Examiner: Designed for Teachers and Students Preparing to Teach

Adams, Blackmer, & Lyon, 1865 - 168 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 37 - The sound must seem an echo to the sense : Soft is the strain when Zephyr gently blows, And the smooth stream in smoother numbers flows ; But when loud surges lash the sounding shore, The hoarse, rough verse should like the torrent roar : When Ajax strives some rock's vast weight to throw, The line too labours, and the words move slow ; Not so, when swift Camilla scours the plain, Flies o'er th' unbending corn, and skims along the main.
Σελίδα 26 - IN slumbers of midnight the sailor-boy lay; His hammock swung loose at the sport of the wind; But watch-worn and weary, his cares flew away. And visions of happiness danced o'er his mind.
Σελίδα 44 - Just then a scout came flying, All wild with haste and fear: — " To arms ! to arms ! Sir Consul : Lars Porsena is here." On the low hills to westward The Consul fixed his eye, And saw the swarthy storm of dust Rise fast along the sky.
Σελίδα 164 - Take out books, slate, etc. from your desk with care, and lay them down in such a manner as not to be heard. Avoid making a rustling noise with papers, or noisily turning over leaves of books. Never let the marking of a pencil on your slate be heard. 3. Be careful to keep the feet quiet while engaged in study; or, if it be necessary to move them, do it without noise.
Σελίδα 46 - This species infests a great variety of plants, and is to be found throughout our country from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico and from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
Σελίδα 167 - No scholar should go off the school grounds during recess, except with permission. 5. Never meddle with the desk or property of another scholar without liberty. 6. Caps, bonnets, and all outer garments must be placed on the hook assigned to each pupil, immediately on entering school. 8.
Σελίδα 162 - I not thereby unequal, and capricious ; sometimes very kind, and sometimes causelessly in a bad humour, or even passionate and violent ? 25. When it is necessary to reprove or punish, do I seek always to bear in mind the particular character of the pupil with whom I have to do, in order to guide myself accordingly in my reproof or punishment ? 26. Do...
Σελίδα 165 - ... on the floor; it is a vulgar, filthy habit. 4. Marking or writing on the desks, walls, or any part of the building, or school premises, with pencil, chalk, or other articles, manifests a bad taste, or a vicious disposition to deface and destroy property. None but a vicious, reckless, or thoughtless person will do it. 5. Knives must never be used in cutting anything on a desk.

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