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I 21

Becker, Mann v..
Bell Lumber Co. v. Northern Nat. Bank..

374 Appeal and error: Order bringing in new parties defend

ant: Special proceeding: Provisional remedy. Benesch v. Pagel...

620 Automobiles: Negligence: Minor driving automobile:

Violation of statute: Collision with another vehicle:

Proximate cause.
Bilty, Will of: McCall v. Bilty...

20 Continuance: Absence of material witness: Discretion of court: Witness in military service in France: Witness having testified on former trial: Diligence in procuring testimony of absent witness: Failure to show when return of witness is expected: Appeal: Reversal of judgment because of refusal of continuance: Wills: Attorney's fees on appeal: Trial: Oral testimony on hearing

of motion. Bird v. Bird...

219 Divorce: Cruel and inhuman treatment: Evidence: Wife's

attention to others: Unfriendliness toward husband
caused by his misconduct: Appeal: Finding not appealed

from conclusive. Bishop v. Bishop..

172 Compromise and settlement: Adjustment before action

brought: Misrepresentations: Reliance: Settlement in

absence of attorneys. Blodgett, Schuck V.....

622 Boehme, Wisconsin Savings Loan & Building Asso. v. I Bowers, Zurich General Accident & L. Ins. Co. v..... 116 Bowman, Rubekeil v.

128 Brunette v. Brunette..

366 Master and servant: Injury to servant: Notice of injury:

Proceeding under workmen's compensation act as written
notice: Industrial commission: Powers: Mistake in

remedy. Bruno v. State.

490 Arson: Sufficiency of evidence to support conviction:

Criminal law: Degree of proof required. Buech, State ex rel. Milwaukee County v..




Chafee Land Co. v. Sumption..
Mortgages: Several notes secured by one mortgage: Trans-

fer of notes: Assignment of security as an incident:
Parol agreement as to priority of notes: Effect on holders

in due course. Chicago & Milwaukee Electric R. Co., Kramer V.. ... 627 Chicago, North Shore & M. R. R., Merrill v..

404 Chicago & Northwestern R. Co., Goldberg v.

447 Chicago & Northwestern R. Co., Puhr v..

154 Christian v. Great Northern R. Co.....

266 Railroads: Federal control : Service of process on company:

Vacation of service of summons: Appeal: Return of
motion papers without clerk's certificate that they were

all the original papers: Bill of exceptions. Citizens Savings & Trust Co., Liquidation of.. ... 198 Banks and banking: Liquidation of savings and trust com

pany: Securities held by state treasurer: Jurisdiction of
circuit court to order their surrender to commissioner of
banking: Appeal: Filing of brief by depositor in com-

pany: Questions considered. Citizens Savings & Trust Co., Liquidation of ........ 601 Banks and banking : Liquidation by commissioner of bank

ing: Possession of leasehold property: Covenant in lease
against assignment: Effect: Liability of commissioner for

rent: Assignment of lease.
Clark v. Horicon State Bank....

133 Bills and notes: Note authorizing confession of judgment

at any time: Negotiability: Defenses available against
transferee: Vendor and purchaser: Agreement of vendor
to improve land: Breach: Evidence: Parol proof of con-

sideration of deeds and notes. Clarke v. Maisch....

225 Auctions and auctioneers: Conditions of sale: Announce

ment by auctioneer: Effect: Vendor and purchaser:

Agreement silent as to furnishing abstract: Custom. Cousins, Floersheimer v.

601 Crosby, Estes v...


Dane County, McChesney v..



Dargert v. Dietrich....

584 Drains: Removal of obstructions: Damages caused by per

mitting obstruction: Who may maintain action. Darling v. Nelson....

337 Limitation of actions: Action for money damages: Time of

accrual: Failure to plead statute of limitations where
equitable relief is sought: Effect: Question first raised

on appeal.
Dering v. Milwaukee Electric R. & L. Co......

8 Automobiles : Collision with street car: Contributory negli

gence: Stopping of street car not invitation to cross
street: Appeal: Errors in instruction in favor of pre-

vailing party. Diestelhorst, Kupsick v...

519 Diestelhorst, Kupsick v...

519 Dobelin v. Ladies of the Maccabees.

54 Death: Presumption from absence: Not presumed that

event occurred before end of seven-year period: Evi

dence as to survivorship. Doss, Application of.....

52 Railroads: Highway crossings in towns: Contract with

town officers: Apportionment of expense: Damage to

property owners. Duluth & Superior B. Co., State ex rel. Superior v.... 283

299 73

Engel, State ex rel. City of Shawano v..
Estes v. Crosby....
Brokers: Real-estate agent: Principal agent liable for mis-

representations of subagent: Misrepresenting lowest
amount owner would accept for lands: Good faith of sub-

agent: Scope of employment: Authority of subagent.
E. Weiner Co. v. Freygang.
Workmen's compensation: Proximate cause of death: Re-

fusal to follow treatment prescribed by physician: Evi

dence: Industrial commission: Findings of fact. Excelsior Creamery Co., City of Baraboo v..



167 594

Farmers & Merchants Bank, Pickard v...
Federal Asbestos Co. v. Zimmermann..
Evidence: Proof of mailing letter: Customary routine of

office: Appeal: Prejudicial error.

Feldmeier v. Springfield Fire & Marine Ins. Co....... 377
Insurance: Notice of rejection of application: Pleading:

Verification of answer: Motion to strike out: Judgment:
Opening default: Discretion of court: Waiver of right to

| Flamme v. State ...

501 Criminal law: Self-incrimination : Voluntary confession:

Sworn statement made before district attorney: Repeti-
tion of statement by testimony on preliminary examina-
tion: Separate trials for joint defendants: Discretion of
court: Argument of counsel: Reference to fact not in

evidence. Floersheimer v. Cousins.

601 Ford Motor Co. v. Maeder..

263 Sales: Conditional sale contract: Time of payment not

specified: Filing not constructive notice. Fraternal Reserve Association, Phillips v..

143 Freygang, E. Weiner Co. V..


Gauerke v. Kiley...

543 Breach of marriage promise: Evidence: Fact of preg

nancy: Proof of circumstances attending birth of child:
Testimony of plaintiff that defendant attempted an abor-
tion: Damages: Proof of wealth of defendant at time of
trial: Punitory damages: Appeal: Prejudicial error:

Withdrawal of improper evidence.
Gemert v. Pooler...

271 Game: Confiscation of automobile used in transporting

game illegally killed: Constitutional law: Due process:
Husband using wife's automobile without her knowl-
edge or consent: Effect on forfeiture: Appeal: Bill of

exceptions served after expiration of time to appeal. Goldberg v. Chicago & Northwestern R. Co.... 447 Witnesses: Examination: Refreshing memory of witness

by handing him his signed statement : Disclosure of con-
tents of statement by witness: Effect: Voluntary state-

ment of witness as ground for new trial. Goodwin v. von Cotshausen...

351 Corporations: Dissolution at suit of minority stockholder:

Evidence: Loss of profits: Liability of corporate officers
for mismanagement: Finding of referee: Review by
court: Parties entitled to costs and attorney fees.

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