Reports of Cases Heard and Determined in the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Τόμος 132


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Σελίδα 41 - The general rule is, that the master is answerable for every such wrong of the servant or agent as is committed in the course of the service and for the master's benefit, though no express command or privity of the master be proved.
Σελίδα 408 - It is a familiar canon of construction that a thing which is within the intention of the makers of a statute is as much within the statute as if it were within the letter; and a thing which is within the letter of the statute is not within the statute unless it be within the intention of the makers.
Σελίδα 241 - If the thing stolen consists of any evidence of debt, or other written instrument, the amount of money due thereupon, or secured to be paid thereby, and remaining unsatisfied, or which in any contingency might be collected thereon, or the value of the property the title to which is shown thereby, or the sum which might be recovered in the absence thereof, is the value of the thing stolen.
Σελίδα 542 - That no debt created by the fraud or embezzlement of the bankrupt, or by his defalcation as a public officer, or while acting in any fiduciary character, shall be discharged under this act; but the debt may be proved, and the dividend thereon shall be a payment on account of said debt...
Σελίδα 407 - The testimony so given shall not be used in any prosecution or proceeding, civil or criminal, against the person testifying. Any such person testifying shall not thereafter be liable to indictment, prosecution or punishment for the offense with reference to which his testimony was given, and may plead or prove the giving of testimony accordingly, in bar of such an indictment or prosecution.
Σελίδα 824 - ... giving and granting unto my said attorney full power and authority to do and perform all and every act and thing whatsoever requisite and necessary to be done in and about the premises, as fully to all intents and purposes as I might or could do if personally present...
Σελίδα 73 - No county, city, town or village shall hereafter give any money or property, or loan its money or credit to or in aid of any individual, association or corporation, or become directly or indirectly the owner of stock in, or bonds of, any association or corporation ; nor shall any such county, city, town or village be allowed to incur any indebtedness except for county, city, town or village purposes.
Σελίδα 172 - If an action is pending, that the person to be examined is about to depart from the state, or that he is so sick or infirm, as to afford reasonable ground to believe that he will not be able to attend the trial; or that any other special circumstances exist, which render it proper that he should be examined as prescribed in this article.
Σελίδα 771 - Works, shall and may be retained by the said parties of the first part until all such suits or claims for damages as aforesaid shall have been settled, and evidence to that effect furnished to the satisfaction of the said Commissioner.
Σελίδα 148 - For the existence of a state of mind on the part of the juror, in reference to the case, or to either party ? which satisfies the triers, in the exercise of a sound discretion, that he cannot try the issue impartially and without prejudice to the substantial rights of the party challenging, and which is known in this code as actual bias.

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