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them q, and revealing unto them, in and the word, the mysteries of salvation r; effectually perswaded them by his spirit to believe and obey; and governing their hearts by his word and spirit f; overcoming all iheir enemies by his Almighty power and wisdom; in such manner and ways as are most confenant to his wonderful and unsearchable difpensation t.


I will in no wise cast out. V. 39. which he hath purposed in himself. And this is the Father's will which John 17. 6. I have manifested ihy hath sent me, that of all which he name unto the menwhich thou gahath given me, I should lose no- veli me out of the world : thine thing, but should raise it up again they were, and thou gavelt them at the last day. John 1o, 15. As me; and they have kept thy word. the Father knoweth me, even so ľ John 14. 16. And I will pray know I the Father:and I lay down the Father, and he shall give you my life for the sheep. v. 16. And another comforter, that he may other sheep I have, which are not abide with you forever. Heb.12.2. of this fold: them allo I must Looking unto Jelus, the author & bring, and they shall hear my finisher of vur faith ; who for the voice; and there shall be one fold, joy that was set before him, endu. and one shepherd.

red the cross, despisug the Thame, 91 John 2. 1.vy little children, and is let down at the right hand thele things write I unto you, that of the throne of God 2 Cor.4.13. ye sin not. And if any man fin, Wehaving the same spirit of faith; we have an advocate with the Fa: according as it is written, I belice ther, Jesus Christ the righteous : ved, and therefore bave I spoken; v, 2. And he is the propitiation for we also believe, and therefore our lins;and not for ours only,but speak. Rom. 8. 9. But ye are not also for the linsof the whole world. in the flesh, but in the spirit,if fo Rom. 8.34. Who is he that con- be, that the Spirit of God dwell in demneth? It is Chrilt that died, you. Now, if any man have not yea rather that is risen again, who the Spirit of Christ, he is none of is even at the right hand of God, bis. v. 14. For as many as are led who alsomaketh intercession for us, by the spirit of God, they are the

1 John 15.13. Greater love hath fons of God. Rom. 15. 18. For I no man than this, that a man lay will not dare to speak of any of down his life for his friends.v.15. those things, which Christ bath Henceforth I call you not servants; not wronght by me, to make the for the servant knoweth not what Gentiles obedient, by word his lord doeth: but I have called and deed, v. 19. Through you friends: for all things that I mighty figns and wonders, by the have heard of my Father, I have power of the fpirit of God; lo that made known unto you. Eph. 1.7. from Jerusalem, and round about In whom we have redemption unto Illyricuin,l havefully preachthrough his blood, the forgiveness ed the gospel of Christ, jolin 17. of lins, according to the riches of 17. Sanctify them through thy his grace; v.8. Wherein he hath truth; thy word is truth. abounded toward us in all wisdom t Pfal.110. 1, The Lord said un. and prudence. v. 9. Having made to my Lord, șit thou at my right known unto us the mystery of his hand, until 1 make thine enemies will, according tohisgood pleasure thy footstool.. Cor, 15:35. For he


CHAP. IX. Of Free-Will.

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necessity of pature determined, to good or evil a.

II. Man, in his state of innocency, had freedom and power to will and to do that which is good and well pleasing to God b; but yet mutably, so that he might fall

III. Man, by his fall into a state of sin, hath wholly lost all ability of will to any spiritual good accompanying fal. vation d : So as a natural man, being altogether averse from


from it co

must reign, till he hath put all'ene-' in our image, after our likeness; mies under his feet. 2.26. The and let them have dominion over falt enemy that shall be deltroyed, the fish of the sea, and over the is death. Mal. 4.2. But unto you fowl of the air and over the cattle, that fear my name, shall the fun of and over all the earth, and over righteoulness arise with healing in every creeping thing that crec peth his wings; and ye shall go forth, upon the earth. and grow up as calves of the stall.

c Gen. 2.16. And the Lord God V. 3. And ye hall tread down the commanded the man, saying, Of wicked; for they shall be alhes un.. every tree in the garden, thou may. der the foles of your feet, in the est freely eat. 2.17. But of the day that I shall do this, faith the tree of the knowledge of good and Lord of holts. Col. 2. 15. And

evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for having spoiled principalities and in the day that thou eatest there. powers, he made a lhew of them of, thou shalt surely die. Gen.3.6. openly,triumphing overtheni in it. And when the woman faw that the

1. a Mat. 17.12. But I say unto tree was good for food, and that you; that Elias is come already, it was pleasant to the eyes, and a and they knew him not, but have tree to be desired

to make one wise, doneunto him whatsoever they lift- she took of the fruit thereof, and ed;

likewife shall also the son of did eat, and gave also unto her man suffer of them. James 1. 14. husband with her, and be cid eat. But every man is tempted, when

111. d Rom. 5.6. For when we he is drawn away of his own lult, were yet without strength, in due Zodenticed. Deut. 30. 19. I call time Christ died for the angodly; heaven and earth to record this day Rom. 8. 7. Because the carnal against you, that I have let before mind is enmity againt God for it you lite and death,blessing and cur- is not subject to the law of God, fing; therefore choose life, that neither indeed can be. John 15.5. both thou and thy deed may live,

I am the vine, ye are the branches; 11.1. Eccl. 7. 29. 10, this only He that abideth in me, and I in have I found, that God hath made him the ame bringeth forth much manupright; but they have fought fruit : for without me ye can do out many inventions. Gen. 1. 26. nothing. And God laid, Let us make man

e Ros

that good e, and dead in sin f, is not able, by his own strength, to convert himself, or to prepare himself there. unto g.

IV. When God converts a sinner, and translates him into the state of grace, he freeth him from his natural bondage under sin h, and by his grace alone enables him freely to will and to do that which is fpiritually good i; yet so as that, by reason of his remaining corruption, he doth not perfectly nor only will that which is good, but doth also will that which is evil k.

V. The

e Rom. 3. 10. As it is written, (by greace ye are saved.) 1 Cor.2. There is none righteous, no not 14. But the natural man receiveth one: v. 12. They are all gone out not the thingsot the fpirit of God: of the way, they are together be for they are foolilhneis unto him: come unprofitable, there is none neither can he know them, because that doth good, no not one. they are fpiritually discerned. Tit,

f Eph. 2. 1. And you hath he 3. 3. For we ourlelves also were quickned, who were dead in tres. Sometimes, foolish, disobedient,depaises and sins.?'.5. Even when we ceived, serving divers lufts and were dead in fins, háth quick ned pleasures, living in malice and enus together with Christ,(by grace vy, hateful and hatingoneanother, ye are saved.) Col. 2. 13, And you v. 4. But afterthat the kindness and being dead in your lins, and the love of God our Saviour toward uncircumcifion of your tesh, hath man appeared. 7. 5. Not by works he quickned together with him, of righteousness which we have having forgivenyou all trelpasses. done, but according to his mercy

g John 6. 44. No man can come he faved us by the washing of reto me, except the Father which generation, and renewing of the hath sent me draw him: and I will holy Gholt. raise him up at the latt day, 7. 65. IV. h Col. 1. 13. Who hath deliAnd he said, Therefore laid I unto vered us from the power of darkyou, that no man can come unto ness and hath translated us into me,except it were given unto him the kingdom of his dear son. John of my Father. Eph.2.2, Wherein 8.34. Jelusanswered them, Verily, in time past, ye walked according verily, I say unto you, whosoever to the course of this world, accorconimitteth sin, is the servant of ding to the prince of the power fin. v. 36. If the fon therefore or the air, the spirit that now shall make you free, ye shall be free worketh in the children of difo- indeed. bedience. 7. 3. Among whom i Phil.2. 13. For it is God which also we all had our conversation worketh in you both to will andto in times past, in the lufts of our do of bisgood pleasure. Rom.6.18. flesh, fulfilling the delires of the Being then made free from sin, ye flesh, and of the mind; and were became the servants of righteousby nature the children of wrath, ness. v. 22. But now being made even as others. v.4. But God who free from lin, and becoine fervants is rich inmercy,for his great love to God,ye have your fruituntoho. wherewith he loved 13,7. 5. Even liness, and the end everlasting life. when we were dead in sins, hath k Gal 5.1%. For the flesh lufteth quickued us together with Christ, against the spirit, and the spirit a


V. The will of man is made perfectly and immutably free to Good alone, in the state of glory only li


Of Effetual Calling.

LL those whom God hath predestinated unto life, and

those only, he is pleased, in his appointed and accepted time, effe&ually to call a, by his word and spirit b, out of that state of fin and death in which they are by nature,


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gainst the flesh, and these are con you faultless before the presence of
trary the one to the other; so that his glory, with exceeding joy:
ye cannot do the things that ye I. a Rom.8.30. Moreover, whom
would. Rom 7.15. For that which he did predestinate, them he also
Ido ,l allow not:for what I would, called : and whom he called; them
that do I noi; but what I hate,that he also justified : and whom heju-
dol,v. 18. For I know, that in me Itified them he also glorified. Rom.
(that is, in my flesh) dwelleth no 11.7. What then Ifrael hath not
good thing : for to will is prefent obtained that which he feekethfor;
with me, but how to perform that but the election hath obtained it,
which is good, I find not. v, 19. and the rest were blinded. Eph, 1.
For the good that I would, I do 10. That in the dispensation of the
not: but the evil which I would fulness of times, he might gather
not, that I do, v. 21. I find then a together in one all things in Christ,
law, that when I would do good, both which are in heaven, and
evil is present with me. v. 23. But which are on earth, even in him.
I see another law in my members v. 11. In whom allo we have ob-
warring against the law of my tained an inheritance, being pre-
mind, and bringing me into cape destinated according to thepurpose
tivity to the law of lin, which is in of him who worketh all things af-
my members.

ter the counsel of his own will.
V. J Eph.4. 13. Till we all come b 2Theil.2.13. But we are bound
in the unity of the faith and of the to give thanks alway to God for
knowledge of the Son of God, un- you,brethren, beloved of the Lord;
to a perfect man, unto the measure because Godhathfromthebeginning
of the stature of the fulnels of chosen you to falvation, through
Christ. Heb. 12, 23. To the gene- fanctification of the spirit, and be-
ral assembly and church of the first- lief of the truth: 7.14. Whereunto
born, which are written in heaven, hecalle you by our sofpel, to the
and to God the judge of all,and to obtaining of the glory of our Lord
the spirits of jult men made per- Jefus Christ, 2 Cor. 3: 3. For as
fect i John 3.2. Beloved, now are much as ģe are manifeltly declared
we the sons of God,and it doth not to be the epistle of Clirilt, miniftred
yet appear what we hall be: but by us, written not with ink, but
we know, that when he shall ap- with the spirit of the living cod:
pear, we shall be like him; for we vot in tables of Itone,bur in Heshly
thall lice him as he is. Jude 24. tables of the heart . 6. Who al-
Now unto him that is able to keep lo made us abie ministers of the
you from talling, and to prefent new teftamenty nut of the letter


to grace and salvation by Jesus Christ c; enlightning their
minds, spiritually and savingly to understand the things of
God d; taking away their heart of stone, and giving unto
them an heart of flesh e; renewing their wills, and by his
Almighty power determining them to that which is good f;
and effectually drawing them to Jesus Christ g; yet so as



but of the spirit: for the letter spirit fearcheth all things, yea the
killeth, but the spirit giveth life. deep things of God.v.12. Now we

c Rom. 8. 2. For the law of the have received, not the spirit of the
spirit of life, in Christ Jesus, hath world, but the spirit which is of
made me free from the law of fin God; that we might know the
and death, Eph. 2. I. And you things that are freely given to us
hath he quickned, who were dead of God. Eph. I. 17. That the God
in trespasses andsins.v.2. Wherein of our Lord Jesus Chrilt, the Fa-
in time past ye walked according ther of glory, may give unto you
tothecourseofth isworld,
according the spirit of wisdom

& revelation,
to the prince of the power of the in the knowledge of him: v. 18.
air, the spirit that now worketh in The eyes ofyourunderstanding be-
the children of disobedience. v.3. ingenlightened; that ye mayknow
Aniong whom also we all had our what is the hope of his calling, &
converfation in times past, in the what the riches of the gloryof his
Jults of our Hesh,fulfilling the de- inheritance in the faints.
fires of the flesh and of the mind; e Ezek. 36.26.A new heart also
and were by nature the childrenof will I give you, and a new spirit
wrath, even as others. v. 4. But will I put within you, and I will
God who is rich in niercy, for his take away the stony heart out of
great love wherewith he loved us. your flesh,and I will give you an
V, 5. Even when we were dead in heart of flesh.
fins, hath quickned us together fEzek. II. 19. And I will give
with Christ, bygrace ye arelaved.) them one heart, and I will put a
2 Tim.1.9. Who bath saved us, & new fpirit within you; and I will
called us, withan holy calling, not take the stony heart out of their
accordingto our works, but accor• flesh, and will give them an heart
ding to his own purpole & grace, of Aelh. Phil. 2,13. For it is God
which was given us in Christ Jesus, which worketh in you,both to will
before the world began. v.10. But and to do of his good pleasure.
is now made manifest by the ap. Deut.20.6. And the Lord thy God
pearing of our Saviour Jesus Christ, will circumcise thine heart,andthe
who hath abolished death, & hath heart of thy feed, to love the Lord
broughtlife and immortality to thy God, with all thine heart, and
light, through the gospel, with all thy foul, that thou mayelt

d Acts 26. 18. To open their live.Ezek . 36. 27. And I will put
eyes, and to turn them from dark- niy spirit within you, and cause
nefs to light,and from the power you to walk in my Itatutes,and ye
of Satan unto God, that they may hall keep my judgments, and do
receive forgiveness of sins and in- them.
heritance among them which are g Eph. 1:19. Andwhat is the ex-
fanctificd by faith that is in me. ceeding greatnels of his power to

Cor.2,10. But God hath revealed us-ward who believe, according to
them unto us by his fpirit; for the the working of his mighty power.


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