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Liberal Education of Women-Orton *$1 50

Treats of “the demand and the method ;" being a compilation of the best and most advanced thought on this subject, by the leading writers and educators in England and America. Edited by a Professor in Vassar College. Education Abroad-Northrop

*1 50 A thorough discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of sending American children to Europe to be educated; also, Papers on Legal Prevention of Illiteracy, Study and Health, Labor as an Educator, and other kindred subjects. By the Hon. Secretary of Education for Connecticut. The Teacher and the Parent-Northend *1 50

A treatise upon common-school education, designed to lead teachers to view their calling in its true light, and to stimulate them to fidelity. The Teachers' Assistant-Northend

*1 50 A natural continuation of the author's previous work, more directly calculated for daily use in the administration of school discipline and instruction. School Government-Jewell

*1 50 Full of advanced ideas on the subject which its title indicates. The criticisms upon current theories of punishment and schemes of administration have excited general attention and comment. Grammatical Diagrams-Jewell

*1 00 The diagram system of teaching grammar explained, defended, and improved. The curious in literature, the searcher for truth, those interested in new inventions, as well as the disciples of Prof. Clark, who would see their favorite theory fairly treated, all want this bock. There are many who would like to be made familiar with this system before risking its use in a class. The opportunity is here afforded. The Complete Examiner-Stone .

*1 25 Consisis of a series of questions on every English branch of school and academic instruction, with reference to a given page or article of leading text-books where the answer may be found in full. Prepared to aid teachers in securing certificates, pupils in preparing for promotion, and teachers in selecting review questions. School Amusements-Root · .

*1 50 To assist teachers in making the school interesting, with hints upon the manage. ment of the school-room. Rules for military and gymnastic exercises are included. Illustrated by diagrams. Institute Lectures - Bates.

*1 50 These lectures, originally delivered before institutes, are based upon various vopics in the departments of mental and moral culture. The volume is calculated to prepare the will, awaken the inquiry, and stimulate the thought of the zealous teacher. Method of Teachers' Institutes-Bates

*75 Sets forth the best method of conducting institutes, with a detailed account of the object, organization, plan of instruction, and true theory of education on which such instruction should be based. History and Progress of Education

*1 50 The systems of education prevailing in all nations and ages, the gracinal advance to the present time, and the bearing of the past upon the present in this regard, aro worthy of the careful investigation of all concerned in education.


The two elements of instruction and entertainment were never more happily combined than in this collection of standard books. Children and adults alike will here tind ample food for the mind, of the sort that is easily digested, wbile not degener. ating to the level of modern romance.


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LIBRARY OF LITERATURE. Milton's Paradise Lost. Boyd's Illustrated Ed., $1 60 Young's Night Thoughts


1 60 Cowper's Task, Table Talk, &c. do.

1 60 Thomson's Seasons


1 60 Pollok's Course of Time


1 60 These works, models of the best and purest literature, are beautifully illustrated, and notes explain all doubtful meanings. Lord Bacon's Essays (Boyd's Edition)

1 60 Another grand English classic, affording the highest example of purity in language and style. The Niad of Homer. Translated by POPE.

Those who are unable to read this greatest of ancient writers in the original, should not fail to avail themselves of this metrical version. Compendium of Eng. Literature-Cleveland, 2 25 English Literature of XIXth Century do. 2 25 Compendium of American Literature do. 2 25

Nearly one hundred and fifty thousand volumes of Prof. CLEVELAND's inimitable compendiums have been sold. Taken together they present a complete view of literature. To the man who can afford but a few books these will supply the place of an extensive library. From commendations of the very highest authorities the following extracts will give some idea of the enthusiasm with which the works are regarded by scholars :

With the Bible and your volumes one might leave libraries without very painful regret.-The work cannot be found from which in the same limits so much interesting and valuable information may be obtained. — Good taste, fine scholarship, familiar acquaintance with literature, unwearied industry, tact acquired by practice an interest in the culture of the young, and regard for truth, purity, philanthropy and religion are united in Mr. Cleveland. --A judgment clear and impartial, a taste at once delicate and severe.-The biographies are just and discriminating.-An admirable bird's-eye view.- Acquaints the reader with the characteristic method, tone, and quality of each writer. - Succinct, carefully written, and wonderfully comprehensive in detail, etc., etc. Milton's Poetical Works-CLEVELAND

2 25 This is the very best edition of the great Poet. It includes a life of the author, notes, dissertations on each poem, a faultless text, and is the only edition of Milton with a complete verbal Index.

I 50

I 50


3 oo

LIBRARY OF HISTORY. Seven Historic Ages-Gilman,

$1 00 Or, Talks about Kings, Queens, and Barbarians. These delightful sketches of notable events stir the imagination of the young reader, and give him a taste for further historical readiug. Illustrated. Outlines of General History-Gilman,

I 25 The number of facts which the author has compressed into these outline sketches is really surprising; the chapters on the Middle Ages and Feudalism afford striking examples of his power of succinct but comprehensive statement. In his choice of representative periods and events in the histories of Nations he shows very sound judgment, and his characterization of conspicuous historical figures is accurate and impartial. Great Events of History-Collier,

This celebrated work, edited for American readers by Prof. O. R. Willis, gives, in a series of pictures, a pleasantly readable and easily remembered view of the Christian era. Each chapter is headed by its central point of interest to afford association for the mind. Delineations of life and manners at different periods are interwoven. A geographical appendix of great value is added. History of England-Lancaster,

An arrangement of the essential facts of English History in the briefest manner consistent with clearness. a fine Map History of Liberty-Aiken,

Explaining the growth of the “* fair consummate flower” of freedom in America as the result of centuries of trial and experieuce in the Old World. Critical History of the Civil War—Mahan,

A logical analysis of campaigns and battles, and the causes of victory and defeat. By Dr. Asa Mahan, first President of Oberlin College. Dr. Mahan never forgets that history is “philosophy teaching by examples,” and his work should be a text-book for American youth. History of Europe—Alison,

A reliable and standard work, which covers with clear, connected, and complete narrative the eventsul occurrences of the years A. D. 1789 to 1815, being mainly a history of the career of Napoleon Bonaparte. History of Rome-Ricord,

An entertaining narrative for the young. Ilustrated. Embracing successively, The Kings; The Republic; The Empire. Ecclesiastical History-Marsh,

2 00 A history of the Church in all ages, with a comprehensive review of all forms of religion from the creation of the world, No other source affords, in the same compass, the information here conveyed. History of the Ancient Hebrews—Mills,

I 75 The record of “God's people" from the call of Abraham to the destruction of Jerusalem; gathered from sources sacred and profane. The Mexican War— Mansfield,

A history of its origin, and a detailed account of its victories; with official despatches, the treaty of peace, and valuable tables. Illustrated. Early History of Michigan-Sheldon,

2 50 A work of value and deep interest to the people of the West. Compiled under the supervision of Hon. Lewis Cass. Portraits. History of Texas -- Baker,

A pithy and interesting resumé. Copiously illustrated. The State constitution and extracts from the speeches and writings of eminent Texans are appended.

2 50

I 75

I 50

I 25

NEW LIBRARY OF HISTORY. Barnes' Centenary History,

*$6 oo “ One Hundred Years of American Independence." This superbly illustrated work, by the author of " Barnes? Brief Histories” (for schools), is appropriately issued in the “centennial year" (1876). An extended Introduction brings down the history from the earliest times. The leading idea is to make American History popular for the masses, ar especially ith th

young. The style is therefore life-like and vivid, carrying the reader along by the sweep of the story as in a novel, so that when he begins an account of an important event he cannot very well lay down the book until he finishes.

per Sold only by subscription. Lamb's History of New York City.

One of the most important works ever issued. It opens with a brief outline of the condition of the old world prior to the settlement of the new, and proceeds to give a careful analysis of the two great Dutch Commercial Corporations to which New York owes its origin. It sketches the rise and growth of the little colony on Manhattan Island; describes the Indian Wars with which it was afflicted; gives color and life to its Dutch rulers ; paints its subjugation by the English, its after vicissitudes, the Revolution of 1689; in short, it leads the reader through one continuous chain of events down to the American Revolution. Then, gathering up the threads, the author gives an artistic and comprehensive account of the progress of the City, in extent, education, culture, literature, art, and political and commercial importance, during the last century. Prominent persons are introduced in all the different periods, with choice bits of family history, and glimpses of social life. The work contains maps of the City in the different decades, and several rare portraits from original paintings, which have never before been engraved. The illustrations, about 250 in number, are all of an interesting and highly artistic character.

The work is now being published, by subscription only, in about 30 parts, at 50 cents each. Carrington's Battles of the Revolution,

$6 oo A careful description and analysis of every engagement of the War for Indepen. dence, with topographical charts prepared from personal surveys by the author, a veteran officer of the U. S. Army, and Professor of Military Science in Wabash College. Baker's Texas Scrap-Book,

$5 00 Comprising the History, Biography, Literature, and Miscellany of Texas and its people. A valuable collection of material, anecdotical and statistical, which is not to be found in any other form. The work is handsomely illustrated. (Sheep, $6.00.)

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I 25

LIBRARY OF REFERENCE, Home Cyclopædia of Literature and Fine Arts, $3 oo

A complete index to all terms employed in belles lettres, philosophy, theology, law, mythology, painting, music, sculpture, architecture, and all kindred arts. The Rhyming Dictionary_Walker,

A serviceable manual to composers, being a complete index of allowable rhymes. The Topical Lexicon-Williams,

The useful terms of the English language classified by subjects and arranged according to their affinities of meaning, with etymologies, definitions, and illustrations. A very entertaining and instructive work. Mathematical Dictionary-Davies and Peck,

5 oo A thorough compendium of the science, with illustrations and definitions.

I 75


Autobiography of President Finney,

$2 oo The “Memoirs of Rev. Charles G. Finney, written by himself," with Portrait on steel. The work presents the experience, labors, and thoughts of the eminent Evangelist, Preacher, and Teacher. It gives the history of the great revivals in which he labored, and also his work in connection with Oberlin College.

The book is full of personal incidents illustrating the power of the Gospel upon the hearts and lives of men, and of practical suggestions for the promotion of revi. vals. It is also rich in its exhibition of personal religious experience, and of the nature and the efficacy of prayer. Life of P. P. Bliss-Whittle, Moody & Sankey,

2 00 The memorials of the lamented singer and evangelist which have here been gathered by the hands of loving friends will commend themselves to a great multitude of interested readers. Ten thousand copies of the book were sold within thirty days after publication. It contains steel-plate engravings of the Bliss family, and a number of new songs with music not before published.

Life of Dr. Sam Johnson-Boswell,

2 25 This work has been before the public for seventy years, with increasing approbation. Boswell is known as “the prince of biographers."

Henry Clay's Life and Speeches—Mallory. 2 vols., 4 50

This great American statesman commands the admiration, and his character and deeds solicit the study of every patriot.

Life and Services of General Scott-Mansfield,

I 75 The hero of the Mexican war, who was for many years the most prominent figure in American military circles, should not be forgotten in the whirl of more recent events than those by which he signalized himself. Illustrated.

I 50

Garibaldi's Autobiography,

The Italian patriot's record of his own life, translated and edited by his friend and admirer. A thrilling narrative of a romantic career. With portrait.

I 50

Lives of the Signers-Dwight,

The memory of the noble men who declared our country free at the peril of their own “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor,” should be embalmed in every Aunerican's heart.

Life of Sir Joshua Reynolds-Cunningham,

I 50 A candid, truthful, and appreciative memoir of the great painter, with a compilation of his discourses. The volume is a text-book for artists, as well as those who would acquire the rudiments of art. With a portrait.

Prison Life,

75 Interesting biographies of celebrated prisoners and martyrs, designed especially for the instruction and cultivation of youth.

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