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they come most freely, being made willing by his grace h.

11. This effectual Call is of God's free and special grace alone, not from any thing at all foreseen in man i, who is altogether passive therein, until,being quickned and renewed by the holy spirit k, he is thereby enabled to answer this call, and to embrace the grace offered and conveyed in it I.

III. Elect infants, dying in infancy, are regenerated and faved by Christ through the spirit m, who worketh when,


unto me.

John 6. 44. No man can come to washing of regeneration,& renew-'. me, except the Father, which bathing of the holy Gholt, Eph. 2. 4. fent me, draw him; and I will raise But God who is richin mercy, for him up at the last day, v.45. It is his great love wherewith he loved written in the prophets, And they us, v. 5. Even when we weredead thall be all taught of God. Every, in lins, hath quickned us together man therefore that hath heard, and with Christ,(by grace ye arcsaved) hath learned of the Father,cometh ' v. 8. For by grace are ye laved,

through faith; and thatnotot your h Cant. 1. 4. Draw me, we will selves, it is the gift of God :v, 9. run after thee. Pfal. 110. 3. Thy. Not of works,lealt any manshould. people shall be willing inthedayof boast. Rom.9. 11. Forthe children thy power, in the beauties of holi- being not yet born,neither having ness, from the womb of the mor- done any good or evil, that the ning: thou hast the due of thy purpose of God according to elecyouth. John 6.37. All that the Fa- tion might stand, not of works, ther giveth me, shall come to me; but of him that calleth. and him that cometh to me, I will ki Cor. 2. 14. But the natural in no wisec:stout. Rom.6.16. Know . man receiveth not thethingsof the ye not, that to whomycyield your Spirit of God: for they are foolishfelves servants toobey,his servants ness untohim: neither canheknow ye are to whom y obey; whether, them, because they are spiritually of sin unto death, or of obedience discerned. Rom.8. 7. Because the unto righteousness? v. 17.But God carnal mindisenmity againit God, be thanked that ye were the ser for it is not subject to the law of vants of fin ; but ye have obeyed God, neither indeed can be. Epla from the heart thatformof doctrine 2. 5. Even when we were dead in which was deliveredyou. v.18. Be- fins, hath quickned us together ing then niade free from sin,ye be with Chrift,(bygraceweare laved.) came the servants ofrighteousness. | John6,3 7 All that the Father

II. i 2 Tim.1.9. Who hathsaved giveth me; shall come to me;, and us, and called us with an holy cal- him that cometh to me I will in ling, not according to our works, no wise cast out. Ez. 36, 27. And I but according to his own purpole will put my spirit within you and and grace which was giyen us in cause you to walk in my Itatutes Chrilt Jesus, betore the world be- and ye shall keep my judgments, gan. Tit. 3. 4. But after that the and do them. Jobn s. 25. Verily, kindness and love of God our Sa- verily ;I layuntu you, The hour is viour toward, man appeared, v. 5. coming, and nowis, when thedead Not by works of righteousness fall hear the voice of the Son of which we havedone, but according God;and they that hear, shall live. to his mercy be saved us by the III. m Luke 18. 15. And they


E 3

and where, and how he pleaseth n. So also are all other elect perions, who are uncapable of being outwardly called by the ininistry of the word o.

IV. Others not clected, altho' they may be called by the ministry of the word p, and may have some common operations of the spirit q; yet they never truly come to Christ and therefore cannot be saved r: much less can men, not profes


brought unto himalso infants, that Acts 4. 12. Neither is there falvahe worldtouch them: but when his tion in any other;for there isnone discipleslaw it, theyrebuked them ; other name under heaven given V, 6. But Jesus called them unto among men, whereby we must be him,and said,Sufler little children faved. to come unto me and forbid them IV. p Mat, 22.11. For manyare pot for of such is the kingdom of called, but few are chofen. God. And Acts 2. 38. Then Peter q Mat, 7: 22. Many will say to said unto them, Repent, and be me in that day, ord, Lord, have baptized every one of you in the we not prophesied in thy name? name of lefus Christ, for the remif- and in thy name have cait out delion of lins,and ye shall receive the vils? and in thy name done many gift of the holy Gholt. 7. 39. For wonderful works? Mat, 13:20. But the promise is unto you, and to he that received the feed into stoyour children, & unto all thatare ny places, the sameis he thathearafar off, even as many as the Lord eth the word, and anonwith joyreour God thall call. And John 3 3. ceiveth it. 2:21. Yet hath he not Jesus answered and laid into him, root in himfelf, but dureth for a Verily,verily I say unto thee, Ex- while:for when tribulationur percept a man be born again, he can- secution arisethbecaufcoftheword, not lee the kingdom of od.?.5. by and byhe is offended. Heb.6.4. Jesus answered Verily, verily I For it is impoflible for those who Say unto thee, Except a man be were once enlightned, and have born of water and of the spirit, he talted of the heavenly gift, and cannot enter into the kingdom of were made partakers of the holy God, And 1 John s. 12. He that Ghost, :: 5. And have talted the hath the Son, hath life : and he good word ofGod, and thepowers tbai hath not theSon of God,hath of the world to come. not life. And Rom.8.9. But ye are r john6.64. But there are some pot in the flesh, but in the spirit, of you that believe not. For je. if fo be that the spirit of God, fus knew from the beginning,who dwell in you. Now if any man they were that believed not, and have not the spirit of Chrilt, he is who hould betrayhim: v. 65. And none of his.(Compared together.) hefaid. Therefore raid I unto you,

n John 3.8. Tlie wind bloweth that no man can come unto me, where it listeth, and thou hearest except it were given unto him of the found thereof, but canst not my Father.v.66 From that time tell wbence it cometh,andwhither many of his dilciples went back, it goeth; so is every one that is and walked no more with him. born of the spirit,

John 8, 24. I laid therefore unto 0 1 John 5.12. He that hath the you that youshalldie in your fins ; Son, hath life; and he that hath for if you believe not that I am not the Son ofGod, hath not life, he, ye shall die in your sins.


sing the Christian religion, be faved in any other way what foever, be they never fo diligient to frame their lives according. to the light of nature, and the law of that religion they do profess f; and to assert and maintain, that they may, is very pernicious, and to be detested t.

Chap. XI. Of Justification.


HOSE whom God effectually calleth, he also freely ju

stifieth a: Not by infusing righteousness into them, but by pardoning their fins, and by accounting and accepting their persons as righteous : Not for any thing wrought in them, or done by them, but for Christ's fake alone : Not by imputing faith itself, the act of believing, or any other evange ical obedience, to them as their righteousness b; but by imputing the obedience & fatisfaction of Christ unto them b,

they f Afts4.12. Neither is there sale speed, v. 11. For he that biddeth vation in any other; for there is him God speed, is partaker of his none other name under heaven gi- evil deeds. I Cor. 16. 22. If any ven amongmen,whereby we mult man love not the Lord JelusChrift, be faved. John 14. 6. Jelus faith let him be Anathema, Maranatha. unto him, I am the way, and the Gal. 1. 6. I marvel, that ye are so truth,and the life; no man cometh soon removed frombim that cailed unto the Father, but by mé. Eph. you into the grace of Christ, unto 2. 12. That at that time ye were another gospel.2.7. Which is not without Christ, being aliens from another; but there be some that the common wealth of Israel, and trouble you,and would pervert the strangers from the covenants of gospel of Chrift. v.8. But though promise, having no hope,and with we, or an angel from heaven, out God in the world. John 4. preach any other gospelunto you, 22. Ye worship ye know not what: than that which we have preached we know what we worship; for falunto you,let him be accurled. vation is of the Jews. John 17. 3. 1.a Rom.8.30. Moreover, whom And this is life eternal, that they he did predestinate, them he also might know thee, the only true called: and whom he called, them God, and Jeliis Christ whom thou he also justified: and whom he ju. haft lent.

Itified, themheallo glorified. Rin. t 2 John 9. Whosoever trans- 3.24. Being justified freely by his grefleth, and abideth not in the grace, through the redemptionthat doctrine of Christ, hath not God; is in Jesus Christ. he that abideth in the doctrine of b Rom. 4. 6. But to him that Chrift, he hath both the Father worketh noi,but believeth on him and the Son. V:10. If there come thatjustifieththeungodly, his faith any unto you, and bring not this is counted for righteousnels, 7.6. doctrine, receive him not into Even as David also describeth the your house, neither bid him God bleilednels of the man,unto whom



they receiving and resting on him and his righteousness by faith; which faith they have not of themselves, it is the gift of God c. II.Faith, thus receiving and resting on Christ and his righ


God imputeth righteousness with- he shall be called, THE LORD out ivorks.v.7.Saying, blessed are OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS. the ywhose iniquities are forgiven, 1 Cor. 1.20. But of him are ye in and whose lins are covered. 9.8. Christ Jesus,who of God is made Bielled is the man to whom the unto us wisdom,andrighteousness, Lord will not impute fin.Cor, s, andíanctiticatio',and redemption. 19. To wit, that God was inChrilt, v.31. That,according as it is writreconciling the worldunto himself, ten, he that glorieth, let him glanot imputing their trespasses unto ry in the Lord.Rom. 5.-7. Foritby them; and hath committed into one mans offence, deathreigned by usthe word of reconciliation. 21. one; much morethey which receive For he hath made him to be sinfos abundance of grace, & of the gift us, who knew nglin, that we might of righteousnels,thall reign in life be mue the righteousness of God by one, Jesus Christ,7.18 Therein him. Rom. 3. 22. Even the righ-fore as by the offence of onejulg. teousness of God which is by faith ment came upon all men to conof esus Chrilt onto all, and upon demnation:even so by the righteall them that believe ; for there is ousness of one, the free gift came no difference. v. 24. Being justi- upon all, men unto juttification of fied freely by his grace, through life. v. 19. For as by one mans the redemption that is in Jelus disobedience,many were made linChrist: :25. Whoin God hath set ners:so bythe disobedience of one, forth to be a propitiation through shall many be made righteous. faith in his blood, to declare his c Acts 10. 44. While Peter yet righteousness for the remission of fpake these words, the holy Ghost fins that are palt, through the for- fell on all them which heard the bearance of God. v. 27. Where is word. Gal.2.16. Knowing that a boaiting then it is excluded. By manisnot justified by the worksqf what laws of works? Nay : But the law, but by the faith of Jesus by the law of faith. 7. 28. There- Chrilt; even we have believed in före we conclude, that a manis ju- Jesus Christ, that we night be ju. stilied bythe faithi without the deeds stified by the faith of Christ, and of the law. Tit.3.5 Not hyworks not by the works of thelaw:forby of righteousness which we have the works of the law shall no fleih done, but according to his mercy be justified. Phil. 3. 0. And be he saved us by the washing of re. found in him, nothavingmincown ga teration, and renewing of the righteousness, which is of the law, holy holt..".7That being ju- but that which is through thefaith Itified by his grace, we should be of Christ, the righteousnesswhich made heirs according to the hope is of God by faith. Acts 13.38. Bę of eternal life. Eph. 1.7. In whom it known unto you therefore, men we have redemption through his and brethren, that thro? this man blood, the forgiveness of lins ; ac. is preached unto you the forgivefording to the riches of his grace. Dels of sins: v, 39. And by him all Jer. 23. 6. In bis days Judah thall that believe are justified from all be saved, and Irael shall dwellsafe. things, from which ye could not ly; and this is the name whereby be jultified by the law of Moles.


teousness, is the alone instrument of justification d; yet is it not alone in the person justified, but is ever accompanied with all other saving graces, and is no dead faith, but work- eth by love e.

III. Christ, by his obedience and death, did fully discharge the debt of all those that are thus justified, and did make a proper, real and full satisfaction to his Father's justice in their behalft. Yet, in as much as he was given by the Father for


Eph.2.7 That in the ages to come so by the obedience of one, shall he might shew the exceeding riches many be made righteous. I Tim. of his grace, in his kindness to- .2.5. For there is one God, and one wards us, through Christ Jesus. Mediator between God and men, v. 8. For by grace are ye saved, the man Christ Jesus; v. 6. Who through faith, and that not of gave himself a ransom for all, to your selves: it is the gift of God. be testified in due time. Heb.10.10.

II, d John 1, 12. Butasmany as By the which will we are fanctified received him, to them gave he through the offering of the bodyof power to become the sons of God, Jesus Christ once for all. v. 14. For even to them that believe on his by one offering he hath perfected name. Rom. 3. 28. Therefore we for ever them that are fanctified..) conclude, that a man is justified by. Dan. 9.24. Seventy weeks are de. faith, without the deeds of the law, termined upon thy people,and up Rom.5.1. Therefore being justified on thy holy city,to finish thetrantby faith, we have peace with God, gression, and to make an end of through our Lord Jesus Christ. lins,andtomake reconciliation for

e Janies 2. 17. Even fo faith, if iniquity, & to bring in everlasting it hath not works, is dead being righteousness, and to seal up the alone. v. 22. Seelt thou how faith vision and prophecy,and to anoint wrought wiih his works, and by the moft holy, 1. 26. And after works was faith made perfect ?. threescore and two weeks, shall 26, For as the body without the Messiah be cut off, but not for him, Spirit is dead, so faith without self: and the people of the princo works is dead also, Gal. 5. 6. For that shall come, shall destroy the in Jesus Christ, neither circumci- city and the fanctuary, and the end fion availeth any thing, nor uncir, thereof shall be with a flood, and cumcision; but faith which work unto the end of the war delola, eth by love.

tions are determined. Isa. 43. 4. III, f Rom. 5. 8. But God coni. Surely he hath born our griets, and mendeth his love towards us, in carried our forrows yet we did that while we were yet finners, esteem him Itricken, sniitten of Christ died for us, v. 9. Much God, and afflicted, vis, But he more then being now justified by waswoundedtorour transgressions, his blood, we ihall be saved froin he was bruised for our iniquities : wrath through him, 7', 10. For if the chastisement of our peace was when we were enemies we were re upon him, and with his Itripes we conciled to God by the death of his are, healed.v, 6. All we like sheep Son: much morc, being reconci: have gone altray: we have turned led, we shall be saved by his life, every one to his own way, and the v. 19. For as by one mans disobe. Lord haihlaid on him the iniquity dience, many were made linners: pf us all, v, 1o. Yet it pleased the


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