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A Recent Accident Turned My Thoughts

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The T.C.U. Paid for

This Accident

One teacher fell from a stepladder the day before Christmas and hurt his back. It would have been a cheerless Christmas had he not been a T. C. U.

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"A recent Accident turned my The T.C. U. Paid $35.00
thoughts to the T.C.U.," wrote a
Teacher recently. "Hereafter I
shall be protected from a financial
loss of such a misfortune."

These pictures represent a few of the many
Accidents which are constantly happening to
Teachers, and which cause them serious loss.

Every day we send cheques to Teachers somewhere, who have suffered Accidents, or who have been taken ill, or who have been quarantined to help pay for the loss of Salary and the extra expense incurred.

This month, even this week, many other Teachers will be kept away from

their work by Sickness, Accident or Quarantine. Those who are members of the T. C. U. will receive cash payments to tide them over their misfortunes. The others will be using up their savings and regretting that they did not join the T. C. U. before.

Will You Be Protected

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When Sickness or Accident Comes to You? I

When you meet with an Accident, or become Sick, what will become of the
Savings you have accumulated?

Wouldn't it be distressing, to say the least, to find yourself burdened with an
expense of $200 to $300, caused by some unavoidable Accident or Illness, wiping
out the surplus you have accumulated, or leaving you deeply in debt?"

A Pennsylvania teacher wrote: "Kindly accept my sincere thanks for the promptness and dispatch with which the claim was adjusted. I assure you that the amount of your cheque was very welcome; all the more so because of the fact that the Christmas holidays had just passed, with the usual result that the pocketbook had been sorely depleted."

The big draft of Sickness, Accident and Quarantine is constantly exacting its thousands of Teachers. One in six is called every year. Any day your turn may come, and your name be called.




FOR FEBRUARY BIRTHDAYS. Washington, Lincoln, Longfellow, Lowell

The Perry Pictures

A Cent-and-a-Half Each FOR 20 OR MORE. POSTPAID.

Smaller, Half Cent Size, 3x32. For 50 or more.

(Notice that the price of the Half Cent Size has not been changed.)

Bird Pictures in Natural Colors. Size, 7x9


SIZE 51⁄2 x 8. 2250 SUBJECTS. Larger, Eight Cent Size, 10 x 12. For 5 or more. Send 40 cents for the 4 pictures named at top and Longfellow's Birthplace. 10 x 12 size. Two Cents each for 13 or more.

Send 30 Cents for 20 pictures of the 4 named at top, their homes, etc., or 60 cents for 40.
LARGE PICTURES FOR FRAMING. Size 22 x 28, including the margin. Price: 90 cents each; 10 for $8.50;
Send 90 cents for Madonna and Child by Sichel, or for Sir Galahad, or the Angelus.

Portraits, $1.00. Send for Washington or Lincoln or Longfellow or President Wilson.

Catalogues ture in colors, for a dime.

Our beautiful 64-page catalogue of 1600 miniature illustrations, 2 pictures and a bird pic[Please do not send for the catalogue without enclosing the dime.] THE PERRY PICTURES COMPANY, Box 1, Malden, Mass.






Author of "Stories of Our Mother Earth," etc.

Tested in the Study by Educational Experts. Tested in the classes of more than 20,000 Schools. Home Geography has steadily risen in popularity.

Crown 8vo. 235 Pages. 135 Illustrations. Cloth, 60 cents. EDUCATIONAL PUBLISHING COMPANY


Decorate Your Schoolroom


of Washington, Martha Washington, Lincoln, Longfellow, Whittier, Lowell, Bryant, Shakespeare, Woodrow Wilson, etc. Šize 22 x 28 inches. Price each (unframed), 20 cents, six for $1.00, postpaid,

Fine Photogravure Portraits of Washington, Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson. Size 22x28 inches. Price each (unframed), 60 cents; two for $1.00; three for $1.50, postpaid.


Any of the 20-cent pictures framed in our handsome 2-inch Solid Oak, black enameled frames, complete with frame and glass and securely packed for shipment, each, $1.85: any two, $3.45: any three, $5.05; any four, $6.65: any five, $8.25; express extra.

ARTOTYPES - FAMOUS PAINTINGS Celebrated paintings of the old masters and modern painters as well. A series of highest grade reproductions, furnished at moderate cost. Over 2,000 titles, the most popular being: The Angelus (Millet), "Can't You Talk?" (Holmes), Baby Stuart (Van Dyck,) Close of Day (Adan), Boyhood of Lincoln ( Johnson), Christ Head at Twelve Years (Hofmann), The Colosseum, The Forum, General Washington on Horse (Faed), The Gleaners (Millet), The Horse Fair (Bonheur), Madonna (Bodenhausen), Madonna of the Chair (Raphael), Return to the Farm (Troyon), Shepherdess and Sheep (Lerolle), Sir Galahad (Watts), Sistine Madonna (Raphael), Song of the Lark (Breton), The Sower (Millet), Spirit of '76 (Willard), The Horse Shoer (Landseer), Stratford on Avon, Washington Crossing the Deleware (Leutze), The Windmill (Van Ruysdael).

Size 22 x 28 inches. Price, each (unframed), 90 cents; any two, $1.70; any five, $3.75, postpaid. Any of these subjects supplied beautifully hand-colored at: Each (unframed), $1.50; any two, $2.70; any five, $6.50, postpaid.


Any of the above framed in our 2-inch Solid Oak black or brown frames to suit the tone of the subject, picture complete with frame and glass and ready to hang, securely packed for shipment, each, $2.45; any two, $4.65: any three, $6.85; any four, $9.05; any five, $11.25; any six, $13.45, express extra. (If hand-colored Artotypes are wanted, add 35 cents to cost of each.) Catalogue mailed free.

Our 1518 Catalogue of Books, Helps and Supplies for Teachers and Schools, mailed free upon request. Every teacher should have a copy! It is a guide book to the best of everything.

BECKLEY-CARDY COMPANY Dept. 10 B, 312 W. Randolph St., Chicago, Ill.

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next term.

"There are many distinctive points of merit in these readers that make them superior to others that we have used. First, the subject matter appeals to the interest and imagination of children, and it is presented in so pleasing a manner that thoughtgetting is easy. The arrangement facilitates dramatization, which is so necessary in primary grades as an aid to the proper interpretation of the thought. I am especially pleased with the literary value of the selections. The illustrations are exceptionally attractive and the phonetic element is good."

American Book Company

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HIS story of the great emancipator is, first of all, true. True in historical detail. True in both setting and dressing of scenes and characters. You know how intensely dramatic that stuggling log-cabin boyhood was. You know how moving it is even in cold print.

Benjamin Chapin


"The Son of Democracy"

You have often marveled that Lincoln's mother, who died so young, could have stamped an influence so indelible upon the boy's heart that it aided him till death, and set the lad's footsteps in the unshakable path of integrity, a path which he pursued till it led him to the most august post in the gift of the world's greatest republic, the presidency.


Nobody knows better than the teachers of our public schools that a motion picture merely built around this epic would be wonderfully thrilling.

-thrilling 'whether the boy's name was Abraham Lincoln or John Smith. -because revealing the actual hardships of a poor country boy's life around 1820, even without the foreknowledge of that boy's glorious destiny of leadership and sacrifice. But no, here you have the real thing, the fruit of the most careful research, produced and played

under the

direction of


Mail this coupon for a

485 Fifth Avenue, New York City (E.)
free portrait of Chapin as Lincoln. They're like as twins.
Specify what theatre you would like to see this picture in.

copy of Gettysburg address.
Please send me, free, portrait of Chapin as Lincoln, and



Name of Theatre.

Write on margin if


not room in

Benjamin Chapin, who has made a life study of Lincoln's character, appearance and career. Don't let any of your pupils miss it. It will make Abe Lincoln, the boy, "the father of the man, "live in their minds as vividly as their own companions, and that love and admiration for Lincolnwhich you have striven so hard to plant in their hearts and minds will be fixed there immovably as this epochal moving picture gleams before their gaze in all life's verisimilitude. Tell the best theatre you know of, to book this series there are 20 parts, and 2 parts will be run every time the theatre changes its program. Get the other teachers together and demand it.

Send for literature and read it to your school, and then tell the pupils also to ask the theatre to show it.

No theatre will deny such a widespread appeal, so don't let yours be the only school in the State to miss Benjamin Chapin in "The Son of Democracy" approved and endorsed by the Secretary of the New York Board of Education, the Director of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences, and representatives of N. Y. City Federation of Women's Clubs and Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, while a member of the staff of Columbia University, N. Y., characterizes it as "the production which has succeeded in transforming my indifference to the moving picture in general into interest and enthusiasm."

Benjamin Chapin


Abraham Lincoln

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What is the standard of time required for doing a given number of simple examples in arithmetic? How do you know when your class is up to the standard or whether your standard is higher or lower than that of some other school?


present a definite standard for number work. Each card shows the time limit within which twenty-five examples should be done by a class of standard efficiency. When your class meets these tests, you may know that it is up to the accepted standard of schools where this work has been specialized and brought to a high degree of efficiency. Four sets as follows:

8202 Fassett's Standardized Number Tests- MULTIPLICATION

8203 Fassett's Standardized Number Tests-DIVISION
8204 Fassett's Standardized Number Tests-SUBTRACTION
8205 Fassett's Standardized Number Tests-ADDITION
Price, each number, per set, $0.12; postage, $0.03

Send for complete circular.

Designed to assist the teacher by providing material for drill, necessary to fix the common phonograms in the pupil's mind.

Each card contains sixteen word combinations, with letters printed in large readable type one inch high.
There are twenty cards in each set, forming three hundred and twenty word combinations. The most
compact phonetic drill cards on the market.
Price, per set, $1.50; mailing weight, 2 lbs.

ds drank

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Bradley's Historical and Geographical Outline Maps

For the correlated teaching of history and geography these maps are the most valuable aid ever devised. They are lithographed on tough bond paper, perfectly adapted to the use of ink, water-colors or crayons. They are economical-one portfolio of fifty maps supplies an entire class. They comprise a complete series covering every grade, adapted to every system of teaching.

Send for catalogue with detailed descriptions and miniature reproductions of all maps, with prices.


These patterns may be used for a variety of busy work-paper cutting, poster work, silhouettes, painting, colored crayon work, sewing cards and in construction work. Nine patterns in each set,_printed on heavy manila tag. Three sets: 8051 Set A-Animals. 8052 Set B-Birds. 8053 Set F-Flowers. Price, per set, $0.15; mailing weight, 2 oz. The Big Bradley catalogue lists more than 1400 "helps" for Primary Teachers. Write for a copy. Bradley Water Colors and Crayons-used in more schools than all other kinds combined. Write for full information.

Boston New York Philadelphia Atlanta San Francisco

MILTON BRADLEY COMPANY, Springfield, Mass., Chicago: Thomas Charles Co. Kansas City: Hoover Bros.

To Help Your Pupils

Meet the Stress of the Coming Years;

To Help them to see,


First Year Book

Train them in the methods of the


Crown 8vo. Illustrated. 98 pages. Cloth Leading Features: Object Drawing. Recording Objects on flat surface. Position, Direction, Color.

Second Year Book

Crown 8vo. Illustrated. 96 pages. Cloth. Features: Object Drawing, Position, Direction, Color.

Third Year Book

Crown 8vo. Illustrated. 126 pages. Cloth. Leading Features as in First and Second Books with Form and Proportion added.

Fourth Year Book

Leading Features: Flat Drawing; Chalk Talks; Parallel Drawing; Water Colors; Tints and Shades.

Crown 8vo. Illustrated. 124 pages. Cloth.

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Price, 50 cents each

Get a set of the books and become acquainted with the method

99 66 Second

The Pupil's Course consists of a Tablet or Pad for each grade. The Tablets are marked "First Year Tablet,' Year Tablet," and so on to the "Eighth Year Tablet." The First Year Book corresponds to the First Year Drawing and so on to the Eighth Year. 56 pages on fine drawing paper with colored illustrations. Price, 20 cents each.


Boston New York


San Francisco

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