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Σελίδα 261 - A man is not to sell his own goods under the pretence that they are the goods of another man. He cannot be permitted to practise such a deception, nor to use the means which contribute to that end. He cannot, therefore, be allowed to use names, marks, letters, or other indicia, by which he may induce purchasers to believe that the goods which he is selling are the manufacture of another person.
Σελίδα 548 - At first view, you might suppose this animal to be a lizard, but it has the motions of a fish. Its head, and the lower part of its body and its tail bear a strong resemblance to those of the eel ; but it has no fins ; and its curious bronchial...
Σελίδα 187 - ... shades of bluish grey, mottled with green and ochraceous yellow, and is composed of the remains of fresh-water univalves, formed by a calcareous cement into a beautiful compact marble. It bears a high polish, and is elegantly marked by the sections of the shells which it contains, their constituent substance presenting a striking contrast to the dark ground of the marble. In other varieties the substance of the shells is black, and their sections appear on the surface in the form of numerous...
Σελίδα 133 - AC in d and e; then take the distance ed in your compasses, and setting one foot on the brass pin at the beginning of the chords on your scale, observe how many degrees the other foot reaches to, which will be 4° 15
Σελίδα 541 - Every part is as distinct as in the coal measures elsewhere ; and it could only have resulted from a participation in the causes then operating to produce those extensive beds of sand, clay, shale, and coal, which make up the coal measures.
Σελίδα 260 - ... celebrated throughout Scotland, there were sixteen furnaces in blast, besides three or four more in Ayrshire. That Baird family are now in the annual receipt, from their coal and iron works, of a clear profit of half a million of pounds sterling, or two and a half million of dollars; wielding a monied influence beyond even the princes of the land. Let it be forcibly impressed on the minds of my readers that this immense wealth was not amassed by speculation, but by legitimate earnings from a...
Σελίδα 49 - Each acre of a coal seam, four feet in thickness, and yielding one yard net of pure fuel, is equivalent to about 5,000 tons ; and possesses, therefore, a reserve of mechanical strength in its fuel equal to the life labour of more than 1,600 men.
Σελίδα 49 - Assuming, for calculation, that 10,000,000 of tons, out of the present annual product of the British coal mines, namely 65,000,000, are applied to the production of mechanical power, then England annually summons to her aid an army of 3,300,000 fresh men, pledged to exert their fullest strength through 20 years.
Σελίδα 450 - Syracuse, in epite of the richness of the brine, the cost to the manufacturer, per bushel, is seven cents, when in France and Italy it is only two cents. Why so incredible a difference? Read once more the report of Professor Cook : they lose three-fourths- of their solar evaporation.
Σελίδα 548 - And it adds one instance more to the number already known of the wonderful manner in which life is produced and perpetuated in every part of our globe, even in places which seem the least suited to organised existences. And the same infinite power and wisdom which has fitted the camel and the ostrich for the deserts of Africa, the swallow that secretes its own nest for the caves of Java, the whale for the Polar seas, and the morse and white bear for...

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