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Ηλεκτρ. έκδοση

I gave him a quill.
He wrote with a pen.
She put on her cloak.
She sat on the bench.
Where shall I go now,
To get a good horse?

He said I might go,
And fetch it for him.
He has a gold watch.
Here is a white rose.
Go now to thy place.
Be still as a mouse.

She had a large silk shawl.
The lambs play on the grass.
The doves mourn in the grove,
For the loss of their mates.
It is now six o'clock.
Let us go and drink tea.

Oh taste and see that the Lord is good.
Speak the truth and sin not.
So shall thy end be peace,
And the


be no dread. For the sting of death is sin.

In the fall of the year, when the wind blows hard, and shakes the nuts from the trees, the boys and girls turn out, and pick them up, to crack, and eat at home by the fire-side ; while the old folks sit and smoke their pipes, or read some good book.

Good boys play some, but read and work much more, they will not hurt their mates with whom they work or play, if they can help it, nor speak hard words to them, but do them all the good they can.

Good girls knit, sew, or spin, and read their books; they are not proud, but dress neat and clean, and are kind to all.

Words of two Syllables accented on the first.

la ver

wa fer

la zy

dal ly

ma ker

ä A corn a gent an gel a pron ba by ba con ba ker ba sin ba sis bla zon bra zen

na ked

na tal
na val

bar op

la tent va ry

badg er clar et
bad ly

dab ble
wa ger

baf fle wa ges

bal lad dam ask man ger

wa ver bal lot dam sel ma ple za ny ban dit

dam son ma son

ban dy

dan dle ma zy

Abbess ban ish daz zle
ab bot
bank er

drag on name ly ab ject

ban ner

fac tor ab sent ban ter

fag ot ac cent

fam ish
na vy

bar rel
bar ren

fat ten
ad verb bas ket
pa gan

flag on
ad der bat ten

flas en
pa per
ad vent bat ter gaths er

bat tle
bran dy gab ble
cab in

gal lop
an gle
rap ger

an Sger
ra ven

can cer

ca ble

fan cy

ac rid ac tor

ca per ca pon

pa cer

cra dle

pa pal

[blocks in formation]

al um

gav el

pa pist pa ver

fa ble fa tal

qua ker

am ber am ble am bush

gal lon

qua ver ra ker

ga ble

cac kle cam el can cel

[blocks in formation]

ga zer gra ces gra ter

gam ut gan der gar ret

sa ble sa bre sa cred sa tan

gra vy has ten

gras sy

has ty

an kle
an nals
an them
an tic
ant ler
an vil
ap ple
apt ly
ar rant

can did can dle can dy can ton cap tor car at car ol

gratis grav el

sa ving
sha dy
sha ver
sta ble
ta ble
ta bor

ha tred ha ven ha zel ha zy la bel la ding la dle la dy

hab it hag gle ham let ham mer

[merged small][ocr errors]

ash es

ham per

at las
at om

ta per

car rot cat tle cav ern cav il chap el

ax is

han dle han dy hank er

tame ly
va cant


bab ble

pad dle


tal ent
tal on
tan per
tan gle
tan ner

pan der

her on

[ocr errors]

hav ing hav oc

tar ry

parish par rot

en voy en vy

lead en leav en lem on

van ish

es say

vas sal wag gle

ex it

hap ly

el bow hel met bap pen pal lid

el der help er pam per

em bers hemp en has let

em blem her ald hat ter pan ic

em met pan el

emp ty jelly pan try

en ter

ken nel haz ard

tas sel

en try ker nel jab ber tattle

kettle jack et par ry

tav ern jag äged patent trav el

er rand jal ap pat ron

val et

er rant jan gle pat ten val id

er ror len til jas per plan et val ley es cort

len tor lad der rab bin

lep er lam bent rab ble

id eth ics

les sen Jan cet rab bit

ey er

les son lap pet rack et

let ter laih5 er rad ish

wag on

ex port lev el lat ter raf fle ě ex tant

lev ee mad ar

rag ged Beck on fel low mad der rally bed lam fel on ined al mag got ram ble

fen der med dle ran cid

fen nel med lar mal let ran dom bel low

fer ret med ley mam mon ran som

mel lor man ful bet ter fes tal

mel on man' gle ras cal bev il

fes ter

mem ber rat tle, cel lar fet id

men tal man ly ray el cen tre fet ter

mer it man na

cen try man ner sad dle

method man tle sal ad cher ub

gen der

nec far mar ry

nes tle mas sy sam ple

gently mat in san dal cred it

gen try net tle mat ron sat in

nev er mat ter scan ty dead ly

peb ble ed dy hec tic

ped ant pack et tac kle ef fort bec tor

ped dle

lev у

beg gar bel fry

mag net

ber ry

fer ry

rap id

man gy

rav in

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

pen cil

gar den

pen man pen ny pep per

gar gle gar ner

spi der

gar ter

per il per ish

per ry

pes ter pes tle

ves sel

i cy

yel lon

zen ith

vi per

par don par con

pet ty plen ty reb el reck on rec ord rec tor relict relics rel ish ren der res in rev el second sel dom sen try set tle sev en sev er sex ton ster il

li ar

par ty

tes ty

dy ing ri val tet ter fi ler

sci on teth5 er fi nal si lent twen ty

Ai er vel lum fri ar

sti fle har den vel vet

gi ant sy phon hard ly vend er hy men ti dy

har dy ven om hy phen ti oger

jar gon time ly

lard er ves try i dle ti ny

mar ble wel kin idler ti tle mar gin wel ter idly tri al

mar ket

i dol trifle mar ten
ire fall
ty rant

mar tyr
zeal ot
i ris vi al

mar vel zeph yr i ron

vile ly par cel i tem i i vy vi tal Bi as

kind ly whi ten part ly bi ble

wi den
bi ped
li bel

tar dy bri dle like ly

tar 'get liken Ar cher tar tar li ning

ē ci der li on

ar dent" Bee tle ci on live ly

arm pit be ing ci pher mi nor ar my

bea con ci tal mi ser

bea dle cli ent mi tre

art ist

bea gle cli max nice ly art less

bea ver crier nine ty

bar ber be som cri sis ni tre bar ter

car go

ce ment car man

dea con cy prus pi rate di al pli ant

de cent di et pli ers car pet

deep en di gest pri or car ter

de ist di ning qui et dar nel

de mon di vers

ri fle far del dy er ri ot far mer ea Sger


[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small]

tep id

e dict

ter ror

sea son

din ner dip per

im port im post

mid way

dit ty diz zy

ea sy

driv en

ve nal

mis ty

in got in jure

mys tic

e vil

we vil year ly ze bra ze nith


fe ver flee cy free ly


pic kle

ge lid

fin #ger

ge nus

big ot gree dy bil let

fin ny

pil lar pil low

ea gle

mid dle ea glet se cret ear wig seem lydis mal in born mil dew eas ter se quel

in cest mill er se rum

ip come

mil let e pact

the sis driv el in dex mim mic e poch? trea ty

in fant min'' gle e qual tre mor fic kle in flux

mir ror era

fid dle e ther weak en fidg et

miz zen e ven week ly

fif ty in land

fig ure in let dib ble fee ble

fil let in mate pim ble in most

pick et filter in sect filthy in step

pig gin Bick er

in sult

pil fer fin ish in to

in ward hear er fis cal

pim ple he ro

pip piu keep er bit ter

kim bo bil low

kin dle le gal chilly

kit ten

pith y le gend chis el gib bet

pit y le vite cin der 3gid dy lim ber

pret ty mean ly cit ron 3 gig gle lim bo prim er mere ly city 3gim let


pris on civ, et gio ger lim ner

pyg my civ ic gin gle

quin sy nee dy civ il gip sy

quiv er pe nai clin ic

gris ly

lin" 3ger ribbon crit ic grit ty

Jin net

rich es que ry

hid den lin tel rid dle cym bal hig gle

lis ten hin der

lit ter riv et dib ble

rim ple re cent

dif fer hys sop liv id shiy er re gal · dim ple jin gle liz ard

sick en re gent din gle

lyric sic kle

bish op bis son

kid nap kid ney

fish er fit ly Aini sy Alin ty

lead er

pip kin pis tol

lil y

[blocks in formation]
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