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presbyters in that kirk; which proveth a presbyterial church before the difperfion, Acts vi.

Fourthly, The several congregations in Jerusalem being one church, the elders of that church are mentioned as meet ing together for acts of government a; which proves that those several congregations were under one presbyterial go.

And whether these congregations were fixed, or not fixed, in regard of officers or members, it is all one as to the truth of the proposition.

Nor doth there appear any material difference berwixt the feveral congregations in Jerusalem, and the many congregations now in the ordinary condition of the church, as to the point of fixedness required of officers or members.

3. Thirdly, Therefore the fcripture doth hold forth, thar many congregations may be under one presbyterial govern ment.

II. Secondly, By the instance of the church of Ephesus; for,

1. That there were more congregations than one in the church of Ephesus, appears by Acts xx. 31 b, where is men tion of Paul's continuance at Ephefus in preaching for the space of three years; and Afts xix. 18, 19, 20. where the Special effect of the word is mentioned c; and v. 10. and 18. of the fame Chapter, where is a distinction of Jews and Greeks d; and 1 Cor. xvi. 8. and 9. where is a reason of


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a Acts 11. 30. Which also they following, Payl went in with us did, and fentit to the elders by the unto James, and all the elders hands of Barnabas and Saul. Acts were present. And so forward. 15. 4. And when they were come b Acts 20:31. Therefore watch, to Jerusalem, they were received and remember that by the space of of the church, and of the apostles three years, I cealed not to warneand elders, and they declared all very one night and day with tears. thingsthatGodhaddone withthem. cActs19.18. And many that be. v. 6. And the apostles and elders lieved came,& confefled, and shewcame together for to consider of ed their deeds, v 19. Many alfa this matter. v.22. Then it pleased of them which used curious arts, the apostles and elders, with the brought their books together, and whole church, to fend chofen men burned them before all men and of their own company to Antioch they counted the price of them, with Paul and Barnabas, namely & found it fifty thousand pieces of Judas firnamed Barsabas, andSilas filver. v.20. So mightily grew the chiefmen aniong the brethren. Acts word of God, and prevailed, 21.17. And when they were come d Acts 19.10. And this continued to Jerusalem the brethren ręceived by the space of two years, so that them gladly, v. 18. And the day..


Paul's, stay at Ephesus until Pentecost e; and v. 19. Where is mention of a particular church in the house of Aquila and Priscilla then at Ephesus f. as appears, Acts. xviii, 19. 24. 26. g. All which laid together doth prove that the multitudes of believers did make more congregationsthan one in the church of Ephefus.

2. That there were many elders over these many congre gations, as one flock appeareth h.

3. That these many congregations where one church, and that theywere under onepresbyterialGovernmentappeareth i

Of all they who dwelt in Asia hcard all the flock over the which the the word of the Lord Jesus, both holy Ghosthathmade youoverseers; Jews and Greeks.v. 17. And this to feed the church of God, which was known to all the Jews and he hath purchased with his own Greeks also dwelling at Ephesus, blood. v. 30. Also of your own and fear fell on them all, and the selves hall menarise,speaking per• name of the Lord Jelus was mag- verse things, to draw away discinified,

ples after them. v. 30. And when e 1 Cor. 16.8. But I will tarry at he had thus spoken, lie kneeled Ephesus until Pentecost, v. 9. For down, and prayed with them all

. a great door and effe&ual is ope- P 37. And they all wept fore, and ned unto me, and there are many fell on Pauls neck, and kisled him. adversaries,

i Rev. 2. 1. Unto the Angel of fi Cor. 16.19. The churches of the church of Ephelus write, These Afia salute you, Aquila and Prif things faith he that holdeth the cilla ialute you much in the Lord, leven Itars in his right band, who 'with the church that is in thcir walketh in the midlt of the seven house,

golden candlesticks, v. 2. I know g Acts 18,19. And he came to thy works,and thy labours,& thy Ephelus and left them there; but patience, and how thou canst not he himself entred into the Syna- bear themwhich are evil; and thou gogue,and reasonedwith the Jews. hasttried them which say they are v. 24, And a certain Jew named apoltles, and are not, and haft Apollos, born at Alexandria, an. found them liars. 7. 3. And halt eloquest man, and mighty in the born, and haft patience, and for scriptures,came to Ephesus.v. 26. my names fake halt laboured, and And he began to speak boldly in halt not fainted v.14. Neverthelels, the fynagogue,whom when Aquila I have somewhat against thee, beand Priscilla had heard, they took cause thou last left thy first love. him unto them,& expounded un- v. 5. Remember therefore from to him the way of God more per--whencethou art fallen,and repent, fectly.

and do the firlt works or else I will h Acts 20,17. And from Miletus come unto theé quickly,and I will he sent to Ephesus, and called the remove thy candlestick out of his elders of the church. v. 25. And place, except thou repent, v. 6. now behold, I know that ye all, But this thou hast, that thou harest amongwhom havegonepreaching deeds of the Nicolatians, which the kingdom of God, thall see my alfo I hate. Joined with A&s 20. face no more. v. 28. Take heed 17. 28. See in letter by therefore unto yourselves, and to


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Of Synodical Assemblies. 7,19


HE Scripture doth hold out another fort of assemblies de in

for the government of the church, beside classical änd congregational, all which we call fynodical. k.

Paftors and Teachers, and other church governors(as also gre

other fit perfons, when it shall be deemed expedient) are m2:nbers of those assemblies which we call fynodical, where they have a lawful calling thereunto.

Synodical assemblies may lawfully be of several forts, as in the provincial, national and oecumenical.

It is lawful and agreeable to the word of God, that there be a subordination of congregational, and classical, provincial and national assemblies, for the government of the church,

Of Ordination of Ministers.
NDËR the head of ordination of minister's is to

be considered, either the doctrine of ordination, or
the power of it.
Touching the doctrine of ordination.
O Man ought to take upon him the office of a minifter
of the word, without a lawful calling 1.


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k Acts 15. 2. When therefore apoltles,and elder's, and brethren, Pauland Barnabashad no smalldit- send greeting unto the brethren 1entionand difputation with them, which are of the gentiles in Antithey determined that Paul & Bar- och, and Sýria, and Cilicia. nabas, and certain other of them I johnz. 17. John answered and should go upto Jerusalem unto the said, A man can receive nothing, apostles and elders about this qne- exceptit be givenhim íromheaven. {tion. v. 6. And the apostles and Rom. 10. 14. How then fhallthey elders cametogetherfortoconfider call on him in wbon they have of this matter. V. 22. Then it not believed ? and how shall they pleased the apostles and elders with believe in him, of whom theyhave the whole church, to send cholen not heard, and how shall theyhcar men of their own company to An- withouta preacher? v. 15, and how tioch, with Paul and Barnabas, shall they preach except they na mely Judas firnamed Bar fabas, be sent ? as it is written, How aid-Silas, chief men among the beautiful are the feet of them that brethren : v. 23 And wrote letters preach the gospel of peace; and boy them after this manner; the bring gladetidings of good things;


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Ordination is always to be continued in the church m.

Ordination is the folemn setting apart of a person to fome public church-oficen.

Every ininister of the word is to be ordained by impofition of hands, and prayer with fasting, by those preaching presbyters, to whom it doth belong o.

It is agreeable to the word of God, and very expedient, that such as are to be ordained ininisters, being designed to fome particular church, or other ministerial charge p


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Jer. 14.14. Then the Lord faidun- and to make an atonement forthe
to me, The prophets prophelie.lies childrenof Israel; that there be no
in my naine, I sent them not,nei plagueamongthechildrenof Israel,
ther have I commandedthem, nei when the children of Israel come
ther spake I unto them; they pro- nigh onto the fanctuary. y. 22.
phesie unto you a false vifion and And afterthat went the Levites in,
divination, and a thing of nought todotheirservice in the tabernacle
and the deceit of their heart. Heb. of thecongregation before Aaron
5. 4. And no man taketh this bo- & before his lons; as the Lordhad
nour unto himself, but he that is commanded Mosesconcerning the
called of God, as was Aaron. Levites, so did they unto them,
m 1. Tim 1. §. Forthis causeleft. Ads. 6. 3. Wherefore, brethren,
thee in Crete,that thou shouldt fet look ye out among you seven men
inorderthe things thatarewanting, of honeft report, full of the holy
and ordain elders in every city, as gholt, and wisdom, whom we'may
I had appointed thee, i Tim. 5.21. appointover this business.v.5 And
I charge thee before God, and the the laying pleased thewhole multi-
Lord Jesus Christ and the clect an tude and theychose Stephen a man
gels, that thouobfervethelethings, full of faith and of the holygholt

, withoutpreferring one before ano- and Philip,& Prochorus,& Nicanor, ther, doing nothing by partiality. and Timon, and Parmenas, and v. 22. Lay hands suddently on no Nicolas a profelyte of Antioch. man, neither be partaker of other v.6. Whomthey had fët beforethe inens fins. Keep thyself pure. apoltles; and when theyhad prayed

n Num.8. to. And thou shalt they laid their hands on them. bring the Levites before the Lord, 01 Tim.5,22.Layhands fuddenand the children of Ffracl fhall put ly on noman, neither, be partaker theirhandsupon the Levites.v.it. of other mens fins, keep thyself And Aaron shall offer the Levites pure. Acts. 14. 23. And whenthey before the Lord, for an offering of had ordained them elders in eyery ilie children of Israel; that they church and had prayed with fiftmay execute tliefervice of the ing, they commended them tothe Lord. 7. 14. thus shalt thou sepa- ' Lord, onwhomtheybelieved.Acts rate the Levites from among the 13. 3. And when they had falted children of Israel; and the Levites and prayed,andlaidtheir hands or Thall be mine. v, 19. and I have them, they sent them away. given the Levitesas agift to Aaro11, p Acts. 14. 13.fee before. Tit.is. and to his fons, from among the For this cause left I thee in Crete

, children of Israel, to do the ler that thou shouldelt set in order the vice of the children of Israel in, things that are wanting, and or ahe tebernacleofthecongregation,


be blare wife, & haviou to teac horftri tre, but covetot

weil wi his chil gravity nothow

God) og lift

to the
in Cret

and on Thad a

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work of ordination

He that is to be ordained minister, must be duly qualified, both for life and ministerial abilities, according to the rules

of the apostle gi impé

* He is to be examined and approved by those by whom he reachis is to be ordained r.

No man is to be ordaified à minister for å particular corio erdient

gregation, if they of that congregation can shew just cause of de exception against him. f. 1

Touching the power of ordination.
Řditiation is the act of a presbyterý t:

The power of ordering the whole work of ordination bilindore is in the whole presbytery; which when it is over more congregations than one; whether those congregations be fixed or

# not dain elders in every city, as I had not accused of riot; or úfiraly, appointed thee, Acts. 20. 19: And v.,7. For a bishop must be blame. from Miletus he sent to Ephesus, leis,as the steward of God; not and called the elders of the church self-willed, not soon angry, not 7. 28. Take heed therefore unto given to wine, no stricker, not giyour selves,&to all the flock over ven to filthy lucre; v, 8. But a thewhichthe holy Ghost hathmade lover of hospitality a lover of you overseers, to feed the church good mer, fober,just, holy; temof God, which he hath purchased perate; 7.0. Holding falt the faithwith his own blood.

ful word, as he hath been taught, qi.Tim.3. 2. A bishopthen mast that he may be able by found doctbe blameless, the husband of one rine,both to exhoft, and to conwife, vigilant, lober, of good be- vince the gainsagers. haviour, given to hospitality, apt ri Tim. 3. Moreover he multe to teach ; v. 3. Not given to wine, have a good report of them which nor striker,not greedy of filthy lu- are without, lelt he fall into reere,bat patient; not a brawler,not proach and the snare of the devil. covetous v. 4. One that ruleth, v 10. And let these also first be weil with his own house, having proved, then let them use the ufhis children in subjection with all fice of a deacon,being foundblames gravity ; v,$ (For if a man know lets. 1 Tim. 5.22. Lay hand ludo nothow to rule his own house,low denly only no dian,neither be parfall he take care of the church of taker of other mens, fins : Keep God) v. 6. Not a novice, left be- thy self pure.

lifted up with pride, he fall in si Tim.z. 2. A bifhop then wast to the condemnation of the devil, be blameless, the bufband of one Tit. i. Š. For this cause left I thee wife, vigilant, fober, of good bein Crete, that thou thouldīt set in haviour, given to hospitality, apt order the things that are wanting, to teach. Tit 1.7. For a bishop and ordain elders in every city,as must be blanieless, as the steward I had appointed thee, v. 6. If any of God. man be blameless, the hufband of t 1 Tim. 4. 14. Neglect not the one wife, having faithful children, gift that is in thee, which was gi.

els holera phens olye

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