Shorter Course in Algebra

Ginn, 1886 - 165 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 172 - It will be seen that this third term is the square of the quotient obtained from dividing the second term by twice the square root of the first term.
Σελίδα 64 - The square root of a number is one of the two equal factors of the number.
Σελίδα 147 - The sum of the two digits of a number is 6, and if the number be divided by the sum of the digits the quotient is 4.
Σελίδα 23 - The same laws respecting the removal of parentheses hold true whether one or more terms are inclosed. Hence, when an expression within a parenthesis is preceded by a plus sign, the parenthesis may be removed. When an expression within a parenthesis is preceded by a minus sign, the parenthesis may be removed if the sign of every term within the parenthesis be changed.
Σελίδα 51 - Divide the first term of the dividend by the first term of the divisor, and write the result as the first term of the quotient.
Σελίδα 136 - From each equation obtain the value of one of the unknown quantities in terms of the other. Form an equation from these equal values and reduce the eqvaJLùm.
Σελίδα 35 - The product of the sum and difference of two numbers is equal to the difference of their squares.
Σελίδα 35 - The square of the sum of two numbers is equal to the square of the first number plus twice the product of the first and second number plus the square of the second number.
Σελίδα 56 - Any term may be transposed from one side of an equation to the other provided its sign be changed.
Σελίδα 125 - A sets out and travels at the rate of 7 miles in 5 hours. Eight hours afterwards B sets out from the same place and travels in the same direction, at the rate of 5 miles in 3 hours. In how many hours will B overtake A ? 41.

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