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Used by over Two Thousand Clergymen of the Church of England.



HYMNAL COMPANION Book of Common Wraner.

EDITED BY E. H. BICKERSTETH, M.A., Vicar of Christ Church, Hampstead, and Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Ripon.

FROM THE PREFACE TO THE FIRST EDITION. This Hymnal is designed to be a companion to “ The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments, and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church.” The Tables of Contents correspond. The Order of the Ecclesiastical Year is observed. The Hymns are ranged under those divisions of the PrayerBook with which their subjects most easily coalesce.

It is humbly submitted to the consideration of those whom the compilers of our Liturgy address in their preface, namely, “the sober, peaceable, and truly conscientious sons of the Church of England,” as a Hymnal in unison with the sound doctrine of our Prayer-Book, and fitted to the comprehensive framework of its services; as containing those valuable hymns and translations which have become so deservedly popular during the last twenty years; as affording sufficient variety of hymns without the incumbrance of those seldom or never used; and, lastly, as accompanied with a selection of the best music.

The Annotated Edition consists of three parts : (1) An Introduction explaining the principles on which the compilation is made ; (2) The Hymnal; (3) Notes to every Hymn, giving the name of the author and the approximate date when it was written, justifying any variations allowed (though the effort has been to cleave to the original text as far as possible), and showing in which of the most repre. sentative Church Hymn-books, carefully collated, most of the Hymns appear.

A 16-page Prospectus, with List of Sizes, with Prices, &c., can be had on application.

A rumour having been circulated, without any authority, that a further revision of the words is contemplated, the Publishers beg to state that such is not the fact. The Second Edition, revised and enlarged, seems to meet all the present needs of the Church, and the inconvenience would be very great of frequent alterations in a Hymnal which is now used in upwards of two thousand churches.

To meet the requirements of congregations using the Original Edition, the Publishers have reprinted the is. 6d. and 2s. 6d. Editions, both of which can now be had. The Publishers have just added to the List of Editions the two following new ones:

No. 161. The Chant-Book Companion to the Book of Common Prayer. Consisting of Chants for the Canticles, Daily Psalms, a Collection of Chants for general use, Kyrie Eleison, Offertory Sentences, and Music for the Hymns in

Holy Communion, &c. Edited by CHARLES VINCENT, Mus. Bac. Oxon. Small Post 8vo. 25.

An Organ Edition of the same, price 4s. No. 171. MEDIUM EDITION, LARGE TYPE, WORDS ONLY. 12mo. 2s.

This Edition is also issued in various bindings.

London: SAMPSON LOW, MARSTON, SEARLE, & RIVINGTON, Crown Buildings, 188, Fleet Street, E.C.


The Monitor,




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ZHE Publisher has much pleasure in announcing that, at the request of

numerous subscribers, the publication of the Monitor will be resumed on January ist, 1881.

With the January number will be commenced (and continued each month) a Story of English Country Life, by one of the most popular writers of “Church Stories."

An eminent historian will contribute a series of Sketches of Domestic Manners and Customs of the Anglo-Saxon Period, with illustrations.

The very popular series of Sketches of Eminent Churchmen, with Portraits, will be continued.

There will be given Poetry, Anecdotes, an occasional Paper on Parochial Work, &c., &c.; in short no effort will be spared to make the Monitor a popular Magazine, welcome in the household, and a useful auxiliary in Church Work.

With each copy of the January number will be given a beautiful engraving of “The Crucifixion," from a picture by a modern Italian Artist.

The Monitor is well adapted for localising as a “ Parish Magazine,” for which purpose a trial of it is respectfully solicited. When used for localisation it can be called by any name selected, as the word “Monitor” is only printed on the cover.

The price (ready folded) for this purpose will be 6s. per 100; 500 and upwards, 58. 6d. per 100.

The aid of all interested in the circulation of Church literature is respectfully solicited.

To any who do not localize a Magazine, and are willing to aid in its Circula

tion, 12 copies and upwards will be sent post free at the published prices.

The MONITOR, vols. I and 2, Cloth extra, price 25. each, now ready.

These vols. contain Sixty-three Illustrations, Forty-two Pieces of Poetry, many Tales, Papers on the Bible, Articles on the Calendar, and other interesting subjects. They cannot fail to be useful for School Prizes, Village Libraries, Servants' Halls, Soldiers' Barracks, on Board Ships, and wherever it is desirable to spread a healthy literature.

JOHN HODGES, 24, King William Street

, Charing Cross, 'W.C.

Mr. W. E. SKEFFINGTON again invites very special attention to this WINE, which is already used in above 2,000 CHURCHES, including

All Saints', Margaret Street-St. Matthias', Stoke Newington--All Saints', Paddington-St, Peter's, Eaton Square-St. Saviour's, Hoxton-Lichfield Cathedral-Salisbury Cathedral-Ely Cathedral-Worcester Cathedral-St. Barnabas', Kensington-St. Michael's, Coventry-Bangor Cathedral-Peterboro' Cathedral-St. Alban's Abbey.

TINTA FRANCISCA. Special Wine for Holy Communion.


Per doz. Bottles, carriage paid, 36/- Per doz. Half-Bottles, car, paid, 20/9. Orders should be accompanied by a remittance. P.0. Orders payable at the Mark Lane Office, E.C.

Cheques to be crossed “ LONDON AND WESTMINSTER BANK." N.B.This Wine has been all but unanimously adopted by the numerous Clergy who have as yet

inspected a Sample. I.-PURITY.--It is absolutely pure, containing nothing but the pure fermented juice of the grape, with just so much pure wine spirit as is necessary for its presevation.

II.-COLOUR.-It is of the richest and most brilliant deep red natural colour.

III.-TASTE.—The Wine, though rich, and possessing much body, is wholly free from the syrupy and nauseous sweetness of Tent, and is found perfectly clean, both to the palate and for use in the Chalice.

IV.-TS ONE SPECIAL USE.-The Wine is reserved for its ONE Sacred PURPOSE ONLY; it is neither sold in Oporto, nor is it shipped to any other person or firm, so that the exclusive supply being obtained the literal fulfilment of these conditions may be, and is, positively guaranteed.

V.-REGISTRATION.The Wine is also REGISTERED; each cork is stamped with the words “Tinta Francisca-W. E. Skeffington;" and every bottle sealed with a white seal.

N.B.-From some hundreds of Testimonials it will abundantly suffice to print the following :“RISEHOLM, LINCOLN, Aug. 29, 1877.

“ Hartlebury, KidderMINSTER. "Dear Sir,-You are quite welcome to state "My Dear Sir,-I have tasted the Wine of publicly that I heartily wish success to your

which you have had the goodness to send me praiseworthy endeavour to provide an excep

a sample; and I have pleasure in saying that tionally pure Wine for Special Use at the it appears to me admirably adapted for the Administration of the Holy Communion.

purpose for which it has been prepared. “I am, Dear Sir, yours faithfully,

“I should be glad to know that the 'Tinta "C. LINCOLN.

Francisca' is generally adopted in our "W. E. Skeffington, Esq."

Churches for use at the Holy Communion.

“ Yours faithfully,

Sept. 15, 1877." “H. WORCESTER. "The Palace, RIPON, Oct. 16th, 1877. “Sir,-I beg to thank you for the sample

“ St. Peter's, EATON SQUARE, S.W. which you have forwarded me of a Special

21st Sept., 1877. Wine for the Holy Communion, and I wish

" Dear Sir, --In answer to your letter I beg every success to your efforts to bring it in to

to say that we have used the Tinta Francisca' general use.

for the celebration of Holy Communion at “ Yours faithfully,

St. Peter's Church for some time, and con"R. RIPON."

sider that it is very suitable for the sacred

purpose for which it was recommended to us. " As far as I am able to judge, I should say

I remain, yours faithfully, that the Wine specially provided for Sacra

“ GEORGE H. WILKINSON." mental purposes by Mr. SKEFFINGTON is most suitable, and for many reasons I would cor

“Farnham Castle, SURREY, dially welcome the introduction of it for such

“Sir,- The Wine for the Holy Communion sacred use in my Diocese.

which you have sent me appears a very good "ALLAN B. BLOEMFONTEIN. Wine, far better than the Tent generally sold " Aug. 9th, 1878."

for the same sacred purpose. hope it may

thoroughly succeed. " The DeanERY, LICHFIELD,

Sir, your very faithful servant, July 30, 1878.

Oct. 1, 1877."

."E. H. WINTON. “Dear Sir,-The Wine, which I tasted yesterday, seems well adapted for the sacred

"Canon Lane, CHICHESTER, Sept. 13, 1877. purpose for which you recommend it.

“ Dear Sir,- I have tasted your 'Tinta I am glad to have had the portunity of Francisca,' and think it ad bly suited for judging of the Wine, of which I shall be able use at Holy Communion. I shall have great to speak favourably.

pleasure in recommending it wherever I have " I am, my dear Sir, faithfully yours,

the opportunity. "EDWARD BICKERSTETH.

" Yours faithfully, "Mr. W. E. Skeffington."

“ A. R. ASHWell."

“ I am,

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W. E. SKEFFINGTON, 16, Cooper's Row, Crutched Friars, London, E.C.



This important work is now complete in 15 vols., crown 8vo., handsomely bound in cloth, bevelled boards, with frontispiece, price £5 58., or single volumes, price 75. each.

No. of Biographies in each month :- January contains 170 in I vol. ; February, 174 in 1 vol. ; March, 187 in 1 vol. ; April, 140 in I vol. ; May, 152 in 1 vol. ; June, 200 in 1 vol. ; July, 223 in 2 vols. ; August, 215 in 1 vol. ; September, 210 in i vol; October, 220 in 2 vols.; November, 184 in 2 vols. ; December, 146 in 1 vol.

" There is real life and colour in the biographies, as well as what to many persons will be of some consequence, full reference to authorities, and full information as to those incidents in their history which have been represented in painting or sculpture, or which have led to the conventional symbols appropriated to them. It is a book with which every library ought to be supplied.”—Literary Churchman.

“ It is a glorious collection, and the manner of telling the Legends is delightful.”—Monthly Packet.

“ He tells the most graceful legends in a style equally graceful and fascinating, and with a distinctiveness and elaboration of minute details which shows plainly that he is a consummate master of the poetic art. He has accomplished a most arduous task most successfully.”Times.

“ He tells his stories with much simplicity, feeling, and grace. His Lives of the Saints must be pronounced a decided success."-Spectator.

“ The language is quaint without being crabbed, and its every sentence reads like an extract from some golden legend of early days, when as yet the sayings of the Holy Ones of God were as household words in the mouths of the Faithful.”— The Weekly Register.

“We cannot too strongly express the delight we find in these beautiful Lives. They are the work of one who has drunk deeply at the pure and sparkling fountains of the old monastic chronicles, and whose aim has been to give in simple, graceful, and graphic English the spirit of the Bollandist volumes.”Catholic Opinion.

* St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Benedict, and the Martyrs of Carthage render this Vol. (March) the richest in interest and beauty that the Series has yet afforded, and the convenience of such a Calendar of Minor Constellations is very great.”Guardian.

" It seems to us it would have been impossible to have succeeded better than the author has done in the compression, without any loss of freshness and reality, of the folio pages of the Bollandists. They are given in simple, graphic, and graceful English."--Catholic Magazine.

“ This may be pronounced without affectation a beautiful, and what is better, an honestly performed work.

We are charmed with its Catholicity of tone, its deep and broad reading, its charity even towards those who spilled the blood of God's saints in the cruel persecutions which at various times afficted the Church."-Westminster Gazette.

“ In its own line a compendium of valuable information, beautifully, simple, and reverentially written, this edition of the Lives of the Saints' cannot fail to be productive of immense good, and we wish it the widest possible circulation.”— Dublin Review (second notice.)

The Publisher has much pleasure in announcing a Popular Edition in Monthly is. Parts. Part I. will be sent on receipt of Twelve Stamps.

JOHN HODGES, 24, King William Street, Charing Cross, W.C.







MEANS. 1.-By establishing a centre of communication through which information as to the best methods

of organising and conducting Church Sunday Schools may be given and received, and

statistical details obtained and recorded. 2.–By promoting the establishment of Local Associations (Ruri-decenal or otherwise) of Clergy

and Sunday School Teachers, in union or correspondence with the Institute. 3.-By providing Publications, such as Notes of Lessons, Manuals of Organisation and of Teaching,

Tracts on Sunday School Work, School Material, Magazines, and other works useful to Sunday School Teachers and Scholars; and by establishing Depòts for the Sale of such

Publications and Material. 4-By providing experienced Visitors or Deputation Agents to attend Meetings of Sunday

School Teachers, for the purpose of giving Lectures and Training Lessons; and to visit

Sunday Schools (where desired), with a view to suggesting plans for their improvement. 5.-By establishing Normal Classes for the instruction of Sunday Sceool Teachers in the art of

teaching 6.-By holding Examinations of Teachers and Scholars, and by offering Prizes to be competed for

in such Examinations. 7.-By making Grants of School Material and Publications to Church Sunday Schools.

RESULTS DURING THE PAST YEAR. 1. Correspondence maintained with over 200 Associations.-2. Fifteen Branch Associations established, and others re-organised.-3. Publications: Lessons of varied character, for Musical Leaflets.

Tracts, Maps.
Senior, Junior, & Infant Classes. A Series of Prize Books.

Localised Almanacs.
Collections of Hymns.

Engravings for Schools.
Forms of Prayer.

Monthly Serials for Teachers Class Registers. School Liturgies.

and Scholars.

Admission Books, Roll Books. Shortened Service.

Addresses to Scholars, Teachers Sunday School Stationery, and Services of Song. and Parents,

Material of every description; And all requisites for Sunday School and Parochial use. 4. Deputations :-Upwards of 500 places visited by Representatives of the Institute, for the delivery of Training Lessons, Addresses, &c.-5. Normal Classes held.-6. Teachers' Examinations conducted throughout the Kingdom.-7. Grants of Publications to the Schools of Poor Parishes.

TERMS AND PRIVILEGES OF MEMBERSHIP. LIFE MEMBERSHIP is acquired on the payment of Ten GUINEAS, or upwards, the privileges of a Life Member being identical with those of a Personal Subscriber.

SUBSCRIBERS of ONE GUINEA annually are entitled to a free copy of the “Church Sunday School Magazine," the “Sunday Scholar's Companion," the Serial Tracts, Almanac, &c., published by the Society, and have the privilege of purchasing Books and all other Publications publihsed by the Institute, for their own use, or for the Schools with which they are connected, at a discount of twenty-five per cent., and a proportionate discount is allowed on Publications not published by the Institute. (See Catalogue C.)

For an Annual Subscription of not less than Half-A-GUINEA, Sunday School Teachers are entitled to a Monthly Free Packet, and to the purchase of material at the reduced prices above indicated.

SUBSCRIBING SCHOOLS are entitled to the same privileges, the rate of Subscription not being less than HALF-A-Guinea annually.

LOCAL ASSOCIATIONS mar be affiliated to the Institute on payment of an Annual Subscription either for itself or for Schools in union with it. Non-Subscribing Associations may, on application, be placed in union and correspondence with the Institute, but have not the special privileges of affiliation. The Teachers belonging to all affiliated Schools, or Schools connected with an affiliated Association, are entitled to purchase the Institute's Publications and material at the full rate of discount, whether purchased direct from the Inititute in London, or through the Agents of the Society throughout the country.

“SUBSCRIBERS' PURCHASE TICKETS” are issued to each Personal Subscriber and to the Representative of each Subscribing School. These entitle the possessor to the full rate of Discount.

JOHN PALMER, Secretary.

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