The Annual Register, Or, A View of the History, Politics, and Literature for the Year ...

J. Dodsley, 1823

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Σελίδα 331 - Majesty, for building and promoting the building of additional Churches in populous Parishes...
Σελίδα 110 - The Report of the Select Committee of the House of Commons, appointed to inquire into the state of the...
Σελίδα 72 - Friends of the People, associated for the purpose of obtaining a Reform in Parliament.
Σελίδα 286 - Hindoos having no object in such attainments beyond secular advantage ; 3. For translating the Scriptures, the Liturgy, and Moral and Religious Tracts ; 4. For the reception of English missionaries on their first arrival in India, for the purpose of acquiring the languages. — Towards the erection and endowment of this college, the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge...
Σελίδα 332 - An Act to amend two Acts of the fifty-seventh year of His late Majesty and the first year of His present Majesty, for authorizing the Issue of Exchequer Bills and the Advance of Money for carrying on Public Works and Fisheries, and Employment of the Poor...
Σελίδα 27 - The attempt to bully you, because they think it won't succeed with me, seems to me as atrocious an attempt as ever disgraced the times. What ! when Gibbon's, Hume's, Priestley's, and Drummond's publishers have been allowed to rest in peace for seventy years, are you to be singled out for a work of fiction, not of history or argument ? There must be something at the bottom of this — some private enemy of your own: it is otherwise incredible.
Σελίδα 78 - I cannot help conjuring the noble lord himself, to pause before he again presses it upon the country. If, however, he shall persevere — and if his perseverance shall be successful — and if the results of that success shall be such as I cannot help apprehending — his be the triumph to have precipitated those results — be mine the consolation that to the utmost, and the latest of my power, I have opposed them.
Σελίδα v - Your country is desolate, your cities are burned with fire : your land, strangers devour it in your presence, and it is desolate, as overthrown by strangers.
Σελίδα 125 - ... 3. If against a person judicially declared to be of unsound mind, or incapable of conducting his own affairs in consequence of habitual drunkenness, and for whom a committee has been appointed, to such committee, and to the defendant personally ; 4.
Σελίδα 330 - An Act for consolidating into one Act and amending the Laws relating to idle and disorderly Persons, Rogues, and Vagabonds, incorrigible Rogues and other Vagrants...

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