Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the High Court of Chancery: During the Time of Lord Chancellor Eldon

J. Butterworth and son, 1828 - 662 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 244 - Chancellor, by motion, for leave to file a supplemental bill in the nature of a bill of review...
Σελίδα 316 - A court of equity frequently refuses an injunction where it acknowledges a right, when the conduct of the party complaining has led to the state of things that occasions the application ; and therefore...
Σελίδα 501 - Court doth declare, that all persons interested in the personal estate of the said testator [or intestate] are entitled to the benefit of this order : And it is ordered, that it be referred to the Master to take an account of the testator's [or...
Σελίδα 475 - Moylish, received since the death of the testator ; and it was referred to the Master to take an account of the rents...
Σελίδα 87 - ... to be paid into the Bank of England in the name of the accountantgeneral of the court of exchequer.
Σελίδα 278 - Court were puzzled and distressed. At last, however, we Came to a sort of anchorage in that case, Ex parte Walker ; I have no difficulty in saying that I never understood it. I am satisfied, that though no doubt the Court understood that judgment, yet none of the counsel did.
Σελίδα 659 - If an estate is offered for sale and I treat for it knowing that there is a mine under it and the other party makes no inquiry I am not bound to give him any information of it; he acts for himself and exercises his own sense and knowledge. But a very little is sufficient to affect the application of that principle. If a word, if a single word, be dropped which tends to mislead the vendor, that principle will not be allowed to operate.
Σελίδα 72 - It may be said, that if he commitst>ne act of waste, he may be suspected of being about to commit others. But we ought to be careful about this, for with respect to growing timber, the court does not expect a tenant for life to let it grow so long as a tenant in fee might find it his interest to do. And the court never grants injunctions on the principle that they will do no harm to the defendant, if he does not intend to commit the act in question: but if there be no ground for the injunction, it...
Σελίδα 501 - Master shall have made his report, and any of the parties are to be at liberty to apply to this Court, as they may be advised.
Σελίδα 230 - ... or send any process to such unqualified person or persons, thereby to enable him or them to appear, act, or practise in any respect as an attorney or solicitor, knowing him not to be duly qualified as aforesaid, and complaint shall be made thereof in a summary way to the court from...

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