Εικόνες σελίδας
Ηλεκτρ. έκδοση

Hoop, any thing circular Leak, to run out

Whoop, a shout of pursuit Leek, a root Hour, sixty mioutes

Lyre, a harp Our, bclouging to us

Li ar, one who tells lies Hay, dried grass Limb, a member

Hey, a word of joy Limo, to paint Hoe, a garden tool

Lo, behold Ho, a call

Low, humble
Hoard, to lay up

Loan, any thing lent
Horde, a clan or tribe Lone, single
Ile or Aisle, of a church Lock, to close fast
Isle, an island

Lough, a lake
I'll, I will

Lore, learning In, within

Low er, more low lon, a tavern

Main, chief Jam, to wedge in

Mane, of a horse Jamb, post of a door, &c. Maize, indian wheat Kill, to slay

Maze, a labyrioth Kilu, of bricks

Mall, a wooden hammer Kpap, to bite

Maul, to beat Nap, a short sleep

Mead, a liquor Kuave, a rascal

Mede, a native of Medea Nave, of a wheel Meed, a reward Knead, to work dough Mean, low Need, necessity

Mien, aspect Koeel, to rest on the knee Meat, food

Neal, to temper by heat Meet, fit Knew, did know

Mete, measure New, not old

Might, power Knight, title of honour Mite, an insect

Night, the evening Moan, to lament Knot, made by tying Mown, cut down Not, enying

Moat, a ditch Koow, to understand Mote, a particle of dust No, not so

More, greater Knows, doth know

Mow er, one who mows Nose, of the face

Naught, bad Lade, to load

Nought, nothing Laid, placed

Nay, no Lain, did lie

Neigh, as a horse Laje, a varrow road

Oar, to row with Lead, & metal

Ore, metal uurefined Led, did lead

One, in number


Won, did win

Pail, a vessel

Pale, whitish Pair, a couple Pare, to cut off Pear, fruit

Pall, a cloak of state

l'aul, a man's name Pause, a stop Paws, of a beast

Peace, quiet

Piece, a part Peak, the top Pique, a grudge

Peal, of bells

Peel, a rind Peer, a nobleman Pier, of a bridge

Place, a situation

Plaice, a kind of fish Plain, even Plane, to make smooth

Plait, a fold

Plate, of metal Plum, a fruit Plumb, a leaden weight

Pole, a long stick

Poll, the head Pore, to look near Pour, to fall heavily

Praise, to commend

Prays, doth pray Pray, to beseech Prey, a booty

Pries, searches into

Prize, to value
Rains, falls as rain
Reigns, rules as a king
Reins, of a bridle

Raise, to lift up
Rays, beams of light

Raze, to destroy
Rap, to strike

Wrap, to fold together

Red, a colour

Read, did read Reed, a plant Read, to peruse

Rest, ease

Wrest, to force Retch, to vomit Wretch, a worthless person

Rice, a sort of grain

Rise, origio
Right, true
Rite, a ceremony..
Write, with a pen
Wright, a workman

Ring, to sound

W rivg, to twist Road, the highway Rode, did ride

Roe, a kind of apinal

Row, a rank Rote, memory Wrote, did write

Rough, upeven

Ruff, a linen orpament
Rung, sounded
Wrung, twisted

Rye, a sort of grain

Wry, crooked Race, generation Rase, to blot out

Rout, a tumultuous crowd

Route, road or way
Sail, of a ship
Sale, a selling

Scene of a stage
Seen, beheld

Seine, a net for fishing
Scent, smell
Sent, ordered away

Sea, the ocean

See, to behold Seam, a scar

Seem, to appear

Tax, à rate Seas, great waters

Tail, the end Sees, he seeth

Tale, a story Seize, to lay hold Tare, allowance in weight So, thus

Tear, to rend Sew, with a needle

Tear, water from the eyes Sow, to scatter seed

Tier, a row Shear, to clip

To, unto Shire, a county

Too, likewise Sign, a token

Two, twice one Sine, in geometry

Toe, of the foot Sloe, a fruit

Tow, to draw after Slow, dull

Team, of cattle or horses Soar, to mount up

Teem, to abound Sore, apulcer

Their, of them Sõrd, grassy turf

There, in that place Sword, a weapon

Throne, seat of a king Sole, of the shoe

Thrown, cast Soul, spirit

Time, when Some, a part

Thyme, an herb Sum, the whole

Tide, flux of the sea Son, a male child

Tied, bound
Sun, the fountain of light Told, related
Stair, a step

Tolled, did toll
Stare, to look earnestly Tint, a colour
Steal, to take by theft Teint, touch of a pencil
Steel, hard metal

Teal, a wild fowl
Stile, steps over fence Teil, a tree

Style, manner of writing Toll, a rate of tax Seel, to close the eyes Tole, to draw by degrees Seal, to fix a scal

Tongue, organ of speech Slay, to kill

Tong, of a buckle
Sley, to part into threads Throe, extreme agony

Slaie, a weaver's reed Throw, to cast
Stake, a piece of wood Troll, to run round
Steak, broiled meat

Troul, to utter volubly Shone, did shine

Threw, did throw Shown, did show Through, by means of Strait, narrow

The, an article Straight, direct

Thee, thyself Sleight, dexterity Veil, and Vail, a covering Slight, to despise

Vale, a valley Tacks, small nails

Vaio, fruitless

Vane, a weathercock

Chol er, anger
Vein, for the blood Col lar, for the neck
Verge, the edge

Cio gle, a girth
Virge, a dean's rod

Sin gle, alone Wail, to lament

Cous in, a relation Wale, a rising part Coz en, to cheat Wain, a wagon

Coun cil, assembly Ware, a decrease

Coun şel, advice Waist, part of the body Crew el, worsted Waste, to spend

Cru el, barbarous Wait, to tarry

Cur rant, a berry Weight, heaviness

Cur rent, passing Ware, merchandise Fel loe, of a wheel Wear, to put on

Fel low, an associate Were, plural of was In dite, to dictate Way, road

Io dict, to prosecute Weigh, to poise

Les sen, to diminish Weak, feeble

Les son, a precept Week, seven days

Man ner, a mode Wood, timber

Man or, a lor,Iship
Would, was willing Met al, gold, silver &c.
Wave, a billow

Met tle, briskoess
Waive, to put off Pal ate, instrument of taste
With, by

Pal ette, a painter's board
Withe, a willow twig Pal let, a little bed

You, plural of thou Pap el, a square in wood
Yew, a tree

work Al tar, for sacrifice

Pan nel, a kiod of saddle
Al ter, to change

Prof it, advantage
An ker, of brandy, &c. Prophet, a foreteller

An chor, for ships Sen ior, elder
As cent, acclivity

Seign ior, à lord
As sent, acquiescence Weath er, state of the air
Au ger, to bore with

Weth er, a sheep
Au gur, a predictor Chron i cal, inveterate
Can non, a great gun

Chron i cle; a history Can on, a rule

Com ple ment, full quantity Ceil iog, of a room Com pli ment, expression

Seal iog, setting a seal of civility
Cel lar, a vault

Prin ci pal, chief
Sell er, he who sells Prio ci ple, fundamental
Cco ser, for incense

truth Cen sor, one who censures

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Table of Numbers.


Arabic. One

1. Two

2 Three

3 Four

4 Five

5 Six

6 Seven

7 Eight 8 * Nine

9 Ten

10 Eleven 11 Twelve 12 Thirteen 13 Fourteen 14 Fifteen 15 Sixteen 16 Seventeen 17 Eighteen 18 Nineteen 19 Twenty



Arabic. Latin. I Twenty-one

XXI II Twenty-two 22 XXII III Twenty-three 23 XXIII IV Thirty

30 XXX V Forty

40 XL VI Fifty


L VII Sixty

60 LX VIII Seventy

70 LXX IX Eighty

80 LXXX x Ninety

90 XC XI One hundred 100

C XII Two hundred 200

CC XIII Three hundred 300 CCC XIV Four hundred 400 CCCC XV Five hundred 500 D XVI Six hundred 600 DC XVII Seven hundred 700 DCC XVIII Eight hundred 800 DCCC XIX Nine hundred 900 DCCCC XX One thousand 1000 N

One thousand eight hundred and nineteen, 1819.


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Abbreviations explained. A. Adswer.

Bart. Baronet.
A. B. Bachelor of Arts. B. D. Bachelor of Divinity.
A. C. Before Christ. B. V. Blessed Virgin.
A. D. in the year of our Lord.c. Centnm. a hundred.
A. M. Master of Arts; beforeC. P. S. Keeper of the Priry

Noon; or in the year of the Seal.

C. S. Keeper of the Seal.

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