Essays in Honor of Hubert L. Dreyfus: Heidegger, coping, and cognitive science

MIT Press, 2000 - 415 σελίδες
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Hubert L. Dreyfus's engagement with other thinkers has always been driven by his desire to understand certain basic questions about ourselves and our world. The philosophers on whom his teaching and research have focused are those whose work seems to him to make a difference to the world. The essays in this volume reflect this desire to "make a difference"--not just in the world of academic philosophy, but in the broader world.Dreyfus has helped to create a culture of reflection--of questioning the deep premises that inform and shape work in artificial intelligence and cognitive science. He has also been the primary introducer and interpreter of Martin Heidegger's work to the world of information technology. The essays in this volume represent the fruitful application of deep philosophical analysis to the concerns of our modern technological world.The sections are Coping and Intentionality; Computers and Cognitive Science; and "Applied Heidegger." In addition to cognitive science and artificial intelligence, topics include everyday skills, religion, business practices, and medical care. The book concludes with Dreyfus's responses to the essays.Contributors : Daniel Andler, Patricia Benner, Albert Borgmann, Harry Collins, George Downing, Fernando Flores, Sean Kelly, Joseph Rouse, Theodore R. Schatzki, John Searle, Robert C. Solomon, Charles Spinosa, David Stern, Charles Taylor, Terry Winograd, Mark Wrathall.

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Jeff Malpas is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Tasmania. He is the author of Place and Experience: A Philosophical Topology. He is a coeditor of Gadamer's Century: Essays in Honor of Hans-Georg Gadamer (MIT Press, 2002) and two volumes of essays honoring Hubert L. Dreyfus, Heidegger, Authenticity, and Modernity and Heidegger, Coping, and Cognitive Science (MIT Press, 2000).

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