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is to be handled with special prudence and cares, that men attending the will of God revealed in his word, and yielding obedience thereunto, may, from the certainty of their ef. fecual vocation, be assured of their eternal election t. So skall this doctrine afford matter of praise, reverence, and dmiration of God v; and of humility, diligence, and ą. bundant consolation to all that sincerely obey the gospel w,

CHAP. IV. Of Creation.

T pleased God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost a, IT

for the manifestation of the glory of his eternal power, wisdom, and goodness b, in the beginning, to create, or


VIII.1 Rom, 9. 20. Nay but, o belief they were broken off, and man, who art thou that replielt a thou standelt by faith. Be not highgainst Gud? Thall the thing formed minded, but fear. 2 Pet. 1. 10:(See lay to him that formed it, Why halt letter t'immediately foregoing.) thou made me thus? Rom. 11. 33. Ro.8.33. Who shall lay any thing O the depth of the riches both of tothe charge ofGod'select?it is God the wisdom & knowledge of God! that justifieth. Luke 10: 20. Nothow unsearchable are his judg: withstanding in this rejoice not, ments, and his ways past finding that the spirits are subject unto out! Deut. 29. 29. The secret you: but rather rejoice because things belong unto the Lord our your names are written in heaven. God: but thole things which are I. a Heb. 1.2, Hath in these last revealed belong unto us, and to days spoken unto us by his Son, our children for ever, that we whom he hath appointed heir ofall may do all the words of this law., things, by whom also he madethe

t 2 Pet. 1. 10. Wherefore the worlds. John.1. 2. Thelamewas in rather,brethren, give all diligence the beginning with God. v. 3. All Lo make your calling and election things were made by him; and sure: for if ye do these things, ye without him was not any thing shall never fall.

made, that was made.Gen. 1.2. And v Eph. 1. 6. To the praise of the earth was without form and the glory of his grace, wherein he void, and darkness was upon the hath made us accepted in the belo- face of the deep: And the spirit of ved.Rom. 11:33. (See lettet fim. Godmovedupontheface of the wamediately foregoing.)

ters. Job 26. 13. By his fpirit he w Rom. 11. 5. Even so then at hath garnished the heavens: his this present time allo there is a hand hath formed thecrooked ser. remnant according to the election pent. Job 33.4. The spirit of God of grace. v. 6. And if by grace, hath made me, and the breath of then is it no more of works:other- the Almighty hat given me life. wile grace is no more grace. But

b Rom. 1. 20. For the invisible if it be of works, then it is no more things of him from the creation grace : otherwise work is no more of the world are clearly seen, being work. v, 20. Well; because of un- understood by the things that are



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make of nothing, the world,and all things therein, whether
visible or invisible, in the space of lix days, and all very
good c.

II. After God had made all other creatures, he created
man, male and female d, with reasonable and immortal
fouls e, endued with knowledge, righteousnels, and true
ho iness, after his own image f, having the law of God
written in their hearts g, and power to fulfill ith; and yet


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made, even his eternal power and became a living loul. WithEccl.12.
Godhead; so that theyare without 7. Then shall thedultreturn to the
excuse. Jer. 10.12. He hath made earth as it was ; and the spiritshall
the earth by his power, he hath return unto God who gaveit, And
eltablished the worldbyhis wisdom, Luke 23. 43. And jelus laid unto
and hathltretched out the heavens him, Verily I sayunto thee, Today
by his discretion. Pfal. 104. 24.0) Thale thou be with me in paradise.
Lord, how manifold arethy works! And Mat 10.28 And fear not them
in wisdom haft thounade themall; which kill the body, but are not
the earth is full of thy riches.Psal. able to kill the foul:but rather fear
33. 5. He loveth righteousness & him which is able to deltroy both
judgment: the earth is full of the soul and body in hell.
goodness of the Lord. v. 6. Bythe fGen. 1. 26. AndGod laid, Let
word of the Lordwere the heavens us make man in our image, after
made and all the hosts of them, our likeness : and let them have
by the breath of his mouth. dominion over the fish of the sea,

c(ThewholefritchapterofGen.) and over the fowl of the air, and
Heb.11.5.Throughtaithwe under- over the cattle, and over all the
Itand, that the worlds were framed earth, and over every creeping
by the word of God, so that things thingthatcreepeth upon the earth.
which are seen, were not made of Col.3,10. And haveput on the new
things which do appear.Col.1.16. man, which is renewed in know-
For by him were all thingscreated ledge, after the image of him that
that are in heaven,and that are in created him. Eph.4. 24. And that
earth, visible & invifible, whether ye puton the new man, whichafter
they be thrones or dominions, or God is created in righteousness,
principalitiesor powers:all things and true holiness,
were created by him and for him.

g Rom.2.14. For when theGenActs 17. 24. God that made the tileswhich have not the law,do by world, and all things therein, lee: nature the things contained in the ing that he is Lord of heaven and law, these having not the law,are earth,dwellethnot in temples made a law unto them elves: 0,15.which with bands.

fhew the work of the law written Il. d Gen.1. 27. 30 God created intheirhearts, their conscience allo man.in his ownimage, in the image bearing witnels, & their thoughts of God created he him : male and themean while accusing, or ellefemale created he them.

excasing one another. c Gen. 2.7. And the Lord Gad

h Eccl.7.29. Lo, this only have formed man of the dust of the I found, that God hath made man ground, and breathed into his no- upright; but they have sought out Hrils the breath of lite; and man many inventions,

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under a possibility of transgressing, being left to the liberty of their own will, which was subject unto change i, Beside this law written in their hearts, they received a command, ne to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; shich while they kept, they were happy in their communion with God k, and had dominion over the creatures 1.

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CHAP. V. Of Providence.

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OD, the great creator of all things, doth up-

a, direct, dispose, and govern all creatures, actions, and things b, from the greatest even to the

leaft i Gen.3. 6. Andwhen thewoman, minion over the fish of the sea, and lawthat the tree was good forfood, over the fowl of the air, and over and that was pleasanttotheeyes, the cattle, and over all the earth.

la tree to be delired toinakeone andoverevery creeping thingtbat wise; she took of the fruit thereof, 'creeperhuponthe earth,.28. And and did eat,and gave also unto her God blessed them,and Godiaid unhusband with her, and he did eat, to them, Be fruitful, and multiply Eccl.7.29 (Seeletter h immediate- andreplenish the earth, and subdue ly foregoing)

it: and have dominion over theilh k Gen, 2. 17. But of the tree of of the sea, and over the fowl of the the knowledge of good and evil, air, and over every living thing thou Ihalt not eat of it ; for in the that moveth upon the earth. day that thou ealelt thereof, thou Ia Heb. 1. 3. Who being the fhaldurelydie.Gen.3.18. And they brightnelsof his glory and the exheard the voice of the Lord God preis image of his perio.1, andupwalking in the garden in the cool holding all things by the word of of the day: and Adamand his wife his power, when hehad by himself hid themselves from the presence purgedoutour sins,fat down onthe of the Lord God amongst the trees right hand of the majesty on high. of the garden. v.9. And the Lord b Dan. 4. 34. And at the end of God called unto Adam,andlaidun, thedays,l. Nebuchadnezzar litt up to him, where art thou?v. 1o. And mine eyes unto heaven, and mine he said, I heard thy voice in the underltanding returned untome, garden; and I was afraid, because and I blessed the moft high, and í Iwas naked;and I hid myself.v.it, prailed and honoured him that lie And he said, Who told thee that veth forever, whole dominion is thou waft naked? Halt thou eaten an everlasting dominion, and his of the tree, whereof I commanded kingdom is tromgeneration to gethee, that thou thouldelt not eat? nation. v, 35. And all the innan V.23. Therefore the Lord God lcnt bitants of the earth are reputed as him forthfromthe garden of Eden, nothing; and hedoch according to to till the ground from whence lię his will in the army of heaven, was taken,

and among theinhabitants of the I Gen, 1. 26. And God said, let earth:and one can stay his hand, us make man in our image, after or lay unto b.in, What doit thou? ourlikeness: and let them havedo. Pfal. 135. 6, Whatloever the Lord


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least c, by his most wise and holy providence d, according
to his infallible foreknowledge e, and the free and immutable
counsel of his own will f, to the praise of the glory of his
wisdom, power, justice, goodness, and mercy g.

II. Although, in relation to the foreknowledge and decree
of God, the first caufe, all things come to pass immutably
and infallibly h: Yet, by the fame providence he ordereth


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pleased, that did he in heaven and shall not be correct?he that teachi-
'in earth, in the seas, and all deep eth man knowledge, shall not he,

places. Acts 17.25. Neither iswor- know? v.11. The Lord knoweth
hipped with mens hands, as tho' the thoughts of man, that they are
he needed any thing, feeing he gi. vanity.
veth to all life,and breath, and all f Eph... 14. In whom alio we
things; v. 26. And hath made of have obtainedaninheritance, being
one blood,all nations of men, for predestinated according tothe pur-
to dwell on all the face of theearth pore of him who worketh allthings
and hath determined the times be after the counsel of his own will.
fore appointed, and the bounds of Plalm 33. 10. The Lord bringeth
their liabitation: v.28. For in him the counsel of the heathen to
Welive, and move, and have our nought: he maketh the devices of
being: as certain also of your own the people of none effect. viii,
poets have said,l'or we are also his The counsel of the Lord standeth
off-fpring. Job.38,39,40,41. Chap. for ever, the thoughts of his heart

to all generations.
c Mat, 10.29. Are not two spar gIsaiah 63.14. As a bealt goeth
rows fold for a farthing ? and one down into the valley, the spirit of
of them (hallnot fall on the ground the Lord caused him to rest : lo
without our Father. v. 30. But didst thou lead thy people,tomake
the very hairs of your head are all thylelt a gloriousname. Eph.3.10.
numbred.v, 31. Fear ye not there. To the intent that now unto the
fore, ye are of more value than principalities and powers in hea-
many sparrows.

venly places, might be known by
d Prov. 15.3. The eyes of the the church the manifold wisdom
Lordare in every place,beholding of God. Rom.9. 17. For the scrip-
the evil and the good. Pfal. 104. ture faith unto Pharaoh, Even for
24, O Lord, how manifold are thy thisfamepurpose have I raised thee
works! in wisdom halt thou made up, that I might (hew wy power
them all; the earth is full of thy in thee, and that my name might
riches. Psal, 145.17, The Lord is be declared throughout all the
rightevus in all his ways,and holy earth. Gen.45. 7. And God sent
in all his works,

me before you, to preserve you a
e Acts 15. 18. Known unto God pofterity in the earth, and to save
are all his works from the begin- your livesby a great, deliverance,
ning of the world.Pfal.94. 8. Un Psalm 145,7. They shall abundant:
deritand,yebruitishamongthe peo- ly utter the memory of thy great
ple: and ye fools, when will ye be goodness, and shall fing of thy
wile? v. 9. He that planteth the righteousness,
ear, shall he not hear? he that for 11. h Acts 2n 23. Him, being de
med the eye, shall he not see? v. livered by the determinatecounsel
10. He that chaitieth the heathen, and foreknowledge of God, ye have



them to fall out, according to the nature of the second causes either necessarily, freely, or contingently i.

III. God in his ordinary providence maketh use of meansk, yet is free to work without), above m, and against them at


taken, and by wicked hands have the centurion, and to the soldiers, crucified and flain.

Except these abide in the thip, ye i Gen. 8. 22. Whiletheearth re cannot be saved, v.44. And the maineth, feed-time and harvest, rest, fome on boards, and fonje on and cold and heat, and summerand broken peaces of theship: And so it winter, and day and night, shall came to pass that they escaped all not ceale. Jer. 31, 35. Thus faith safe to land. Isaiah 55. 10. For as the Lord, which giveth the sun for the rain conieth down, and the a light by day, and the ordinances snow from heaven, and returneth of the moon and of the stars for a not thither, but watereth theearth, light by night, which divideth the and maketh itspring forth andbud, sea, when the waves thereof roar; that it may give feed to the lower, the Lord of host's ishis name. Ex. and bread to the eater ; 1. II. So 21.31.And if a man ly not inwait, shall my word be that goeth forth but God deliver him into his hand; out of my mouth: It shall not rethen I will appoint thee a place turn unto me void, but it shall acwhetherhelhallfee. With Deut. 19 complish that which I please, and 5. As when a man goeth into the itshall prosperin thething whereto wood with his neighbour to hew 1 lent it. Hol. 2.21. And it shall wood, and his hand fetcheth a come to pass in that day,I willhear Itroke with the ax to cut downthe faith the Lord, I will hear the hea, free,and the headlippeth fromthe vens,and they shall hear theearth. helve, and lighteth upon his v. 22. And the earth shall hearthe neighbour that he die ; helhall fleecorn, and the wine, and the oyl, unto one of those cities, and live. and they shall hear Jezreel. 1 Kings 22. 28. And Micaiah said, | Hot. 1.7. But I will havemorIf thou return at all in peace, the cyuponthe houseof Judah,and will Lord hath not spoken by me. And save them by the Lord their God he said, hearken, o people, every and will not save thembybow, nor one of you. v, 34. And a certain by sword, nor by battle,by horses, man drew a bow at a venture, and nor by horsemen. Matth.4.4. But {mote the king of Ifrael between he answered and said, It is written, the joints of the harnels: where- Man shall not live by bread done, fore he said unto the driver of bịs byt byevery wordthat procedeth chariot, turn thine hand, and car out of the mouth of God. Job 34. ry me out of the holt, for I am 1o. Therefore learken uinton,e,ye wounded. Ifaiab 10. 6. I will send men of understanding ; far be it him againstanhypocritical nation; from God, thathelhouldduwickedand aganist the people ofmywrath ness, and from the Almighty,that will I give him acharge to taketle he should commit iniquity. Spoil and to take the prey, and to m Rom. 4. 19. And being not tread them down like the mire of weak in faith,heconsiderednot his Itreets. v; 7. Howbeit, he meaneth own body now dead, when he was not fo,neither dothhis heartthink about anhundredyears old, neither lo,but it is in his heart todestroy, yet the deadness of Sara's womb, and cut of nations not a few. V, 20. He itaggered not at theproIII. k Ads 27. 3!, Paul said to mile of God through unbelief; but


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