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his pleasure n.

IV. The almighty power, unsearchable wisdom, and in. finite goodness of God, so far manifest themselves in his providence, that it extendeth itselfeven to the first fall, and all other fins of angels and men o, and that not by a bare permission p, but such as hath joined with it a most wife and powerful bounding q, and otherwise ordering and governing

of was strong infaith,givingglory to allthese thy prophets,and theLord God: v. 21. And being fully per- hath spoken evil concerning thee. Iwaded, that what hehad promised, i Chr. 10. 4. Then said Saul to his he was able also to perform. armour-bearer, Draw thy sword,

n 2 Kings 6.6. And the man of and thurst me through there with God faid, Where fell it? And he left thele uncircumcised come and shewed him the place. And he cut abule me. But his armour-bearer down a stick, and cait in thither, would not, for he was fore afraid. and the iron did iwim.Dan. 3.27. So Saul took a sword, and fell upAnd the princes, gover:nors and on it. v. 13. So Saul died, for his captains, and the kingscounsellers transgression which he committed being g.hered together,fawihefe against the Lord,even against the men, uponwhole bodiesthelireliad word of the Lord, which he kept no power,nor was an hair of their not,and also for asking counsel of head singed, neither were their one that had a familiar spirit, to coats changed, nor the smell of fire enquire of it. v. 14.And enquired had palled upon them.

not of the Lord: therefore lie flew IV. kom. 11.32. ForGod hath him,andturned the kingdom unto concluded them allin unbelief, that David the sonof jesse.z Sam. 16.10. he might have mercy upon all. And the king faid, what have I to 7.33. O the depth of the riches do with you, ye sons of Zeruiah? both of thewiidom and knowledge folet him curse, because, the Lord, of God! how unsearchable are his hath said unto him, Curse David. judgments,and bis ways paltfind- Wholhallthenlay, wherefore halt ing out! v. 34. For who hath thou done lo? Acts 2. 23. Him, known the mind of the Lord, or being delivered bythe determinate who hath been his counseller? counsel and foreknowledge of God, 2 Sam.24. 1.And again the anger ye have taken,andby wickcdhands of the Lord was kindled again't have crucified and Main, Acts4.27, Ifrael,and he moved David against For of a truth against thy holy then, to say, Go number Ifrae! child Jesus, whom thou hast aand judah: With Chr.21,1. And nointed, both Herod and Pontius Satan itood up against Israel, and Pilate, with the Gentiles, and the provoked David to number lsrael, people of Israel were gatheredtoi Kings 22.22. And the Lord lid gether,v.28.For to do whatfoever unto him, wherewith? And he said thy hand and thy counsel deterI will


forib, and I will be a ly, mined before to be done.
ing ípirit in the mouth of all his 'p Acts 14,16. Whoin times past
prophets. And he said, thou shalt suffered all nations to walk in their
perlwade him, and prevail also: own ways.
go forth, and do so. v. 23. Now 9 Pial.76.10. Surely the wrath
therefore behold, the Lord hath of man thall praise the? : the re-
put a lying ipirit in the mouth of mainder of wrath shalt thou re-


of them, in a manifold dispensation, to his own holy ends r; Yet so, as the sinfulness thereof proceedeth only from the creature, and not from God, who,being most holy and righteolis, neither is nor can be the author or approver of sin f.

V. The most wife, and righteous and gracious God doth oftentimes leave for a season his own children to manifold temptations, and the corruption of their own hearts, to a chastife them for their former fins, to disocover unto them the hidden strength of corruption, and deceitfulness of their hearts,that they may be humbled t;and to raise them to a more closs and constant dependence for their support upon himfelf, and to make them more watchful against all future




frain.: King$19.28. Because thy Every good gift,and every perfect rage against me, and thy tumult is gift, is from above, and cometh come upinto mine ears, therefore! down from the Father of lights, will put myhook in thy nose, and with whom is no variableness,neimy bridle in thy lips, and I will therlhadow ofturning. I John2.16 turn thee Back by the way by For all that is intheworld, the luft which thou camest.

of the flesh,andthe luft of theeyes, r Gen. 50.20. But as for you,ye and the pride of life, is not of the thought evil against me; but God Father, but is of the world. Plalm meant it unto good, to bring to 50.21,These:hings hallthou done pass, as it is this day, to save much and I kept filence; thou thoughtest people alive, Ifa. 10. 6. I will that I was altogether fuchan oncas fend him against an hypocritical thyself: but I will reprove thee, & nation, and against the people of let themin orderbefore thineeyes. my wrath will I givehim a charge V. 2 Chr. 32.25. But Hezekiah to take the spoil, and to take the render'dnot again accordingtothe prey, and to tread them downlike benefitdone unto him:for his heart the mire of the streets. v. 7.Howe was lifted up;therefore there was heit, he meaneth not so, neither wrath upon him, and upon sudah doth his heart think so, but it is and Jerufalem. v.26. Notwithstan. in his heari to deltroy, and cut off ding, Hezekiah humbled himself nations, not a few. v, 12. Where- for the pride of his heart (both he fore it shall come to pass, that and the inhabitants of Jerufalem) when the Lord hath performed his fo that wrath of the Lord came whole work uponmountZion, and not upon them in the days of Heon Jerusalem, I willpunish thefruit zekiah.v.31. Howbeit, in the buli. of the Stout heart of the king of nefsof the embasladorsof the prin. AfTyria, and the glory of his high cesof Babylon,who fent unto him looks.

to enquire of the wonder that was [ James 1, 13. Let no man say done in the land, God left him to when he is tempted, I am tempted try him, that he might know all of God: for God cannot be tempt that was in his heari, 2Sany. 24.1. ed with evil, neither tempteth he And again the anger of the Lord any man. v. 14. But every man is was kindled against Ifrael, and he tenipted, when he is drawn away moved David against them to fay, of his own lult,and enticed, v. 17. Go number Ireland judah.

v z Cor.

casions of sin, and for fundry other just and holy ends v.

VI. As for those wicked and ungodly men, whom God as a righteous judge,for former sins, doth blind and harden w, from them he not only withholdeth his grace, whereby they might have been enlightned in their understandings, and wrought upon in their hearts x; but sometimes also withdraweth the gifts which they had y, and exposeth them to such objects as their corruption makes occasion of


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v 2 Cor.12. 9. And left I should me? And he said unto him, Lord, be exalted above measure through thou knowest all things; thou the abundance of the revelations, knowest that I lovethee, Jefus faith there was given to me a thorn in unto him, feed my sheep, the flesh, the messenger of Satan to VI. w Rom, 1, 24. Wherefore buffet me, left I Thould be exalted God also gave themupto uncleanabove mealure.7'.8. For this thing ness, thro' the lists of their own I besought the Lord thrice, that it hearts, to dishonourtheir own bomight depart from me. 7. 9. And dies between th:mselves:2:26. For he laid unto me, My grace is suffi- this cause God gave them up unto cient for thee : for my strength is vile affections; For even their womade perfect in weakness. Most men did change the natural useingladly thereforewill I rather glory to that which is against nature : in myinfirmities, that the power v. 28. And even as they did not of Christ may rest upon me. Plal. like to retain God in their know73. throughout. Plal77.1. I cried ledge, God gave them over to a reunto God with my voice:even un- probate mind, to do those things to God with my voice and he gave which are not convenient. Rom. ear unto me. 2.10. And I laid, 11. 7. What then ? Israel hath not This is my infirmity: But I will re obtained that which he seeketh member the years of theright hand for; but the election hath obtained of the most High. v, 12. I will me- it, and the rest were blinded, v. 8. ditate also ofallthy works,andtalk According as it is written, God of thy doings. (Read the interme. hath given thenithe spirit of flumdiate verles in the Bible) Mark34. ber, eyes that they should not see, from the 66.?' to theend, with John and ears that they should nothear 21.15. So when they had dined, unto this day. Jesus faith to Simon Peter, Simon x Deut.29.4.Yet the Lordhath Ion of Jonas,lovelt thou me more not givenyouanheart to perceive, than these? He faith untohim, Yea, and eyes to fee, and ears to hear, Lord; thou knoweft that I love unto this day. thee. He saith unto him, Feed my y Matth, 13.12. For whosoever lambs.2.16.Hefaithuntohim again hath, to him shall be given, and the second time, Simon son of Jo- he shall have more abundance: but nas,lovest thou me? He faith unto wholoever hath not,fromhimshall him, Yea, Lord; thou knowelt be taken away, even that he hath. that love thee, He faith unto him, Mat.25.29. Foruntoeveryonethat Feed my sheep. v. 17.He faithlun: hath shall be giver, and he thall to him the third time, Simon, fon have abundance : but from bim of Jonas, lovest thou me? Peter that hath not shall be taken away was grieved, because he said unto even that which he hath. him the third time, Loyelt thou

z Deut

fin z; and withal, gives them over to their own lusts, the temptations of the world, and the power of Satan a: Whereby it comes to pass, that they harden themselves, even under those means whichGod useth for the softning of others b. VII. As the providence of God doth, in general, reach


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z Deut. 2. 20. But Sihon king ther would he let the people go. of Helhbon wouldnotletus pass by 2 Cor. 2.15. Forwe areuntoGoda him: for the Lord thy God hard. sweet favour of Christ,in themthat ned his spirit, and made his heart, are faved, and inthem that perish. obstinate, that he might deliver v, 16.To the onewe are thesavour bimintothyhands,asappeareththis of death unto death; and to the day. 2 Kings 8, 12, And Hazael other, the favour of life unto life : faid, Why weepeth my lord? And And who is sufficient for these he answered, Because I know the things?Isa. 8.14. And he shall be evilthat thouwilt dounto the chile for a sanctuary; but for a stoneof dren of Israel . their strong holds itumbling, and for a rock of of. wilt thou let on fire, and their fence to both the houses of Israel, young men wilt thou say with the for a gin, and for a snare to the sword, and wiltdash their children, inhabitants of Jerusalem. I Pet. 2. and rip uptheirwomen withchild. 7. Unto you therefore which be7. 13.And Hazael said, But what, lieve, he is precious:but unto them is thy servant a dog, that he fhould which be disobedient, the stone do this greatthing? AndElisha an- which the builders dilallowed, the Iwered,

The Lord hath shewed me fame is made the head of the corthat thou shalt be king over Syria, ner,v.8. And a Itone of stumbling,

a Plal. S1. 11. But my people and a rock of offence,eventothem would not hearkenunto my voice which stumble at the word, being and Israel would none of me.v.12. dilobediept, whereunto also they So I gave them up unto their own were appointed. Ifa. 6.9. And he hearts lufts; and they walked in laid, Go & tell this people, Hear their own counsels.2 Thell, 2.10. ye indeed, but understand not; and And with all deceivableness of un- lee ye indeed, but perceive not. righteousnels in them that perill; v. 10. Make the heartof this people because they received not the love fat, and make their ears heavy,and of the truth; that they might be shut their eyes: lelt they see with faved, v. 11. And for this caule their eyes, andhear with their ears, Godthalllendthem Itrongdelusion, & understand with their heart,and that they should believe a lie,v. 12. convert and be healed. With Ads That they all might be damned, 28.26. Saying, Gounto this peowho believe not the truth, but plegand say,Hearing ye shall hear, bad pleasure in unrighteoulness, & shall not underitand; and seeing

b Exod.7. 3. And I will harden ye thall see,and not perceive.v.27. Fbaraoh's heart, and multiply my For the heart of thispeopleis waxfigns and wonders in the land of ed gross, and their ears are dull of Egypt. WithExod.8.15.Butwhen hearing, and their eyes have they Pharaoh saw there was a respite, closedl; left they should fee with he hardened his heart, and heark- their eyes and hear with their ears, ned not unto them; as the Lord and underltand with their heart, had said. v. 32.And Pharaoh hard-, and should be converted, and i ned his heartat this tine alfo, neie hould heal them.

II. C.Tim.

to all creatures; so, after most special manner, it taketh care of his church, and disposeth all things to the good. thereof c.

CHAP. VI. Of the fall of man, of fin, and of

the punishment thereof.

UR first parents, being seduced by the subtilty and temptation of

Satan, sinned in eating the forbidden fruit a. This their fin, God was pleased, according to his wife and holy counsel, to permit, having purposed to order it to his own

II. By this sin they fell from their original righteousness and communion with God c, and so became dead in


glory b.

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VII. c I Tim.4.10.For therefore Israel, for your fake I have sent to webothlabour and sufferreproach, Babylon, and have brought down because wetruít in the living God, all their nobles, and the Chaldeans whoisthe Saviour of all men,espe- whose cry is in the ships. ciallyof thosethatbelieve. Anioso. 1. a Gen. 3-13. And the Lord God 8.Behold theeyes of the LordGod faid unto the woman, What is this are upon the linful kingdon,and I that thou hast done?' And the wowill deftroy it from off the face of man said, the serpent beguiled me, the earth; Tavingthat I willnotut- andIdid 'eat. 2 Cor, 11.3. But I fear terly deltroy the house of Jacob, least by any means, as the serpent faith the Lord. v.9. For lo, I will beguiled Eve through his subtilty, command, & will lift the house of so yourminds should be corrupted Israelamongallnations,likeas corn fromthefimplicity that is in Chrilt. is lifted in the live, yet shallnotthe b Rom. 11. 32. ForGod had con. lealtgrainfallupon the earth. Rom. cluded them all in unbelief, that he 8. 23. Andwe know that allthings might have niercy upon all. work together for good, to them II. cGen.3.6. And when the wothat love God,to them who are the man law that the tree was goodfor called according to hispupose.Ifa. food, and that it waspleasant to the 43. 3. For Iam the Lord thy God, eyes, and a tree to be desired to the holy one of Israel thy Saviour: makeonewise;she took of the fruit IgaveEgypt for thy ransom,Ethi. thereof, and did eat, and gave also opia and Sheba for thee.v.4.Since unto her husband with her, and he thouwas precious inmylight,thou did eat.v.7. And the eyes of them lalt been honourable, and I have both were opened, and they knew loved thee; therefore will I give that they were naked; and they men for thee, and people for thy sewed fig trees together and made life, v. 5. Fear not, for I am with themselves aprons, v. 8. Andthey thee: I will bring thy feed from heard the voice of the Lord God the calt, and gather thee from the walking in the garden, in the cool welt. v. 14. Thus faith the Lord of theday:and Adami and his wife your redeemer, the holy one of hidthemselves fromthepresenceof.


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