A Practical Treatise on Arithmetic ...: Combining the Useful Properties of Former Works with the Modern Improvements ... To which is Added Two Methods of Bookkeeping ...

Otis, Broaders, 1841 - 340 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 157 - Compute the interest to the time of the first payment; if that be one year or more from the time the interest commenced, add it to the principal, and deduct the payment from the sum total. If there be after payments made, compute the interest on the balance due to the next payment, and then deduct the payment as above; and in like manner from one payment to another, till all the payments are absorbed; provided the time between one payment and another be one year or more.
Σελίδα 223 - If the vessel be double-decked, take the length thereof from the fore part of the main stem to the after part of the stern-post above the upper deck; the breadth thereof at the broadest part above the main wales...
Σελίδα 158 - ... compute the interest on the principal sum due on the obligation for one year, add it to the principal, and compute the interest on the sum paid, from the time it was paid, up to the end of the year : add it to the sum paid, and deduct that sum from the principal and interest added as above...
Σελίδα 166 - Multiply each debt by its term of credit, and divide the sum of the products by the sum of the debts. The quotient will be the average term of credit.
Σελίδα 66 - To reduce a mixed number to an improper fraction. Multiply the whole number by the denominator of the fraction, and to the product add the given numerator.
Σελίδα 224 - Thus 4x4=16: the number 16 is the 2nd power or square of 4. If a number be multiplied by itself, and the product arising, be again multiplied by the number, the second product is called the 3rd power, or cube of the number.
Σελίδα 339 - ... term. Divide the product of the second and third terms by the first term, and the quotient will be the answer required.
Σελίδα 232 - ... must a ladder be to reach from the outside of the ditch to the top of the castle ? Ans.
Σελίδα 226 - We then ( ^ see that we must add the square of the tens, twice the •* product of the tens by the units, and the square of the ~* units.

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