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2. Our faith adores thy bleeding lave, And trusts for life in one that died; We hope for heavenly crowns above,

From a Redeemer crucified.
3 Let the vain world pronounce its frame,

And fling its scandals on the cause ;
We come to boast our Saviour's nane,

And make our triumph in his crofs. 4 With joy, we tell the scoffing age,

He that was dead hath left his tomb ;
He lives above their utmost rage,
And we are waiting till he come, Warts.
bymn XXII. Common Metre. [X]

The Incarnation of the Word.
WAKE, awake the sacred song

To our incarnate Lord !
Let every heart and every tongue

Adore th' eternal Word. 2 That glorious Word, that sovereign Power,

By whom the worlds were made, O happy morn! illustrious hour!

Was once in flesh array’d. 3 Then shone Almighty power and love,

In all their glorious forms; When Jesus left the world above,

To dwell with sinful worms. 4 To dwell with misery below,

The Saviour left the skies ; And sunk to poverty and woe,

That wretched man might rife. 5 Adoring angels tun'd their songs

To hail the joyful day ;
With rapture then let mortal tongues
Their grateful homage pay.



6 What glory, Lord, to thee is due !

With wonder we adore ;
But could we sing as angels do,
We'd love and praise thee more.

Dyinn XXII. Long Metre. [b]

Temptation witbout and within.
WAKE, my soul, lift up thine eyes,

See how thy foes against thee rise,
In long array, a numerous hoft ;

Awake, my foul, or thou art loft. 2 See how rebellious passions rage,

And fierce desires and lusts engage;
See pleasure's filken banners spread;

And willing souls are captive led. 3

I tread upon enchanted ground,
Perils and fnares beset me round
O let me then guard every part,
But most, the traitor in my

heart. 4 O teach thy fervant how to wield,

Bleft Saviour, thy immortal fhield';
Put on thy armour from above,

Of heavenly truth and heavenly love. 5 The terror and the charm repel,

The smiles of earth, the frowns of hell
The tempter once thou didft fubdue,
O make me more than conqueror too.

Mrs. BAR PACID. bymn XXIV. Hallelujah Metre. [9]

The Lord's Day Morning.
WAKE, our drowsy fouls !

Shake off each slothful band !
The wonders of this day
Our noblest songs demand.

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Auspicious morn,

Thy blissful rays
Bright seraphs hail, In fongs of praise !

At thy approaching dawn,
Reluctant death relign'd
The glorious Prince of life,

In the dark vault confin'd.
Tl'angelic hoft Around him bends,

And, midst their shouts, The Lord afcends. 2014 TIKE 3 All hail, triumphant Lord !

Heaven with hosanna rings ;
Whilft earth, in humbler strains,

Thy praise responsive sings.
Worthy art thou; Who once was slain,

Through endless years To live and reign. 4 Gird on, great King, thy sword,

Ascend thy conq'ring car,
Whilst justice, truth and love
Maintain the glorious war.
Victorious thou,

Thy foes shalt tread,
And fin and death In triumph lead.
s Make bare thy potent arm,

And wing th' unerring dart,
With falutary pangs,

To each rebellious heart.

Then dying souls For life shall fue, ell; Num'rous as drops

Of morning dew.

RIPPON'S Collection, hymn xxv.

The Cbriftian Race.
WAKE, our fouls, away, our fears,

Let ev'ry trembling thought be gone
Awake and run the heavenly race,
And put a cheerful courage on,

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Long Metre.

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2 True, 'is a trait and thorny road, And mcrtal spirits tire and faint ; If they forget the mighty God,

Who feeds the strength of every faint.
3 The mighty God, whose powerful hand

Has matchiefs works of wonder done ;
And thall endure, whilst endless years

Their everlasting circles run.
4 From him, the overflowing spring,

Our souls thuill drink a rich fupply ; Whilst those who trust their native strength

Shall melt away, and droop and die. 5 Swift as an eagle cuts the air,

We'll mount aloft to thine abode ;
On wings of love our souls will fly,
Nor tire amidst the heavenly road. WATTS.
Hymn XXVI. Long Metre. [* or v]

Benefit of Ordinances.
WAY from

Away from earth, our souls retreat ;
We leave this worthless world afar,

And wait and worship near thy feat. 2. Lord, in the temple of thy grace,

We bow before thee and adore ;
We view the glories of thy face,

And learn the wonders of thy power.
3 Whilst here our various wants we mourn,

United prayers afcend on high ;
And faith expects a sure return

Of bleflings in variety. ·
4. If Satan rage, and fin grow strong,

Here we receive some cheering word;
We gird the gospel armour on,
To fight the battles of the Lord.



every mor




Here, when our spirit faints and dies, And conscience smarts with inward stings; The Sun of righteousness shall rise, With healing beams beneath his wings. 6 Here would our ravish'd souls abide ; Or if from hence we must depart, Let neither life nor death divide Qur God and Saviour from our heart.

Watts, altered.

Long Metre.
The Word made Flefo.
EFORE the heavens were spread abroad,

From everlasting was the Word ;
With God he was, the Word was God,
And by th' angelic host ador’d.
. By his great power were all things made,
By him supported, all things stand;
He is the whole creation's Head,

And angels fly at his command. 3 Ere sin was born, or Satan fell,

He led the host of morning Itars!
Thy generation who can tell ?
Or count the number of thy years ?
But lo, he leaves these heavenly forms,
The Word descends and dwells in clay;
That he may converse hold with worms,

Dressd in such feeble flesh as they. 5 Mortals with joy behold his face,

Th' eternal Father's only Son;
How full of truth, how full of grace!

When through his eyes the Godhead spons. 5 Arch-angels leave their high abode,

To learn new misteries here and tell
The love of our descending God,
The glorie: of Emanuel.


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