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CLASS PINS with finger on her solemn lips


Petain You must have an abundance of iron in your blood to overcome obstacles, take

Camouflage the initiative, push ahead and bring

Blighty things to pass.

Day of Days

Bolsheviki You can have more iron, better color, of all the joy days under the sun, steadier nerves, by taking Peptiron, a

Barrage Of all the holidays, there's but one real iron tonic, which will make a real That comes to the heart, that clings to

Fourth Arm gratifying change in your condition in a

the home very short time.

CHRISTMAS has come! Peptiron combines iron with nux, celery,


- From "A Day of Dayspepsin and other valuable ingredients.

NEW INTERNATIONAL Of druggists or direct from C. I. Hood Co., Lowell, Mass.

DICTIONARY. For the first time

The First Christmas N.'ght you can find authoritative answers TEACHERS FOR WESTERN CANADA Like small curled feathers, white and

to your questions

about all these Teachers for sua bols opening January, February, soft March and April continuing till July, September, Octo

new terms. ber, November or December. State standing, qualifica

The little clouds went by,

FACTS are detions, length of High School and Normal Course. Must Across the moon, and past the stars hold four years' High School and full State Normal Certi

manded as never ficates. Graduates with teachers' certificates willing to

And down the western sky.

before. Exact teach elementary science and mathematics also wanted.

In upland pastures, where the grass information is WESTERN TEACHERS' BUREAU, Winnipeg, Canada.

With frosty dew was white.

indispensable. Like snowy clouds the young sheep lay Never before was the New International A Patriotic Xmas Budget That first best Christmas night.

so urgently needed in school work, and never before was it procurable at a price

80 relatively low. The JOLLY CHRISTMAS BOOK"

The shepherds slept, while glimmering Regular and India-Paper Editions. Brimful of dialogues, drills, recitations, etc. Con.


Write for Specimen Pages. tains "A Red Cross Christmas," "Santa Joins the

Froo to teachers,

a new booklet. "Use of the Dictionary - Games Red Cross," "Christmas Flag Drill," "Santa and the With twist of thin, blue smoke.

with the Dictionary." Allies,' " "Christmas in Picardy,” etc., etc.

G. & C. Merriam Co., Springfield, Mass.
RIGHT UP TO THE MINUTE, Prico, 30 Cents. Only their fires crackling flames
Three Splendid Grammar Grade Plays: Patriotism at The tender silence broke.
Boggsville, 25 cents; Following the Stars and Stripes
(pageant) 25 cents; Graduation at Gayville, 25 cents. Save when a young lamb raised its head,
Send for “Cream of Entertainments” FREE

Or when the night wind blew,
THE WILLIS N. BUGBEE CO., Dept. C, Syracuse, N. Y.
A nestling bird would softly stir

Suum Cuique
Where dusky olives grew.

Every pu pil has his own books, why not his own pencils? Where schools provide_uniform pencils, they obtain uniform results.

Each one

likes to have his own tools to use in the schoolNight hushed the listening earth;

room, the same as in the home. A school is Elthor pin Illustratod made with any 3lettor

known by the pencil it uses. Set the standard as and 2 figures, one or two colors onamel. And only stars and angels saw

high as you please, and there is a DLXON Silver plato 200 u., $2.00 doz. Sterling allvor, 36% on. $3.80 doz. The little Saviour's birth.

PENCIL to match it.

We have a School Catalogue, and also a Pencil BASTIAN BROS. co.

Then came such flash of silver light, Geography, which we will be glad to send to all T2S Bastian Bldg., Rochester, N. Y. NO 2529 Across the bending skies,

interested in the selection of good serviceable

pencils for school work. They will help you to The wondering shepherds waked and hid find THE PENCIL THAT FITS. Their frightened, dazzled eyes.


give you some new ideas that will help you. Send your name and address for FREE copy

Abundant samples will be sent on receipt of of THE OIL INVESTOR. Tells about the And all their silent, sleepy flocks

16 cents in stamps. great industry that is making fortunes for thousands. Contains information and advice to Looked up, then sleept again

JOSEPH DIXON CRUCIBLE CO. investors not to be found in any other publication. Nor knew the light that dimmed the stars Address: Publisher, Dept. 51, Box 1301, Phila

JERSEY CITY, N. J. delphia, Pa.

Brought endless peace to men;
Nor even heard the gracious words
That down the ages ring.

YEARLY INCOME “The Lord has come, the Christ is born,

Good-will on earth to bring.”

A toilet preparation of merit.

to eradicate dandruff.

For Restoring Color and We offer you this prospect for an investment of only $20. Write at once for full details. Then o'er the moon-lit, misty fields,

Beauty to Grey and Faded Hair.

50c, and $100 at drukgists. THE HARRISON CORPORATION, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

Dumb with the world's great joy, The shepherds sought the white-walled COMMON SENSE METHOD IN PRIMARY NUMBER WORK town,

Special training in rapid addition


Where lay the baby boy.

For rapid drillon all fundamentalfacts

30c And 0 the gladness of the earth!

THOUGHT METHOD (reading) Graded Lessons 30c
The glory of the skies!

ELLEN M. QUIGLEY, 128 Bedford St. Troy, N.Y.
Because the longed-for Christ looked up PASSAVANT MEMORIAL HOSPITAL
In Mary's happy eyes.

Offers a three year course to young women

between ages of 19–35. Accredited by the This year loyal men will War Opens 30,000 Government Illinois State Board of Nurse Examiners. especially appreciate Jobs to Teachers

Monthly allowance while studying. For deuseful gifts of moderate

tails address Eliza Condé Glenn, Superintendent, cost. The gift that carries

All teachers should try the U. S. Govern- 149 W. Superior Street, Chicago, Ill. the spirit of a war-time ment examinations soon to be held throughChristmas and that will out the entire country. The positions Illinois Training School For Nurses be welcomed by any man to be filled pay from $1100 to $1800; have anywhere is the short hours and annual vacations, with

Founded 1880

Accredited by the Illinois State Department of Registra, Those interested should write imme- tion and Education. Offers a three year course of diately to Franklin Institute, Dept. Y221, training to women who wish to enter the nursing

Rochester, N. Y., for schedule showing tal, 2500 beds. Favorable applicants must meet the
Mint Grijs
all examination dates and places and large moral character, having had two years of High School

requirements of good health, of age (20-35), of good
35c and Upward
descriptive book, showing the positions instruction or its educational equivalent. .School catalog

and blanks will be sent on application to the open and giving many sample examination GEORGE FROST COMPANY, Makers, BOSTON questions, which will be sent free of

Superintendent of Nurses charge.

509 S. Honore Street Chicago, Illinois




full pay.

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One Hundred Per Cent Thrift

Stamp Device

Elizabeth Duncan

Last spring when we were planning to make our school 100 % in the purchase of Thrift Stamps, I suggested a little device for use in First and Second Grades which brought us good results.

A large aeroplane was cut from cardboard and a picture of an aviator pasted in place to make it more realistic. This was hung in a conspicuous place on the front wall. I then announced to the pupils that we were ready for a trip to France, but in order to secure a ride each one must show a Thrift Stamp. When a child could show his stamp he was put into the aeroplane. That is, his name was placed on the aeroplane, with a small colored seal beside it. To encourage the purchase of more than one stamp a colored star seal was added for every fifth stamp, and for every War Savings Stamp, a small flag seal was given. After a name had been placed, all who were in the aeroplane were given a ride. (Flying around the room.) The children entered heartily into the spirit of the game and before school closed in June every child had taken a ride and our entire school was 100 %.

To the Doll Who Shuts Her

Sleep, O my dolly, sleep;

Close your tiny eyes,
And dream, O my dolly, dream

Of playtime lullabies.
For soon, O my dolly, soon

We'll send out invitations
For all the other dolls to make

Tea-party preparations.
We'll bring your china dishes out;

You'll wear your gown of silk.
The cups we'll fill with water,

But we'll make believe it's milk.
The guests won't talk so very much,

They'll sit up in their chairs
And nibble oyster-cracker tarts

And tiny dolls' eclairs.
So sleep, O my dolly, sleep,

And don't make any noise;
But dream, O my dolly, dream

Of tea-parties and toys. - F. E. Siellivan

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Arc Society Mary is a true soldier in the fight for

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Joan of
(Continued from page 627)

freedom a soldier who must put the four War-Savings Stamps. But Fos- Dicks and the Fosters, too, to shame. ter's father is President of the Bank How many stamps are there on your and Foster's aunts and uncles are all card? What did you sacrifice to put rich.

The answers you can
Foster is given enough money to them there?

buy a War-Saving Stamp every month, give to those questions will
and can have all the candy he wants whether you are fighting bravely in
besides. It's easy enough for Foster,

the Thrift Army or being just a Dick thinks, and so it is. But there

'slacker.” are many boys and girls who are mak

President I move that we sing our ing sacrifices to buy Thrift Stamps.

Thrift Stamp song: I am going to tell you the true story Sing a song of Thrift Stamps, of one little heroine of the War. We

Pocketful of dough.

Lend it to your country, will call her Mary, because that is not

And watch the War Fund grow. her name. She is a tiny little colored When five years are over, girl, in the first grade room of a school

The U. S. Government well, we'll say Elkhart, for that is not

Will give you back your capital the town. Pennies do not come to

Enriched by four per cent. Mary very often. When they do, they Guy Madam President, boys and seem as big as nickels and dimes do to girls: I cannot afford to buy Thrift luckier boys and girls. Yet Mary is Stamps, but the men are tearing shinsaving every penny she can get to buy gles off our roof and they throw them Thrift Stamps. It is not easy for her down at the side and I sold some and to get them either. She earns them got a quarter, so I bought a Thrift every one. It took her a long time to Stamp. think of a way in which she could earn

Dane Madam President, boys and them; for there isn't much that a little girls: I saw a picture in a magazine girl six

years old can do that is worth that showed some men carrying solpaying for. But at last Mary thought diers on two boards, stretchers, I of a scheme — she could take the waste guess, to the hospital. basket to the junk man every after- President I wish Geraldine would noon, after school, if the teacher would sing that song. let her, and sell the paper. Of course

Geraldine The name of my song the teacher was glad to give her per- is “It's a Hard Job to Lick the mission; so now Mary makes a journey Kaiser.” every day, rain or shine, to sell her

(To tune “Tipperary") basket full of waste paper. It takes It's a hard job to lick the Kaiser, many, many basketfuls to make even It's a hard job to do. one cent's worth of paper; but Mary

It's a hard job to lick the Kaiser,

And the Allies know it too. is patient. She has almost enough

Farewell to little Belgium, pennies now to buy one Thrift Stamp, To France and England too. and she is going to keep on earning There's but one that can lick the Kaiser, and saving until her card is full. And that's the Red, White and Blue.

Paul Madam President, boys and PATRIOTIC ENTERTAINMENTS girls: I think that these soldiers are and Exercises for Special Days can be easily they are doing in France. If it hadn't

mighty willing soldiers to do what arranged from our Help-U Catalog of Plays been for us coming in the war might Drills, Songs, Cantatas, etc. Catalog sent on request. Here are some new things: have been ended by this time. Then She Wears a Cross Upon Her Sleeve (Song) 25c. Germany would be over here fighting The U. S. A. Will Find A Way (Song) 25c. Somewhere in France (Play) 25c.

us, and a fellow said if we hadn't been Capt. Anne of the Red Cross (Girls' Play) 25c.

in this war that the Kaiser said if he Spirit of Democracy (Pageant) 25c.

licked the others, Belgium and the "The House That Helps"

British and France, they were coming The Eldridge Entertainment House and then it would be a kingdom and

right over here and capture our state FRANKLIN, OHIO

we know we don't want to have a

king. And after these soldiers are 300 International Trust Bldg., Denver, Colo.

wounded once they have to go through
everything. They would rather be
killed than wounded, because they

have to go through all kinds of

terrible things. Put them on stretchers

and then have to go on a train about Put up in envelope, and making 250 cards, about three-fourths of an inch square, printed on both

ninety miles or more and they take
sides, 500 figures and arithmetical signs, assorted them to a boat and then across here
Price, 15 cents, postpaid

where they live, and this here one
fellow he says in “No Man's Land”
they better get out and capture two
Germans and see what they have to


Evelyn I move the meeting ad-
Boston New York Chicago San Francisco


Mary Martha I second the motion.

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Try our small box containing eight colors.

Write for catalog and color charts

2 X 3 =


[blocks in formation]

A DIRECTORY OF “An honest, painstaking, efficient teachers' agency is a very serviceable institution for school boards and schools, colleges and private schools, have been put there by means of teachers' agencies. The following excellent


Eastern Teachers' Agency

A Christmas Thought About


Little Nell will wake and listen,

When the white white world is still, Miss E. F. FOSTER, Manager. Telephone Connection

And the great chimes through the midMiss T. M. HASTINGS, Acting Manager

6 Beaoon Street, Boston.

From the belfry tower thrill;
The little Cratchits will hearken,

And wait till the goose is done,
THE FICKETT TEACHERS' AGENCY And the voice of Tiny Tim will cry,

“God bless us, every one!” 8 Beacon Street, Boston.

- From poem of same name, by Berthi S. Teachers Wanted at Once for all Grades.





of Boston,
120 Boylston St.

Home for the Holidays

Home for the holidays, here we go!

Bless me, the train is exceedingly slow, Ao Agency registration increases your chances for securing work entirely congenial.

Pray Mr. Engineer, get up your steam,

And let us be off with a puff and a scream! POSITIONS OF ALL KINDS FOR TEACHERS CO-OPERATIVE INSTRUCTORS' ASS'N || Come, Mr. Engineer, gallop away!

We have two long hours to travel, you say,
Write us what you want.
Free Literature. Address


Two hours more? Why the sun will be


Before we reach dear old London Town! TEACHERS' AGENCY A superior agency for superior And what a number of fathers and mothers

people. We register only reli- And uncles and aunts and sisters and 366 F ifth Ave., NEW YORK

brothers Between 34th and 35th Sts. able candidates. Services free Established 1856 CHARLES W. MULJORD, Prop.

Will be there to meet us oh, do make to school officials.

haste, I'm sure, Mr. Guard, we have no time

to waste!

- From "Home for the Holidaysby Elisa has good positions for good teachers with good records

Cook Harlan P. French, Pres., W. W. Andrews, Sec'y., 81 Chapel St., Albany, N.Y.

O. F. Hall, Head of Murine ComIt is always wiso to havo "a friend at the Court of Cæsar." Register Now!



pany, Dies


Otis F. Hall, aged 70, Inanager and one of the three founders of the Murine

Eye Remedy Company, died at his resiTWO OFFICES IN NEW ENGLAND

dence, 4558 Grand boulevard, New York, Our business is done by recommendation in answer to direct calls from employers. recently. C. WILBUR ÇARX, Manager

GEORGE 8. LARRABEE, Manager He is survived by his sister, Miss Emilie Conn. Mutual Building, Hartford, Conn.

Press Building. Portland, Maine

Hall, and two sons, Robert J. Hall in NEW ENGLAND AND MIDDLE ATLANTIC TEACHERS ESPECIALLY DESIRED the Corn Exchange Bank, and Frank G.

Hall, who will take his place as general Agoncles are daily holping others; they will help you.

manager of the Murine Eye Remedy

Company. This concern was founded 70 Fifth Avenue twenty:-one years ago by Mr. Hall in

NEW YORK Recommends college and normal graduates, specialists, and other teachers to colleges, public and private George W. McFatrich, president of the

co-operation with two brothers, Dr. schools in all parts of the country. Advises parents about schools.

Wm. 0. PRATT, Manager company, and James B. McFatrich, now

dead, who at one time was president of the Chicago school board.

The Pratt Teachers' Agency


Wanted by Government OF DES MOINES, IOWA


The tremendous work of the war and covers the entire field west of the Mississippi and places teachers the necessity of replacing men called to on one of the most liberal contracts. This agency commands clerical positions at Washington, D.C.,

the colors, has opened up thousands of the confidence of employing officers, conducts a strictly con-opportunities for teachers at $100 to $150

$ servative business, and is a member of the National Association a month.

We advise all readers who are interested of Teachers' Agencies, affiliated with the National Education to immediately write to Franklin In

stitute, Dept. Y223, Rochester, N. Y.. Association. Write to-day for plans.

for full list of United States Government

positions now open to you and for free C. R. Scroggie, Proprietor book describing these positions.

TEACHERS' AGENCIES teachers. It is a legitimate and helpful business. Some of the very best and most successful educators in public teachers' agencies are managed by able, experienced and reliable persons, and have our recommendation. THE HIGHEST SUCCESS FOR BOTH TEACHER AND SCHOOL."


Lucy Larcom

25 E. Jackson Boulevard, Chicago NEW YORK — 437 5th Ave.

Teaching as a Business" with chapters Wanted - Teachers - Learn DENVER-Symes Bldg.

on War, Salaries, etc., sent free. ThirtyDress Designing

SPOKANE — Peyton Bldg. third year. One fee registers in all. All teachers should learn Dress Designing, enabling them to design and make

Competition for positions grows sharper each year - use every help original clothes for themselves and friends and also to increase their salaries by teaching this important and interesting subject. TEACHERS, WE NEED YOU. You can just as well have six specially Have hundreds of good paying positions throughout the West. State qualifications and sala ry wanted in first

ROCKYME TEACHERS designed dresses for the price you now pay letter. Enclose photograph.

AGENCY. EMPIRE BLDG, DENVER.COLO. for two copied dresses.

WILLIAM RUFFER, A.M., Manager Large descriptive book, containing sample lessons, can be had, without charge,

Engage the help and experience of an agency. by writing to Franklin Institute, Dept. Y857, Rochester, N. Y. Those interested PENN EDUCATIONAL BUREAU 38th year.. First class equipment. Operates locally and nationally,

Direct calls from school officers. Direct recommendations. Well should write before the present edition is

NO ADVANCE FEE prepared teachers in great demand. 205 D 7th St., Allentown, Pa. exhausted.

Helps for Christmas Entertainments



The wide use of folk games and dances in the school and on the playground is opening the eyes of teachers to the equal value of the folk song in creating and correcting musical taste.

Especially do we commend this volume to country teachers whose children are of varying ages. No other songs will so appeal to young and old alike and no other songs are so apt to be within the range of voices of different ages.

Price 60 cents


and Other Patriotic Plays and Exercises In these day; when love and reverence for Our C:untry and for the Flag of Our Country is being instilled into the boys and g, teachers will gFeet this new volume with delight.

Directors of Playgrounds will also find the Marches, Drills and Dances just what they need for the Patriotic little performers.

Price 50 cents


By FLORENCE M. MILLER Vol. I contains Lessons and Entertainments for September, October, November, December, January, General and Local History.

Vol. II contaims Lessons and Entertainments for February, March, April, May, June, General and Local History,

The idea and purpose of this book is first to group material and outlines for history work in Primary and Rural Schools in a convenient form for the teacher's

In two volumes. Fully (Illustrated. Cloth, Each, 60 cents.



Mother Goose in Pantomime
Program I in this book consists of ten pantomimes, the following characters
from Mother Goose being presented: Little Miss Muffet, Tommy Snooks fand
Bessie Brooks, Tilda Tittlemouse, My Pretty Maid, The Queen of Hearts, Five
Little Pigs, Contrary Mary and Her Shadow, The Ragety-Tagety Man, and
Old King Cole.

Program II is devoted to Shadow Pantomime, introducing: Little Tommy
Tucker, Three Little Maids, etc.

The Plays have been tried out and found to be practicable. Children from three to twelve years of age have acted them to delighted audiences, and, best of all, they have held the interest of the child, both as actor and spectator.

Cloth, 112 pages, 60 cents


For First Grades

Cloth. 264 pages. Price, 60 cents."
The material in this volume has been compiled especially for teachers of little
ones in the first grades. There are 264 pages of carefully selected recitations and
songs for every occasion on which school celebrations are held, each day having
its full quota of pieces particularly adapted for the little folks who are to take part
in the entertainment.



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