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' with our hands, and constantly affirm before God and the whole world, that this only is the true Christian faith and religion, pleasing God, and bringing salvation to mar, which now is, by the mercy of God, revealed to the world

by the preaching of the blessed Evangel; and is received, 1 believed and defended by many and lundry notable Kirks

and realms, but chiefly by the kirk of Scotland, the king's Majesty and three estates of this realm, as God's eternal truth,and only ground of our salvation; as more particularly is expressed in the Confession of our Faith, establifhed and publicly confirmed by sundry acts of Parliaments, and now

of a long time hath been openly professed by the king's majesty, and the whole body of this realm both in burgh and land. To the which confession and form of religion we willingly agree in our conscience in all points, as' unto God's undoubted truth and verity, grounded only upon his written word. And therefore we abhor and deteft all contrary religion and doctrine; but chiefly all kind of Papistry in the geheral and particular heads,even as they are now damned and confulted by the word of God and Kirk of Scotland. But in fpecial we derest and refuse the usurped authority of that Roman antichrist upon the fcriptures of God, upon the Kirk,

the civil magistrate, and consciences of menAll his ty18

Tannous laws miąde upon indifferent things against our
Christian liberty; his erroneous doctrine against the fufficien-

cy of the written word, the perfection of the law, the office of yo Christ and his blessed Evangel : his corrupted doctrine

concerning original fin, our natural inability and rebellion to God's law, our justification by faith only, our imperfect fanctification and obedience to the law; the nature, number, and use of the holy Sacraments : his five bastard facraments: with all his rites, ceremonies and falfe doctrine, added to the ministration of the true facraments without tha word of God: His cruel judgment against infants departing without the facrament: his absolute necessity of baptism; his blasphemous opinion of Transubstantiation, or real presence of Christ body in the elements, and receiving of the fame

by the w.zked, or bodies of men; his dispensations with De folemn oaths, perjuries, and degrees of marriage forbidden

in the word: His cruelty against the innocent divorced; his deyilish mass; his blasphemous Priesthood: His profane fa.


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crifice for sins of the dead and the quick; His canonization of men; calling upon angels, of faints departed: Worshipping of imagery, relicks and crosses; dedicating of kirks, altars, days; vows to creatures : his purgatory, prayers, for the dead; praying or speaking in a strange language; with his proceslions and blafphemous litany, and multitude of advocates or mediators, his manifold orders, auricular confesion; his desperate and uncertain repentance; his go neral and doubtfom faith, his fatisfactions.cf men for their fins, His justification by works, Opus operatum, works of fupererogation, merits, pardans, peregrinations, and stations; his holy water, baptizing of bells, conjuring of fpirits, ciosung, fayping, anointing, conjuring, hallowing of God's good creatures, with the superstitious opinion joined therewith: his worldly monarchy, and wicked hierarchy; hịs thresfolemn vows, with all his shavellings of fundry forts; his erronious and bloody decrees made at Trent, with all the fubfcribers or approvers of that cruel and bloody band, conjured againit the kirk of God; And finally, we deteft all his vain allegories, reits signs, and traditions brought in the kirk, without or against the word of God, and doctrine of this true reformed kirk, to the which we join ourselves willingly, in doctrine, faith, religion, discipline, and use of the holy facraments, as lively members of the same in Christ our head : promising and swearing by the great name of the LOR D our GOD, That we shall continue in the obedience of the doctrine and discipline of this Kirk #, and Thall defend the fame according to our : vocation and power all the days of our lives; under the pains contained in the law, and danger both of body and foul in the day of God's fearful judgment.

And seeing that many are stirred up by Satan and that Roman. Antichrist, to promise,swear, subscribe and for a time use the holy facraments in the kirk deceitfully, against their own conscience; minding hereby, first, under the external cloke of religion, to corrupt and fubvert fecretly God's true reli: gion within the kirk; and afterward, when tim, nay ferve



# The confeffion which was fubfcribed at Halyrudhouse, the 2 sth of February: 5 87-8. by the King, Lennox,Huntly,the Chancellor,and about 95 other persons, hath here added, agreeing to the word, Sis John Maxwell of Pollock hath the origual parchment,

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- to become open enemies and persecutors of the fame, under vain hope of the Pope's dispensation, devised against the word of God, to his greater confusion, and their double condemnation in the day of the Lord Jesus: We therefore, wil. sling to take away all suspicion of hypocrisy, and of such

double dealing with God and his Kirk, protest, and call the fearcher of all hearts for witness, that our minds and hearts do fully agree with this our Confeffion, promise, oath, and fubfcription ; fo that we are not moved with any worldly re. fpect; but are perswaded only in our conscience, through the knowledge and love of God's true religion imprinted in our hearts by the holy spirit, as we shall answer to him in the day when the secrets of all hearts shall be disclosed.

And becaufe we perceive, that the quietness and stability of our religion and kirk doth depend upoa the safety and good behaviour of the King's Majesty,as upon a comfortable instrument of God's mercy granted to this country, for the maintaining of his kirk, and ministration of justice amongst us : we protest and promise with our hearts, under the same oath, hand-writ, and pains, that we fall defend his person and authority with our goods, bodies and lives, in the de fence of Christ his Evangel, liberties of our country, ministration of justice, and punishment of iniquity, against all enemies within this realm or without, as we desire our God to be a strong and merciful defender to us in the day of our death, and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ : To wliom with the Father and the holy Spirit, be all honour and glory eternally Amen.

IKEAS many acts of parliament, not only in general do

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stitutions,canons civil or municipal, with all other ordinances, and practique penalties whatsoever made in prejudice of the true religion and professors thereof; or of the true Kirk: dif cipline, jurisdiction and freedom thereof; or in favours of idolatry and superstition, or of the papiftical kirk; As act 3. act 31. parl, 1. act 23. parl. 11. act' 114. part. 12. of King James VI. That på pistry and fuperftition may be ut. terly supprefred, according to the 'intention of the acts of parliament,repeated in the 5. act, parl. 20. King James VI. And to that end tfiey ordain all papists and priests to be puni


thed with manifold civil and ecclesiastical pains, as adversaries to God's true religion, preached, and by law established within this realm, At 24. Parl. 11. K. Ja. VI. as common enemies to all christian government, Act 18. Parl. 16. King. fa. VI. as rebellers and gainstanders of our fovereign Lord's authority, A&t 47, Parl, 3. King. Ja. VI. and as idolaters. 164. Parl. 7. King. Ja. VI. But also in particular; by and attour the confeffion of Faith, do abolish and condemn the Pope's authority and jurisdiction out of this land and ordains the maintainers thereof to be punished, Aet 2, Parl.1. AEZ 51, Parl, 3. AEZ 106. Parl. 7. AEt 114. Parl.12. King Ja. VI.do condemn the Popes erroneous doctrine, or any other erroneous doctrine repugnant to any of the articles of the true and Christian religion, publicly preached, and by law established in this realm; and ordains the spreaders and makers of books or libels, or letters or writs of that nature, to be punished. act 46. parl. 3. act 106, parl. 7. act 24. parl. 1. K. Ja VĮ. do condemn all baptism conform to the Pope's Kirk, and the idolatry of the mass; and ordains all sayers, wilful hearers, and concealers of the Mass,the maintainers and resetters of the priests, Jesuits, trafficking Papists, to be punished without any exception or restriction, act 5. parl, 1. act 1 20. parl. 12. act 164. part. 13. act 1'93. parl. 14. Act 1. parl. 19. alt 5. parli 20. K. Ja. VI, do condemn all erroneous books and writs, containing erroneus doctrine against the religion presently professed or conta ining superstitious rites and ceremonies pa pistical, whereby the people are greatly abused;and ordains the homebringers of them to be punished, Act 25. Parl. 11, K. Ja. VI. do condemn the monuments and dregs of bygone idolatry, as going to crosses, observing the festival days of Saints, and such other superstitious and papistical rites, to the dishonour of God, contempt of true religion, and fostering of great error among the people ; and ordains the users of them to be punished for the second fault, as idolaters, AEZ 104, Parl. 7. K. ja. VI.

Likeas many acts of Parliament are conceived for maintenance of God's true and Christian religion, and the purity thereof, in doctrine and sacraments of the true church of God, the liberty and freedom thereof, in her national, fyn nodal asemblies, presbyteries, feflions policy, discipline


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and jurisdiction thereof; as that purity of religion, and li-
berty of the church was ufed, professed, exercised, preached,
and confessed according to the reformation of religion in this
realm. As for instance the 99. act, parl. 7. acz 25. parl.
11. at 114. parl. 12. act 160. parl. 13. of K. Ja. VI. ra-
tified by the 4. act of K, Cha. So that the 6. act parl. 1. and
68. ačt. parl. 6. of K. Ja. VI. in the year of God 1579.
declares the ministers of the blessed Evangel, whom God of
his mercy had raised up, or hereafter should raise, agreeing
with them that then lived, in doctrine and administration of
the sacraments; and the people that professed Christ, as he
was then offered in the Evangel, and doth communicate with
the holy sacraments (as in the reformed kirks of this realm
they were presently administrate) according to the confeffi-
on of Faith; to be the true and holy Kirk of Christ Jesus with:
in this realm, And decerns and declares all and sundry,who
either gainsays the word of the Evangel received and appro-
ved, as the heads of the Confession of Faith,professed in Par-
fiament, in the year of God 1560, specified also in the first
parliament of K, Ja. VI. and ratified in this present Parlià,
ment, more particularly do express; or that refufes the admi-
nistration of the holy facraments, as they were then ministra-
ted; to be no members of the said Kirk within this realm,
and true religion presently professed, so long as they keep
themselves fo divided from the society of Christ's body. And
the subsequent act 09. parl, 6 of K. 39. VI. declares, That
there is no other face of Kirk, nor other face of religion,
than was presently at that time, by the favour of God, esta-
blished within this realm; Which therefore is ever stiled
God's true religion, Christ's true religion, the true Chri,
Stian religion, and a perfect Religion; which, by mani-
fold acts of Parliament,all within this realm are bound to pro:
fels, to fubscribe the articles thereof, the confession of Faith,
to recant all docțring and errors repugnant to any of the finid
articles, act 4. and 9. parl, , acts 45, 46, 47, parl. 3:
act 71. parl. 6. act 106. parl. 7. act 24. parl, 11. act
123.parl, 12. act 194. and 197, parl. 14. of K. Ja. VI,
And all magistrates, Sheriffs, bc on the one part are or
dained to search, apprehend, and punish all contraveeners ;
For instance, act 5. parl. 1. act 104. parl. 7. act 25. parl,
11:K: 14. VỊ, and that notwithstanding of the King's


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