Famine and Death in Occupied Greece, 1941-1944

Cambridge University Press, 6 Ιουλ 2006 - 261 σελίδες
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This is a pioneering study of the impact of the famine that occurred in Greece during its occupation by German, Italian and Bulgarian forces in 1941 and 1942. Violetta Hionidou examines the courses and politics of this food crisis, focusing on the demography of the famine and the effectiveness of the relief operations. Her interdisciplinary approach combines demographic, historical and anthropological methodologies to offer a comprehensive account of the famine. This important study makes a major contribution to current debates about mortality and its causes during famines.

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4 Requisitioning of foodstuffs
5 Agricultural production
7 Welfare and relief
Plate 7 Soup kitchen 1943 Disabled children
8 Population movement during the occupation
Table 81 Estimates of famine refugees fleeing Hios town 19412
10 Causes of famine mortality
11 Death and survival by occupation

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Violetta Hionidou has taught at Southampton, Crete and the Ionian Universities. She has published widely on the demograpic and social history of Modern Greece.

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