Wisconsin Session Laws, Τόμος 2

Democrat Printing Company, state printer, 1982

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Σελίδα 1685 - Corporations may be formed under general laws; but shall not be created by special act, except for municipal purposes, and in cases where, in the judgment of the Legislature, the objects of the corporation cannot be attained under general laws. All general laws and special acts passed pursuant to this section, may be altered from time to time or repealed.
Σελίδα 1019 - ... wages, hours and other terms and conditions of employment, or the negotiation of an agreement, or any question arising thereunder, and the execution of a written contract incorporating any agreement reached if requested by either party, but such obligation does not compel either party to agree to a proposal or require the making of a concession...
Σελίδα 1482 - Such regulations shall be made in accordance with a comprehensive plan and designed to lessen congestion in the streets; to secure safety from fire, panic, and other dangers; to promote health and the general welfare; to provide adequate light and air; to prevent the overcrowding of land; to avoid undue concentration of population; to facilitate the adequate provision of transportation, water, sewerage, schools, parks, and other public requirements.
Σελίδα 1433 - To obtain options upon and to acquire, by purchase, exchange, lease, gift, grant, bequest, devise, or otherwise, any property, real or personal, or rights or interests therein; to maintain, administer, and improve any properties acquired, to receive income from such properties and to expend such income in carrying out the purposes and provisions of this...
Σελίδα 1700 - ... name of the State, and all bonds executed to the Governor of the Territory, or to any other officer or court. In his or their official capacity, shall pass to the Governor or 8 tate authority, and their successors in office, for...
Σελίδα 1196 - ... a petition, duly verified, setting forth that such decision is illegal, in whole or in part, specifying the grounds of the illegality.
Σελίδα 1684 - That no person shall be held to answer for a criminal offense without due process of law...
Σελίδα 1196 - If, upon the hearing, it shall appear to the court that testimony is necessary for the proper disposition of the matter, it may take evidence or appoint a referee to take such evidence as it may direct and report the same to the court with his findings of fact and conclusions of law, which shall constitute a part of the proceedings upon which the determination of the court shall be made. The court may reverse or affirm, wholly or partly, or may modify the decision brought up for review.
Σελίδα 1700 - Wisconsin with like effect as though such change had not taken place; and all penalties incurred shall remain the same as if this constitution had not been adopted.
Σελίδα 1200 - No delinquent juvenile detained upon such order shall be delivered over to the officer whom the appropriate person or authority demanding him shall have appointed to receive him, unless he shall first be taken...

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