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HE pastor is an ordinary and perpetual officer in the

church e. prophesying of the time of the gospel f, First, it belongs to his office,

To pray for and with his flock, as the mouth of the people unto God ġ, Afts vi, 2, 3, 4. Aits xx. 36. Where preaching and prayer are joined as several parts of the fame office h. The Office of the elder (that is, the Pastor) is to pray for the sick, even private, to which a blessing is especially promised; much more therefore ought he to perform this in the public execution of his office, as a part thereof i. '


e Jer. 3. 15. And will give you of the body of Christ ; v. 13. Till pastors according to mine heart, we all come in the unity of the which shall feed you with know- faith, and of the knowledge of the ledge and understanding. v. 16. Son of God, unto a perfect man, And it shall come to pass when ye unto the measure of the stature of be multiplied and increased in the the fulness of Christ. land; in those days faith the Lord, g Acts. 6.2. Then thetwelve calthey all say no more, the ark of led the multitude of the disciples the covenant of the Lord; neither unto them, and said, It is not reafhall it come to mind, neither shall son that we should leave the word theyremember it,neither shall they of God, and ferve tables. v. 3. visit it, neither shall that be done Wherefore brethren, look ye out any more v. 17. At that time they among you fevenmen of honeftre. Thall call Jerusalem the throne of port, full of the holy Ghost, and the Lord, and all the nations shall wisdom, whom we may appointobe gathered into it, to the name of ver this business. v. 4. But we will the Lord, to Jerusalem: neither giveourselves continually to prayft.all they walk any more after the cr,and to the ministry of the word. imagination of their evil heart, Acts.20.36. And when he had thus

fi Pet. 5.2. Feed the flock of spoken, he kneeled down & prayGod, which is among you, taking ed with them all. the oversight thereof, not by con h James 5. 14. Is any man lick Itraint, but willingly, not for fil. among you? Let him calltor the thy lucre,butof a ready mind v. 3. elders of the church, and let them Neither as being lords over Gods pray over him,anointing him with heritage,but beingenamplestothe oil in the name of the Lord:v, 15. Nock.7.4.Andwhen the chiefshep. And the prayer of faith shall save herd shall appear, ye shall receive the sick, and the Lord thall raise a crown of glory that fadeth not him up; and if he have committed away,Eph.4.11. And he gavesome lins, they shall be forgiven him. apoftles, and some prophets, and i í Cor. 14.15. What is it then? fome evangelists, and some pastors I will pray with the spirit, and I and teachers, 1. 12. For the per- will pray with theunderstanding al. fecting of the faints, for the work fo: I will ling with the spirit, and of the ministry, for the edifying I will ling with the understanding


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To read the Scriptures publicly; for the proof of which,

I. That the priests and Levites, in the Jewish church, were trusted with the public reading of the word, is proved k.

2. That the ministers of the gospel have as ample à charge and commission to dispense the word, as well as other ordinancés, as the priests and Levites had under the law, proved, Ifa. lxvi. 21; Mat. xxiii. 34. where our Saviour intituleth the officers of the New Testament, whom he will send forth, by the fame names of the teachers of the old l.

Which propositions prove, that therefore (the duty being of a moral nature) it followeth by just consequence, that the public reading of the Scriptures belongeth to the pastor's office.

To feed the fock, by preaching of the word, according to which he is to teach, convince, reprove, exhort, and com


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fort m.

alfo V, 16: Else when thou shalt month. v. 3, And he read therein bless with the spirit, how shall he v. 13. And on the lecond day were that occupieth the room of the un- gathered together the chief of the learned, say amen at thy giving fathers of all the people, the ofthanks, feeing heunderstandeth prielts and the Levités, unto Ezra not what thou fayest?

the scribe, even to understand the k Deut 31.9. And Mofes wrote words of the law. this law, and delivered it unto the lifa.66.21. And I will also take priefts the sons of Levi,which bare of them for priests and for Levites, thie ark of the covenant of the faith the Lord. Matth. 23. 34. Lord, and unto all the elders of Wherefore,behold, I fenduntoyou, Ifrael v. Io. And Mofes comman- prophets,andwisemen,and scrites, ded them, saying, At the end of au fome of them ye shall kill and every seven years, is the solemnity crucify, and some of them shall ye of the year of releafe, in the feast scourge in your fynagogues, and oftabernacles. v. 11. When all Il. perfecute them from city to city. rael is come to appear before the mi Tim. 3.2. A bishop then must Lord thy God, in the place which be blameless, the husband of one he shall choose; thou shalt read this wife, vigilant, fober, of good belaw before all Ifrael in their hear- haviour, given to hospitality, apo ing. Neh. 8. 1. And all the people to teach. 2 Tim. 3. 16. All fcripgatheredthemselvestogetherasone ture is given by inspiration of God, nian,into the street that was before and is profitable for doctrine, for the water-gate, and they spake un- reproof, for correction, for instruto Ezra the fcribe, to bring the ction in righteousness: v. 17. That book of the law of Moses, whicli the man of God may be perfect, the Lord'had commanded to Israel. throughly furnished unto all good V. 2. And Ezra the priest broughľ works. Tit. 1.9. Holding falt the the law before the congregation, faithful words as he hath been both of men and women, and all taught, that he may be able by thatcould hear with underttanding, sound doctrine, both to exhort upon the first day of the seventh and to convince the gainfayers,

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To catechise, which is a plain laying down the first principles of the oracles of God in, or of the doctrine of Christ, and is a part of preaching.

To dispense other divine mysteries o
To adminifter the sacraments p.

To bless the people from God, Numb. vi: 23, 24, 25, 26. compared with Rev. xiv. 5. (where the fame blessings, and persons from whom they come, are exprefly mentioned q.) ifa. Ixvi. 21. where under the names of priests and Levites to De continued under the gospel, are meant Evangelical pastors, who therefore are, by office to bless the peopler,



n Heb. 5. 12. For when for the same nuanner alfo he took the cup, time ye ought to be teachers, ye when he had !upped, saying, This haveneed that onetea cha you again, cup is the New Testament in my which be the first principles of the blood,this do ye,as oftas ye drink oracles of God, and are become it, in remembrance of me. Compa. fuch as have need of milk, and not red with 1 Cor. 10. 26. The cup of strong meat.

of blessing which we bless,is it not o 1 Cor. 4.1: Let a man so ac- the communion of the blood of count of us as of the ministers of Christ ? the bread which we break Christ,and the stewards of the my. is it not the communion of the bosteries of God. v. 2. Moreover, it dy of Christ? is required in stewards, that a man q Numb.6.23. Speak unto Aaron be found faithful.

and unto his fons, saying, On this 'p Mat. 28. 19. Go ye therefore wise ye shall bless the children of and teach ail nations, baptizing Israel, saying, unto them, v. 24. them in the name of the Father, The Lord bless thee,& keep thee. and of the Son, and of the folý v. 25. The Lord make his face to Gholt. 7. 20. Teaching theut to shine upon thee, v. 26. The Lord observe allthingswhatsoevershave lift up his countenance upon thee, commanded you; and lo I am with and give thee peace. Compared you alway, even unto the end of with Rev. 1.4. John, to the leven the world, Amen. Mark 16.15. churches which are in Asia, Grace And he said unto then, Go yein- be unto you, and peace from him to all the world, and preach thego- which is, & which

was,and which fpel unto every creature.v. 16. He is to come and from the seven spithat believeth and is baptized shall rits which are before his throne. be faved, but he that believeth not v.5. And from Jesus Christ who is Thall be damned. 1 Cor. 11. 23.For the faithful witness, and the first I have received of the Lord that begotten of the dead, and the which allo I delięvered unto you, Prince of the kings of the earth, That the Lord Jesus, the lamé lfa. 6. 21. And I will also take of nightin whichhewasbetrayed,took them for prielts, and for Levites, bread. v. 24. And when he had faith the Lord. given thanks, he brake it,and said, r Deut, 10. 8. At that time the

Take, cat; this is my body, which Lord separated the tribeof Levi, to is broken for you; this do in re- bear the ark of the covenant of the menbrance of me.v, 25. After the Lord, to stand before the Lord to

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To take care of the poor

And he hath also a ruling power over the flock as a pa-
stor t.

Teacher or doctor.

HE Scripture doth hold out the the name and title of
teacher, as well as of the pastor v.

Who minilter unto him, and to bless in ing when I come.31. 3. And when I his name unto this day. 2 Cor. 13. come,whomfoeverye shallapprove 14. The grace of the Lord Jesus by your letters, them will I lend Christ, and the love of God, and to bring yourliberality to Jerusathe communion of the holy ghost, lem, v. 4. And if it be meet that I be with you all, Amen. Eph. 1.2. go also, they Mall go with me. grace be to you, and peace from Gal. 2.9. Andwhen James, Cephas God our father,and from the Lord and John,who seemed to be pillars Jesus Christ.

perceived the grace that wasgiven f Act 19. 30. Which also they unto me,they gave to me and Bar. did, and sent it to the elders by the nabas therighthands of fellowship, hands of Barnabas and Saul. Acts that we should gounto theheathen, 4 34. Neitherwasthere anyamong and they unto the circumcision. you that lacked, for as many as v. 10. Only they would that we were poslesfors of landsandhouses, shouldremember thepoor,thefame sold them, and brought the price of which I also was forward to do. the things that were sold, v. 35. t I Tim.5.,17. Let the eldersthat And laid them down atthe apostles rule well be counted worthy of feet, and distribution was madeune double honour, especiallythcywho, to every man according as he had labour in the word and doctrine. need. v. 36. And Jofes, who by Acts 29. 17. And from Miletus he theapostleswas firnamedBarnabas, fent to E, hefus, and called the (whichis,being interpreted, theson elders of the church, v. 28. Take ofconfolation) a Levite,and uithe heed therefore unto your selves, country of Cyprus, 7. 37. Having and to all the Hock over the which land, fold it, and brought the mo- the holy gholt hath made you os ney and laid it at the apostles feet. verleers, to feed the church of God Aets 6.2. Then the twelve called which he hath purchased with his the multitude of the disciples unto own blood. 1 Thell. 5. 12. And we them, and said, It is not reaton that besecch you brethren, to know we should leave the word of God them which labouramong you, and and serve tables. v. 3. Wherefore, are over you in the Lord, and ada brethren, look you outamongyou monilh you. Heb. 13. 7. rememseven men of honest report, full of ber then which havethe role over the holy Ghost and wildoni,whom you, who have spoken unto you ye may appoint over this business, the word of God; whole faith fol. 7. 4. But we will give ourselves low, considering the end of their continually to prayer, and to the conversation. 0. 17. obey them ministry of the word. I Cor. 16. that have the rule over you, and 1. Now concerning the collectifubmit yourselves, for they watch on for the faints, as I have given for your souls, as they that must order to the churches of Galatia, give account; that they may do it even so do ye,?. 2. Upon the first with joy and not with grief, for of the week, let every one of you that is unprofitable for you laybyhineinstore as Godhathproi y o Cor.12. 28. AndGuchachfct pered him, that therebe no gather


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Who is also a minister of the word as well as the pastor, and hath power of the administration of the Saraments.

The Lord having given different gifts, and diverse Exercises according to these gifts, in the ministry of the word w; Tho' these different gifts may meet in, and accordingly be exercised by, one and the same minister $; yet where be leveral ministers in the fame Congregation, they may be designed to several employments, according to the different gifts in which each of them doth most excel y. And he that doth more excel in exposition of Scriptures, in teaching sound do." &trine, and in convincing gain layers, that he doth in applica: tion, and is accordingly employed therein, may be called a teacher, or docter(the places alledged by the notation of the word to prove the propofition.). Neverthelefs, where is but one minister in a particular congregation, he is to perform la far as he is able the whole work of the ministry 2.


fome in the church, first apostles the manifestation of the spiritis gi. fecondarily prophets, thirdlyteach- ven to every. man to profit Withal. ers, after that miracles, then gifts x 1 Cor. 14. 3. But he that proof healing, helps governments,di- phefieth speaketh untomen to ediversities of tongties. Eph. 4:11. fication, 'And exhortation and And he gave some apoltles, and comfort. 2 Tim. 4.2. Preach the foine prophets, and some evange- word, be instant in feason, out Jilts, andsome pastors and teachers. offeason, reprove, rebuke, exhort

w Rom. 12. 6. having then gifts with all long-luffering and doc. differing, according to the grace trine, Tit. 1 9; Holding fast the that is given

us, whether pro- faithful wordashe hath Geen taught phecy let us prophesie according that he may be able by found to the proportion of faith vy. Or doctrine both to exhort and conministry, let us wait on our mini- vince the gainfayers. ftring: or be that teacheth, on y See in letterw inmediately pre teaching : v. 8. he that exhor- ceeding, 1 Pct. 4.10. Aseveryman teth,onexhortation he that giveth, hath received the gift, even lomiJet him do it with simplicity : he sister the same one to another, as that ruleth with diligence: he goodstewardsofthe manifoldgrace that showeth mercy with cheerful- of God. v. ii. if any man speak, fulness. 1 Cor. 12. 1. now concer lethim speak as the oracles of God; ning fpiritual gifts, brethren, I if anyman minister, let him do it would not have you ignorant, vi

as of the ability which God giveth, Now there are diverlities of that God in all things maybeglori: gifts, but the same spirit. vi 5. fied through Jesus Chrift,to whom And there are differences of ad- be praise, and dominion, for ever ministrations, but the fame Lord. and ever. Amen. v. 6. And there are diversities of z 2. Tim 4. 2. Preach theword operations, but it is the fame God, be instant in season, out of season which worketh all in all, v. 7, But reprove, rebuke, exhort with all


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