The Charter of the City of Seattle: Adopted at the General Election March 3, 1896, as Amended in 1900 ... and 1912

Lowman & Hanford Company, 1912 - 130 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 86 - Congress, showing its own action, the rules and regulations and the exceptions thereto in force, the practical effects thereof, and any suggestions it may approve for the more effectual accomplishment of the purposes of this act.
Σελίδα 87 - ... falsely mark, grade, estimate, or report upon the examination or proper standing...
Σελίδα 98 - The holder of any elective office may be removed at any time by the electors qualified to vote for a successor of such incumbent. The procedure to effect the removal of an incumbent of an elective office shall be as follows: A petition signed by electors entitled to vote for a successor to the incumbent sought to be removed, equal in number to at least...
Σελίδα 82 - Commission, both original and to fill vacancies, shall be so made that not more than two members shall, at the time of appointment, be members of the same political party. Said commissioners shall hold no other...
Σελίδα 98 - The signatures to the petition need not all be appended to one paper, but each signer shall add to his signature his place of residence, giving the street and number.
Σελίδα 87 - ... representations concerning the same or concerning the person examined, or who shall willfully and corruptly furnish to any person any special or secret information for the purpose of either improving or injuring the prospects or chances of any person so examined or to be examined being appointed, employed, or promoted...
Σελίδα 47 - He shall be appointed by the mayor, by and with the advice and consent of the common council.
Σελίδα 86 - ... and of the date thereof, and a record of the same shall be kept by said commission.
Σελίδα 25 - ... considered dangerous ; to regulate and prevent the carrying on of manufactories dangerous in causing and promoting fires...
Σελίδα 88 - No officer or employee of the United States mentioned in this act shall discharge, or promote, or degrade, or in any manner change the official rank or compensation of any other officer or employee, or promise or threaten so to do, for giving or withholding or neglecting to make any contribution of money or other valuable thing for any political purpose.

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