Politics and post-structuralism: an introduction

Edinburgh University Press, 2002 - 243 σελίδες
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Post-structuralism is recognized as a major force within literary and cultural studies and this book is the first to apply the theory of poststructuralism to politics and to show the ways in which it can illuminate political theory and analysis. As such, it is likely to become a key text in the development of this area, providing a stimulating introduction to the subject. The authors draw on themes raised by Continental thinkers such as Derrida, Nancy, and Deleuze, and Anglo-American thinkers such as Butler and Connolly in their questioning of the theoretical and empirical understanding of contemporary politics.

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The Subject and Subjectivity Caroline Williams
The Theoretical Link Between Politics and the Subject
The State and Sovereign Subjectivity James Martin
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Alan Finlayson is a Lecturer in the Department of Politics and International Relations in the University of Wales.

Jeremy Valentine is Research Associate at the Institute for Cultural Research, Lancaster University.

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