The poetical works of Owen Meredith, Τόμος 2


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Σελίδα 318 - No star ever rose And set, without influence somewhere. Who knows What earth needs from earth's lowest creature ? No life Can be pure in its purpose and strong in its strife And all life not be purer and stronger thereby.
Σελίδα 40 - We may live without poetry, music, and art ; We may live without conscience, and live without heart ; We may live without friends ; we may live without books ; But civilized man cannot live without cooks. He may live without books, — what is knowledge but grieving ? He may live without hope, — what is hope but deceiving ? He may live without love, — what is passion but pining ? But where is the man that can live without dining ? XX.
Σελίδα 89 - How blest should we be, have I often conceived, Had we really achieved what we nearly achieved ! We but catch at the skirts of the thing we would be, And fall back on the lap of a false destiny.
Σελίδα 79 - Of the cloud, whose reflection leaves vivid the lake. And the wind, that wild robber, for plunder descends From invisible lands, o'er those black mountain ends ; He howls as he hounds down his prey ; and his lash Tears the hair of the timorous...
Σελίδα 80 - Which the black cloud unbosom'd just now. Lo ! the lurching And shivering pine-trees, like phantoms, that seem To waver above, in the dark ; and yon stream, How it hurries and roars, on its way to the white And paralyzed lake there, appall'd at the sight Of the things seen in heaven ! XIII.
Σελίδα 318 - The army of martyrs who stand by the Throne And gaze into the Face that makes glorious their own, Know this, surely, at last. Honest love, honest sorrow, Honest work for the day, honest hope for the morrow, Are these worth nothing more than the hand they make weary, The heart they have saddened, the life they leave dreary ? Hush ! the sevenfold heavens to the voice of the Spirit Echo : He that o'ercometh shall all things inherit.
Σελίδα 317 - The mission of woman on earth : to give birth To the mercy of Heaven descending on earth. The mission of woman : permitted to bruise The head of the serpent, and sweetly infuse, Through the sorrow and sin of earth's registered curse, The blessing which mitigates all ; born to nurse And to soothe and to solace, to help and to heal The sick world that leans on her.
Σελίδα 265 - To daunt him : her forces dispute his command : Her snows fall to freeze him : her suns burn to brand : Her seas yawn to engulf him : her rocks rise to crush : And the lion and leopard, allied, lurk to rush On their startled Invader.
Σελίδα 110 - ... him lightly In his hours of ease and enjoyment ; and brightly Dost thou smile to his smile ; to his joys thou inclinest, But his sorrows, thou knowest them not, nor divinest. While he woos, thou art wanton ; thou lettest him love thee ; But thou art not his friend, for his grief cannot move thee ; And at last, when he sickens and dies, what dost thou ? All as gay are thy garments, as careless thy brow, And thou laughest and toyest with any new comer, Not a tear more for winter, a smile less for...
Σελίδα 89 - ... And fall back on the lap of a false destiny. So it will be, so has been, since this world began ! And the happiest, noblest, and best part of man Is the part which he never hath fully...

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