Early Western Travels, 1748-1846: A Series of Annotated Reprints of Some of the Best and Rarest Contemporary Volumes of Travel, Descriptive of the Aborigines and Social and Economic Conditions in the Middle and Far West, During the Period of Early American Settlement, Τόμος 13

Reuben Gold Thwaites
A. H. Clark Company, 1905

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Σελίδα 26 - Dabney, of the said district, has deposited in this office the title of a book the right whereof he claims as author, in the words following, to wit: District Clerk's Office.
Σελίδα 347 - In the remotest times, before the moon accompanied the earth, according to the mythology of the Muysca or Mozca Indians, the inhabitants of the plain of Bogota lived like barbarians, naked, without agriculture, without any form of laws or worship. Suddenly appeared among them an old man, who came from the plains situate on the east of the Cordillera of Chingasa, and who appeared to be of a race unlike that of the natives, having a long and bushy beard. He was known by three eternity.
Σελίδα 176 - ... civilization. Their numerous families, also, well fed and clothed, argue a propitious progress in their population. Their superior industry, either as hunters or farmers, proves the value of property among them, and they are no longer strangers to avarice, and the distinctions created by wealth ; some of them are possessed of property to the amount of many thousands of dollars, have houses handsomely and conveniently furnished, and their tables spread with our dainties and luxuries.
Σελίδα 263 - Hamaxobii, of that author, still live in their travelling houses, and occupy the same country without any sensible diminution or increase of numbers. Both people are separated into numerous bands or tribes, characterised by a diversity of language, acknowledging no other rule than that which is patriarchal, and no other alliance than that of fraternity. They are alike insensible to the wants and comforts of civilization. They know neither poverty nor riches ; vice nor virtue. Their simple condition...
Σελίδα 245 - ... and nodules of black hornstone, similar to the chert of Derbyshire. This salt appears to be concomitant with a coaly or bituminous formation. No marine plants appear in this vicinity, as at Onondago, where we meet with the Salicornia of the sea marshes. When the works were in operation, 120 bushels of salt were manufactured in a week, and the water is said to be so strong, that after the second boiling, it became necessary to remove the lye. No mother water, or any thing almost but what is volatile,...
Σελίδα 20 - No other explorer of the botany of North America has, personally, made more discoveries ; no writer on American plants, except perhaps Professor Asa Gray, has described more new genera and species.
Σελίδα 340 - THE HISTORY OF THE NATCHEZ. WE see nothing, says Charlevoix, in their outward appearance that distinguishes them from the other savages of Canada and Louisiana. They seldom made war, living in quiet possession of their country, and having no ambition to distinguish themselves by conquering their neighbours. Their despotic form of government, accompanied by some taste for parade and courtly magnificence, and the great servility of their subjects, appeared to be the shadow of a departing power, and...
Σελίδα 342 - Their subjects likewise brought them the best of their harvest, of their hunting, and their fishing. And no person, not even their nearest relatives, or those of noble families, when invited to eat with them, had a right to put their hand to the same dish, or to drink out of the same vessel. > Every morning, as the sun appeared, the great chief came to the door of his cabin, and turning himself towards the East, bowed to the earth, and howled three successive times. A pipe dedicated to this purpose...
Σελίδα 122 - I am so prepossessed in favour of this country, that I persuade myself the beauty of the climate has a great influence on the character of the inhabitants, who are at the same time very gentle, and very brave.
Σελίδα 346 - Yonondio put into our hands by this third belt." 5. " Let the sun, as long as he shall e'ndure, always shine upon us in friendship ;" — giving a red marble sun, as large as a plate. 6. " Let the rain of heaven wash away all hatred, that we may again smoke together in peace ;" — giving 'a large pipe of red marble.

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