is the greatness, as at this day;--v 8. O Lord, to and the power, and the glory, and us belongeth confusion of face, to the victory, and the majefty for our kings, to our princes, and to all thatis in the heaven and in the our fathers because we have linned earth is thine; "thine is the king.

• dom

for me.

whereof, as he is able and willing to help us g, so we by faith are emboldned to plead with him that he would h, and quiet\y to rely upon him that he will fulfil our requests i, and, to testify our desire and affurance, we say, Amen k.

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doni, O Lord,and thou art exalted thine hand is there not power and as head above all, v. 12. Both might, so that none is able to witho riches and honour come of thee, stand thee? v. 11. Behold, I say, and thou reignest over all, and in how they reward us, to come to thine hand is power and might, calt us out of thy poffeffion, which and in thine hand it is to make thou hast given us to inherit. great, and to give strength unto i 2 Chron. 14. II. AndAla cried all. v. 13. Now therefore, ourGod, unto the Lord'his God, and said, we thank thee and praise thý glo. Lord, it is nothing with thee to rious name.

help, whether with many, or with g Eph.3,20. Now unto him that them that have no power: help us, is able to do exceeding abundantly O Lord our God, for, we rest on above all that we ask or think, ac- thee, and in thy name we go a. cording to the power that worketh gainst this multitude: O Lord, thou in us. v.21, Unto him be glory in art our God,let not man preyail a. the churchby Chrilt Jesus, through gainst thee. out all ages, world without end. ki Cor. 14.16. Elfe when thou. Amen. Luke 11, 13. If ýe then be- Thalt bless with the spirit, how shall ing evil, know how to give good he that occupieth the room of the gifts unto your children: how unlearned, lay Amen at thy giving much more shall your heavenly of thanks, seeing he understandeth Father give the holy spirit to them not what thou sayest? Rev. 22. 20. that alk him ?

He which testifieth these things, h 2 Chron.20.6. And(Jehosha- faith, Surely I come quickly. Aphat) said, O Lord God of our fa men. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. thers, art not thou God in heaven! v, 21. The grace of our Lord Jee and rulest not thou over all the sus Christ be with you all. Amen. kingdoms of the heathen? and in

thy city


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