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LIBRARY OF TRAVEL. Life in the Sandwich Islands-Cheever . $1 50

The “ heart of the Pacific, as it was and is,” shows most vividly the contrast between the depth of degradation and barbarism, and the light and liberty of civilization, so rapidly realized in these islands under the

humanizing influence of the Christian religion. Ilustrated. The Republic of Liberia-Stockwell

1 25 This volume treats of the geography, climate, soil, and productions of this interesting country on the coast of Africa, with a History of its early settlement. Our colored citizens especially, from whom the founders of the new State went forth, should read Mr. Stockwell's account of it. It is so arranged as to be available for a School Reader, and in colored schools is peculiarly appropriate as an instrument of education for the young. Liberia is likely to bear an important part

in the future of their race. Ancient Monasteries of the East--Curzon . 1 50

1 The exploration of these ancient seats of learning has thrown much light upon the researches of th4 historian, the philologist, and the theo

logian, as well as the general student of antiquity. Illustrated. Discoveries in Babylon & Nineveh-Layard 1 75

Valuable alike for the information imparted with regard to these most interesting ruins, and the pleas. ut adventures and observatious of the

author in regions that to most men seem like Fairylaud. Illustrated. A Run Through Europe-Benedict,

2 00 A work replete with instruction and interest-an admirable guide-book.

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St. Petersburgh-Jermann

1 00

Americans are less familiar with the history and social customs of the Russian people than those of any other modern civilized nation. Opportunities such as this book affords are not, therefore, to be neglected.

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The Polar Regions-Osborn

A thrilling and intensely interesting narrative of one of the famous ex. peditions in search of Sir John Franklin-unsuccessful in its main object, but adding many facts to the repertoire of science.

Thirteen Months in ihe Confederate Army


The author, a northern man conscripted into the Confederate service, and rising from the ranks by soldierly conduct to positions of responsibility, had remarkable opportunities for the acquisition of facts respecting the conduct of the Southern armies, and the policy and deeds of their leaders. He participated in many engagements, and his book is one of the most exciting narratives of adventure ever published. Mr. Stevenson takes no ground as a partizan, but views the whole subject as with the eye of a neutral-only interested in subserving the ends of history by tho contribution of impurtial facts. Illustratod.

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RELIGIOUS LIBRARY. Abbott's Commentaries—MATTHEW AND MARK, $2 50

With Notes, Comments, Maps, and Illustrations ; also, an Introduction to the study of the New Testament, a condensed Life of Christ, and a Tabular Harmony of the Gospels. Trade edition, $2.50; subscription edition, royal 8vo, $3.50.

ACTS OF THE APOSTLES, $1 75 With Notes, etc., as above; also, an Introduction to its study, a Gazetteer, Chronological Table, etc. Ray Palmer's Poetical Works,

4 00 An exquisite edition of the complete hymns and other poetical writings of the most eminent of American sacred poets-author of “My faith looks up to Thee." Dale on the Atonement,

2 00 The theory and fact of Christ's atonement profoundly considered. The Service of Song-Stacy ·

1 50 A treatise on Singing, in public and private devotion. Its history, office, and importance considered. True Success in Life-Palmer

1 50 Earnest words for the young who are just about to meet the responsibilities and temptations of mature life. Remember Me"— Palmer

1 50 Preparation for the Holy Communion. Chrysostom, or the Mouth of Gold—Johnson 1 00

An entertaining dramatic sketch, by Rev. Edwin Johnson, illustrating the life and times of St. Chrysostom. The Memorial Pulpit-Robinson. 2 vols., each 1 50

A series of wide-awake sermons by the popular pastor of the Memorial Presby. terian Church, New York. Responsive Worship-Budington

60 An argument in favor of alternate Scripture reading by Pastor and Congregation. Lady Willoughby

1 00 The diary of a wife and mother. An historical romance of the seventeenth cen. tury. At once beautiful and pathetic, entertaining and instructive. Favorite Hymns Restored--Gage

1 25 Most of the standard hymns have undergone modification or abridgment by compilers, but this volume contains them exactly as written by the authors. Poets' Gift of Consolation

1 50 A beautiful selection of poems referring to the death of children. The Mosaic Account of Creation

1 50 The Miracle of To-day; or New Witnesses of the Oneness of Genesis and Science. With Essays on the Cause and Epoch of the present Inclination of the Earth's Axis, and on Cosmology. By Charles B. Warring.


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VALUABLE LIBRARY BOOKS. Principles and Acts of the Revolution, 3 00

Compiled from “Niles's Register.” Being “a collection of Speeches, Orations, and Proceedings, with Sketches and Remarks on Men and Things.' This work has long been standard, though for many years out of print, and the eager demand for its republication induces the publishers to offer this new edition. American Institutions-De Tocqueville 1 50


Democracy in America-De Tocqueville . . 2 50

The views of this distinguished foreiguer on the genius of our political institutions are of unquestionable value, as proceeding from a standpoint whence we seldom have an opportunity to hear. Constitutions of the United States

2 25 Contains the Constitution of the General Government, and of the several State Governments, the Declaration of Independence, and other important documents relating to American history. Indispensable as a work of reference. Public Economy of the United States · 2 25

A full discussion of the relations of the United States with other nations, especially the feasibility of a free-trade policy. Grecian and Roman Mythology-Dwight

3 00 The presentation, in a systematic form, of the Fables of Antiquity, affords most entertaining reading, and is valuable to all as an index to the mythological allusions so frequent in literature, as well as to students of the classics who would peruse intelligently the classical authors. Illustrated. General View of the Fine Arts-Huntington 1 75

The preparation of this work was suggested by the interested inquiries of a group of young people concerning the productions and styles of the great masters of art, whose names only were familiar. This statement is sufficient index of its character. The Poets of Connecticut-Everest

1 75 With the biographical sketches, this volume forms a complete history of the poetical literature of the State. The Son of a Genius-Hofland

75 A juvenile classic which never wears out, and finds many interested readers in uvery generation of youth. Sunny Hours of Childhood

175 Interesting and moral stories for children. Morals for the Young-Willard

75 A series of moral stories, by one of the most experienced of American educators. Nilustrated. Improvement of the Mind-Isaac Watts. 50

A classical standard. No young person should grow up without having PAPRAS i


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Songs for the Sanctuary, :

$2 25 By REV. S. C. ROBINSON. 1344 Hymns, with Tunes. The most successful modern hymn and tune book, for congregations and choirs. More than 200,000 copies have been sold. Separate editions for Presbyterian, Congregational, and Baptist Churches. Editions without Tunes, $1.75; in large type, $2.50. Abridged edition (“Songs for Christian Worship'), 859 Hymns, with Punes, $1.50. Chapel edition, 607 Hymns, with Tunes, $1.40. Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs, 2 25

Also by Dr. ROBINSON. Differs from “Songs for the Sanctuary" in having all the hymns set to music, for pure congregational singing. 1294 Psalms and Hymns, with Tunes. Cheap edition, $1.75; edition without Tunes, 75 cents. Baptist Praise Book,

2 50 By kev. Drs. FULLER, LEVY, PHELPS, FISH, ARMITAGE, WINKLER, EVARTS, LORIMER and MANLY, and J. P. KOLBROOK, Esq. 1311 Hymns, with Tunes. Edition without Tunes, $1.75. Chapel edition, 550 Hymns, with Tunes, $1.25. Plymouth Collection,

2 00 (Congregational.) By Rev. HENRY WARD BEECHER. 1374 Hymns, with Tunes. Separate edition for Baptist Churches. Editions without Tunes, $1.25 and $1.75. Hymns of the Church,

2 25 (Undenominational.). By Rev. DRS. THOMPSON, VERMILYE, and EDDY. 1007 Hymns, with Tunes. The use of this book is required in all congregations of the Reformed Church in America. Edition without Tunes, $1.75. Chapel edition (“Hymns of Prayer and Praise”), 320 Hymns, with Tunes, 75 cts. Episcopal Common Praise, .

2 25 The Service set to appropriate Music, with Tunes for all the Hymns in the Book of Common Prayer. Hymnal, with Tunes,

1 25 (Episcopal.) By HALL & WHITELEY. The new Hymnal, set to Music. Edition with Chants, $1.50. Edition of Hymns only (“Companion "Hymnal), 60 cts. Metrical Tune Book. By PHILIP PHILLIPS.

1 00 Quartet and Chorus Choir. By J. P. HOLBROOK. 2 50

Containing Music for the Unadapted Hymns in Songs for the Sanctuary. Pilgrim Melodies. By J, E. SWEETSER.

1 25 Christian Melodies. By Geo. B. CHEEVER. Hymns and Tunes. 1 00 Mount Zion Collection. By T. E. PERKINS. For the Choir. 1 25 Selah. By Thos. HASTINGS. For the Choir.

1 25


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Public Worship (Partly Responsive)

1 00 Containing complete services (not Episcopal) for five Sabbaths; for use in schools, public institutions, summer resorts, churches without a settled pastor; in short, wherever Christians desire to worship-no clergyman being present. The Union Prayer Book,

2 50 A Manual for Public and Private Worship. With those features which are objectionable to other denominations of Christians than Episcopal eliminated or modified. Contains a Service for Sunday Schools and Family Prayers. The Psalter,

16mo, 60 cts.; 8vo, 90 Selections from the Psalms, for responsive reading.

$4 50

IMPORTANT LIBRARY BOOKS. Student's Common-Place Book-Fox,

The result of over thirty years effective reading by a clergyman and teacher, forming a Cyclopedia of Ilustration and Fact. Interleaved for Additions by the owner; thus combining a printed Manual of Literature with the Blanks of an Index Rerum. Its double value will make it the favorite book of the library. Biographical and Critical Essays—Atlas Series,

I 50 Choice articles from the International Review on Macaulay, Ticknor, Ernst Curtius, Hamerton, Longfellow, Bryant, Poe, Chas. Tennyson, Freeman, Sumner, John Stuart Mill. By Edward A. Freeman, and other eminent writers. Formation of Religious Opinions—Palmer,

Hints for the benefit of young people who have found themselves disturbed by inward questionings or doubts concerning the Christian faith. Outlines of English Literature-Gilman,

I 00 Gives, within the compass of two hundred pages, a suggestive outline sketch of the history of English Literature, grouping authors in accordance with the development of the language and literature.

I 25


The International Review,

$5 oo As its title indicates, presents “the ripest and best thought of the age" in all countries. Its contributors are the leading thinkers and writers of both Continents. Published bi-monthly, $5.00 per year.

Bound volumes for 1874 and succeeding years, each, $6.00. Magazine of American History,

For the collection and preservation of all material relating to our country. Edited by John Austin Stevens, Librarian of the New York Historical Society. Monthly, $5.00 per yeai

5 oo

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