Dialogues in Chemistry: Intended for the Instruction and Entertainment of Young People : in which the First Principles of that Science are Fully Explained : to which are Added, Questions and Other Exercises for the Examination of Pupils, Τόμος 2

James Eastburn and Company, 1818

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Σελίδα 142 - ... danger of explosion. The more intimate is the mixture, the better is the powder ; for since nitre does not detonate, except when in contact with inflammable matter, the whole detonation will be more speedy, the more numerous the surfaces in contact. After the paste has dried a little, it is placed upon a kind of sieve full of small holes, through which it is forced. By that process it is divided into grains, the size of which depends upon the size of the holes through which they have passed....
Σελίδα 204 - ... and each of the latter, a light equal to two and a quarter of the same candles ; making therefore the total of the gas light a little more than equal to that of 2500 candles.
Σελίδα 204 - ... the gas to each burner, and to shut it totally off when requisite. This latter operation may likewise be instantaneously performed, throughout the whole of the burners in each room, by turning a cock, with which each main is provided, near its entrance into the room.
Σελίδα 116 - A small quantity gives a green solution, whilst a greater quantity changes it to a beautiful rich purple. The last experiment may be varied by putting equal quantities of this substance into separate glasses, and pouring hot water in the one, and a portion of cold water in the other.
Σελίδα 12 - ... will afford this principle ; charcoal, intensely ignited in it, undergoes no change, nor is it altered by the strongest powers of electricity. Should oxygen ever be procured from it, some other form of matter, possibly a new one, will, at the same time, be discovered as entering into its constitution, and till it is decompounded, it must be regarded, according to the just logic of chemistry, as an elementary substance.
Σελίδα 203 - ... where it is washed and purified, previous to its being conveyed through other pipes, called mains, to the mill. These mains branch off into a variety of ramifications (forming a...
Σελίδα 116 - The experiment may be varied by putting equal quantities of this substance into two glass vessels, and pouring on the one hot, and on the other cold water ; the same material, with water of different temperatures, assumes' various shades of colour, and on that account it has been called the chameleon mineral.
Σελίδα 113 - To the solution, add one part of muriate of soda; and dilute with four parts of water. Characters written with this solution are illegible when cold; but when a gentle heat is applied, they assume a beautiful blue or green colour...
Σελίδα 85 - Because the alkali of the soap abstracts the gallic acid, and leaves only the oxyde of iron.

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