Goldsmithing & Silver Work: Jewelry, Vessels & Ornaments

Sterling Publishing Company, Inc., 2007 - 160 σελίδες
Experience the pleasure of crafting with precious metals, and of using your creativity and skills to produce objects of great beauty. Hundreds of color photographs illustrate the procedures in rich detail, and display a breathtaking assortment of pieces by talented artists. Each innovative project introduces techniques that range from casting, stamping, hand engraving, and electroplating to the more specialized Kum Boo, where sheets of gold are fused with silver to form lovely motifs. Begin with two handsome square rings or a traditional Berber bracelet with delicate filigree, and move on to an elaborate coffee service once basic techniques are mastered. The chapter on gems alone--featuring the work of Bernd Munsteiner, considered the best gem cutter in the world--makes this sourcebook invaluable!"

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The time-honored techniques of Spanish gold- and silversmithing are laid out in this beautifully illustrated book by Barcelona artist Codina (The Complete Guide to Jewelry Making). In addition to ... Ανάγνωση ολόκληρης της κριτικής


Making Casting Patterns

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