From Balloon to Bomber

J. Crowther, 1946 - 228 σελίδες

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aerial aerial warfare aeronautical aeroplane Air Ministry Air Service aircraft airmen airscrew airship Alan Cobham Alcock and Brown although America Amy Johnson ascent Atlantic Australia aviation Avro Lancaster Avro Lincoln Avro Triplane Baghdad balloon Bert Hinkler biplane bird flight Bleriot bombers bombs Bristol Bristol Aeroplane Co Bristol Beaufort Bristol Blenheim Bristol Boxkite Bristol Bulldog Bristol Hercules Bristol Jupiter Bristol Pegasus Bristol Pullman Britain British British Airways brothers built Cairo Canute Charles Kingsford-Smith constructed contest Copyright Cranwell crossing Croydon Daily Mail descended diameter dirigible distance England equipped experiments feet fighter Fleet Air Arm flew flight flown flying Flying Boat flying-boats France German glider Gloster Aircraft Company Graf Zeppelin Grahame-White ground h.p. engine height Hendon Henry Farman Hugh Trenchard Illustration Imperial Airways India internal combustion engine invention Jean Batten journey Karachi Lady Houston Lady Southern Cross landed later Lilienthal Lockheed Vega London London Illustration Lord Rothermere Lord Trenchard Lord Weir Luftwaffe Lympne machine miles military minutes Mollison monoplane Mount Everest Napier Lion Newfoundland non-rigid airships official organisation Pan American Airways parachute Paratroops passengers Percival Gull Percival Vega Gull pilot Port Darwin propeller R. J. Mitchell race reached record Rolls-Royce Merlin route Royal Aero Club Royal Aeronautical Society Royal Air Force Royal Flying Corps Samuel Hoare Schneider Trophy Science Museum Seaplane Sefton Brancker set off ship Sir George Cayley South Kensington Southampton speed Spitsbergen Squadron Leader squadrons Stanley Baldwin steam engine success Timor Sea Vauxhall Gardens Vickers Vickers Vimy Vickers Wellesley Westland Wallace Wiley Post wind wings Wright Wright brothers Zeppelin

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