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are under his wrath and curse h, and so made liable to all
miseries in this life, to death it self, and to the pains of hell
for ever i.

Q. 20. Did God leave all mankind to perish-inthe estate of
fin and misery?

A. God having out of his mere good pleasure from all eternity elected some to everlasting life k, did enter into a covenant of grace, to deliever them out of the estate of sin and misery, and bring them into an estate of salvation by a Redeemer 1.

Q. 21. Who is the Redeemer of God's elect?

A. The only Redemer of God's elect is the Lord Jesus
Christ m, who, being the eternal Son of God, became

in the garden in the cool of the 25.41. Then shall he sayunto them
day: And Adam and his wife hid on the left hand, Depart from me,
themselves from the presence of ye curled into everlasting fire, pre-
thaLord God amongst the trees of pared for the deviland his ángels,
the garden, v. 10. And he said, v.46. And these shall go away into
I heard thy voice in the garden; everlasting punishment; but the
and I was afraid, because I was na- righteous into life eternal.
ked'; and I hid my self. v. 24. SO 20, k.Eph. 1.4. According as he
he drove out themani and he pla- hath chosen us in him before the ,
ced at the east of the garden of E- foundation of the world, that we
den, cherubims, and a flaming Mould be holy and without blame
sword which turned every way, to before him in love,
keep the


of the tree of life. I Rom,3. 30. Therefore by the
h Eph.2,2. Wherein intimespast, deeds of the law there shall no flela
ye walked according to the course be justified in his fight: for by the
of this world, acccording to the law is the knowledge of fin. v.21.
prince of the power of the air,the But how the righteousness of God
spirit that now workethin the chil- without the law is manifelted, be
dren of disobedience, v.3. Among ing witnelled by the law and the
whom also we all had our conver- prophets; 7,22. Even the righte-
fation in times past in the lusts of ouinels of Godwhich is by faith of
our fel, fulfilling, the desires of Jesus Christ unto all, ard upon all
the flesh,and of the mind;andwere them that believe; for there is no
by nature the children of wrath e- difference. Gal 2.21, Is the law
venas others.Gal, 3.10 For as ma- then against the promises of God?
ny as are of the works of the law, God forbid: for if therehadbeen a
areunder the curse: for it iswritten law given which could have given
Curled is every oneshateontinueth life, verily righteousness should
not inall things which are written have been by the law, 2, 22. Buç
in the book of the law to do them, thescripture hath concluded all un-

į Lam, 3. 39. Wherefore doth a der fin,thatthe promileby faith in
living man complain, a man forthe JesusChristmight be giventothem
punishment of his fins ? * Rom, that believe.
6.23. For thewages of sin is death: 21. mỊ Tim. 2. 5. For thereis
but the gift of God is eternal life, one God, and one mediator, be-
through Jesus Chriltour Lord. Mat,


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man n, and so was and continueth to be God and man in two distinct natures, and one person for ever o.

Q. 22. How did Christ being the Son of God become man?

A. Christ the Son of God, became man, by taking to himself a true body, P, and a reasonable foul 9, being conceived by the power of the holy Ghost, in the womb of the virgin Mary, and born of her r, yet without fins,

Q. 23. What offices doth Christ execute as our Redeemer?
A. Christ, as our Redeemer, executeth the offices, of a pro-

phet tween God and men, the man not on him the nature of angels; Christ Jesus: 7'. 6. Who gave him- but he took on him the feed of AJell a ransom for all, to be testifi- braham. Heb. 10 5. Wherefore ed in due time.

when he cometh into the world,he. n, John 1. 14. And the word was faith, Sacrifice and offering thou made Hell, and dwelt among us, would not, but a body haft thou (& we beheld his glory, the glory prepared me. as of the only bego ten of the Fa 9 Mat.26.30.

Then faith he une ther) full of grace and truth. Gal. to them, my soul is exceeding sor4. 4. But when the fulness of the rowful, even .unto death; tarry ye time was comé,God font forth his here, and watch with me. Son made of a woman, made un r Luke 1.27. To a virgin espouder the law.

sed to, a man whose name was Joo Rom. 9. 5. Whose are the fa- feph, of the house of David; and thers,and of whom as concerning the virgins name was Mary.?', 31. the fesh Christ came, who is over And behold thou shalt conceive in all, God blessed for ever. Amen. thy womb, and bring forth a fon, Luke.1.35.Andthe angel answered and shalt call his name Jesus 7. 35. and said unto her, The holy Ghost And the angel answered and said Thall come upon thee and thepow- untoher, TheholyGhost shall come er of the highest shall overshadow upon thee, and the power of the thee.therefore also that holy thing Highest Thall over thadow thee : which shall be born of thee, thali therefore also thatholythingwhich be called the Son of God. Col.2.9. thall be born of thee, shall be calFor in him dwelleth all the fulness led the Son of God. v.42. And she of the Godhead bodily.Heb 7.24. Ipake out with a loud voice, and But this man because he contineth said blefled be thou among woever hati an unchangeable priest- men,and blessed isthe fruit of thy hood. v. 25. Wherefore he is able womb. Gal. 4. 4. (See in the prealso to save them to the uttermolt, ceeding question, letter n.) thatcome unto God by him,seeing 1 Heb.4. 15.For we have notan he ever" liveth to make intercel- highpriestwhich cannotbe touched fion for them.

with the feeling of our infirmities : 22.p Heb.2.14. Forasmuchthen but was in all points tenipted like as the children arepartakersofflesh as we are, yet without lin. Heb. and blood, he also himself likewise 9.26. for such an high priest be took part of the same: that thro' cane us, who is holy,harmlels,un. death he night destroy him that defiled, separate from finners, and had the power of death, that is, made higher than the heavens. the devil;v.16. For yerily he took

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23. t Asts

phet, of a Priest, and of a King, both in his Estate of Hua
miliation and exaltation t.
Q. 24. How doth. Christ execute the office of a Prophet ?

A, Christ executeth the office of a prophet, in revealing to us, by his word and spirit, the will of God for our falvati



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Q. 25


23. t A&s3.21. Whom the hea- everlasting father, The prince of ven must receive until the times of peace. v. 7. Of the increase of his teltitution ofall things,which God government & peace there shall be hathspoken by themouth ofall his no end upon the throne of David, holy prophets since the world be- & upon his kingdom,to order it, gan. 7. 22. For Moses truly faid and to establish it with judgments unto the fathers, A Prophet shall and with justice from henceforth the Lord your God raise up unto even for ever; thezeal of the Lord you, of your brethren, like unto of hosts will perform this. Mat. me; him shall ye hear in all things 21.5, Tell ye the daughter of Sion whatsoever he shall say unto you. Behold,thykingcomethunto thee, Heb. 12. 25. See hatye refuse not meek, and litting upon an ass,and him that speaketh: for if they esca- a colt the tole of an ass. Plal. a. 8. ped not who refused him thatspake Ask of me, and I shall give theethe on earth, much more shall not we heathen for thine inheritance and cscape, if we turn away from him the uttermost parts of theearth for thatfpeakethfromheaven.Compa. thy poffeffion. v. 9. Thou fhalt red with 2 Cor. 13. 3. Sinceyeseek' break them with a rod of Iron, a Proof of Christ speaking in me, thou shalt dash them in pieces like which to you-wardisnot weak,but a potters veffel v.10. Be wife now is mighty in you. Heb.5.5. So al- therefore, Oye kings : be inftrufo Chrilt glorified not himself, to Eted, ye judgesof the earth: 2, 11, be made an high priest ; but he that serve the Lord with fear, and refaid unto him, Thou art my son joice with trembling, to day have I begotten thee. v. 6. 24. v. John !.IS. No man hath As he faith alto in another place, seen God at anytime; the only be Thou art a priest for ever after thé gotten son, Which is in the horom order of Milchizedec. v. 9. Who of the Father,hehath declared him. in the days of his flesh, when he I Pet. 1:10. Ofwhich falvation the had offered up prayers and suppli- prophets have required,& searchcations, with strong crying and el dilidently,whoprophesiedofthe tears untohim thatwas able to save grace that should come unto you: him from death, and was heard in V.11. Searchingwhat,orwhatman. that he feared, Heb. 7.25. Where ner of time the spirit of Christ fore he is able also to save them to which was in them did fignity, the uttermost that come into God when it testified before hand the by him, feeing he ever liveth'to fufferings of Christ, and the glory make intercession for them. Psal. that should follow. v. 12. Unto 2. 6. Yet have I set my king upon whom it was revealed that not un my holy hill of Sion. Ifa.

9. 6. to themselves, but unto us they For unto usa child is born,unto us did miniiter the thing$ which are a lon is given,andthe government now reported unto you, by tliem Shall be upon his (lioulder and his that have preached the gospel unto nanie shall be called Wonderful you, with the holy ghoft feni down Counseller, Themighty God, The trom heaven;which-things the an


Q. 25. How doth Chrft execute the office of a priest?

A. Christ executeth the office of a priest, in his once of fering up of himself a sacrifice to satisfy divine justice w, and reconcile us to God x, and making continual intercession for Us y.

Q. 26. How doth Christ execute the office of a king?

À. Christ executeth the office of a king, in subduing us to himself z, in ruling a, and defending us b, and in restraining and conquering all his and our enemies c.

Q. 27. Wherein did Christ's humiliation confift?

A. Christ's humiliation consisted in his being born, and that in a low condition d, made under the law e, undergoing the miseries of this life f, the Wrath of


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gelsdesire to look into. John15.15. 26. Z-Acts 13. 14. Simeon hath Henceforth Icall you not fervants; declared how God at the first did vifor the servant knoweth not what fit the Gentiles,to take out of them his lord doth : but I have called a people for his name, v. 15. And you friends: for all things that I to this agree the words of the prohave heard of my Father; I have phets: as it is written v.16. After madeknown unto you. John 20.31. this I will return, and build again But these are written that ye might the tabernacle of David, which believe that Jesus is the Christ the is fallen down: and I will build Son of God, and that believing ye again the ruins thereof, and I will might have life through his name. let it up.

25.wHeb.9.14.How much more a Isa. 33. 22. For the Lord is our fhall the blood of Christ, who judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the through the eternal spirit offered Lord is our king, he will save us. himself without spot to God, purge b Ifa.32. 1. Behold, a king shall your conscience from dead works reign in righteousness,and princes to serve the living God? v. 28. Soʻ shall rule in judgment. 7. 2. And Christ was once offered to bear the a man shall be as an hiding-place Sins of many ; and unto them that from the wind, and a covert from Jook for him shall he appear the fe- the tempest; as rivers of water in cond time, without fin, unto lalo a dry place, as the fhadow of a vation.

great rock in a weary land. x Heb. 1. 17. Wherefore in all ciCor 15,25. Forhe mustreign, things it behoveth him to be made till he hath put all enemies under like unto his brethren; that lie his feet, Pfal. 1 io. throughout. might be a merciful and faithful 27,d Like2.7. And the brought "high priest in things pertaining to forth her first-born fon, and wrap"God, to make reconciliation for ped liim in swaddling clothes, and the sins of the people.

- laid him in a manger because there y Heb. 7.24. But this man, be- Was no room for them in the inn.. cause he continueth ever, hath an e Gal. 484. But when the fulness unchangeable priesthood, V, 25. of the time was come, God fent Wherefore he is able also to fave forth his Son made of a woman, them to the uttermolt, that conie made under the law. untoGod by him,seeing he ever li f Heb. 1-2.2. Looking into Jefas "veth to make interceflion for them.



God g, and the curfed death of the cross h; in being buc
ried i, and continuing under the power of death for a timek.

Q. 28. Wherein consisteth Christ's exaltation?

A. Christ's exaltation consisteth in his rising again from the dead on the third dayl, in ascending up into Heaven m, in sitting at the right hand of God the Father, n, and in coming to judge the world at the last day o.

Q. 29. How are we made partakers of the redemption pure chased by Chrift?

A. We

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the author and finisher of our faith, k A&s 2. 24. Whom God hath
who for the joy that was set before raised up, having loosed ille pains
him, endured the cross, defpiling of death: because it was not pos-
the shame, and is set down at the lible that he should be bolden of iť.
right hand of the throne of God. V.25. For David speaketh concerna
7.3.For consider him that endured ing him, I forsaw the Lord always
fuch contradiction of finners a- before my face, for he is on my
gainst himself, left ye be wearied right hand that Íshould not be mo-
and faint in your minds. Ifa53.2. ved.7.26. Therefore did my heart
For he shall grow up before him as rejoice, and my tongue was glad;
a tender plant,and as a root out of moreover also my flesh shall rest in
a dry ground: he hath no form nor hope. v. 27. Because thou wilt not
comelinels; and when we fhall lee leave my soul in hell, neither wilt
him, there is no beauty that we thou suffer thine holy One to see
should desire him. 2: 3. He is de- corruption. v.31. He seeing this
spised and rejected of men, a'man before, spake of the resurrection
o forrows, and acquainted, with of Christ, that his foul was not left
grief: and we bid as it were our in hell, neither bis flesh did fee cor-
Jaces from him; he was despiled, ruprion.
and we elteemed him not.

28. 1 1 Cor. 15.4. And that he
g Luke 22. 44. And being in an was buried, and that he rose again
agony, he prayed more earnestly: the third day, according to the
and his sweat was as it were great scriptures.
drops of blood falling down to the m Mark 16.19. So then after the
ground. Mat. 27.40. And about Lord had spoken to them, he was
the ninth hour jesus cried with a received up into heaven, and fat
loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama on the right hand of God.
fabachthani ? that is to say, My n Eph. 1.20. Which he wrought
God, my God, why halt thou for in Christ, when he raised him from
faken me

the dead, and set him at his own
b Phil. 2. 8, And being found in right hand in the heavenly places.
fashion as a man,he humbled hini. o Acts 1.11. Which also said, ye
self, and become obedient unto menofGalilee,whystand yegazing
death, even the death of the cross. up into Heaven? 'this same Jesus

i Cor.15.3. For I delivered un- which is taken up from you into to you firit of all, that which I al- heaven, shall so come in like manfo received, how that Christ died ner 38" ye have seen him go into for our sins according to the scrip- heaven Acts 17. 31. Because he tures, 2,4. And that he was buried, hath appointed a day in the which' and that he role ag in the third he will judge the world in righte. day; according to the scriptures. Qulacs, by that man whom he hath

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