Parliamentary Papers, Τόμος 29


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Σελίδα iii - An Act for effecting an arrangement with the East India Company, and for the better government of his Majesty's Indian territories, till the thirtieth day of April one thousand eight hundred and fifty-four.
Σελίδα 207 - No Native of the said Territories, nor any natural-born subject of His Majesty resident therein, shall by reason only of his religion, place of birth, descent, colour or any of them, be disabled from holding any place, office, or employment under the said Company.
Σελίδα 12 - ... reference, not to their nominal, but to their real occupations. They are required to discharge the functions of Magistrates, Judges, Ambassadors, and Governors of provinces, in all the complicated and extensive relations of those sacred trusts and exalted stations, and under peculiar circumstances, which greatly enhance the solemnity of every public obligation, and aggravate the difficulty of every public charge.
Σελίδα ii - House; and who were empowered to report the MINUTES OF EVIDENCE taken before them from time to time to The House...
Σελίδα 11 - To dispense justice to millions of people of various languages, manners, usages, and religions ; to administer a vast and complicated system of revenue, through districts equal in extent to some of the most considerable kingdoms in Europe ; to maintain civil order in one of the most populous and litigious regions in the world ; these are now the duties of the larger portion of the civil servants of the Company.
Σελίδα 49 - That in all suits regarding inheritance, marriage, and caste, and other religious usages or institutions, the laws of the Koran with respect to Mahomedans, and those of the Shaster with respect to Gentoos, shall be invariably adhered to.
Σελίδα 12 - Bengal exercise in each of those courts a jurisdiction of greater local extent, applicable to a larger population, and occupied in the determination of causes infinitely more intricate and numerous than that of any regularly constituted courts of justice in any part of Europe. The senior or junior merchants employed in the several magistracies and zillah courts, the writers or factors filling the stations of...
Σελίδα 51 - whenever in any civil suit the parties to such suit may be of ^' different persuasions, when one party shall be of the Hindu and the other of the...
Σελίδα 12 - Commercial or mercantile knowledge, is not only unnecessary throughout every branch of the judicial department, but those civil servants who are invested with the powers of magistracy, or attached to the judicial department in any ministerial capacity, although bearing the denomination of merchants, factors or writers, are bound by law, and by the solemn obligation of an oath, to abstain from every commercial and mercantile pursuit ; the mercantile title which they bear, not only affords no description...
Σελίδα 19 - Now, however satisfied we may feel that the native subjects of this Government stand in need of improved instruction, yet every one in the habit of communicating with both the learned and unlearned classes, must be well aware, that generally speaking, they continue to hold European literature and science in very slight estimation. A knowledge of English, for the purpose of gaining a livelihood, is, to a certain extent, a popular attainment, and a few of the natives employed by Europeans, accustomed...

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