Εικόνες σελίδας
Ηλεκτρ. έκδοση

an te ce dent
in co he rence

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THE SEASONS. Spring, the most delightful season in the year, with smiling aspect comes. The warm breezes, gen. tle showers, and vivifying vernal sun, acting in concert on the vegetable world, produce in succession all the varied productions of nature. The earth i's covered with a lovely green, intermingled with flow. ers of various hues. The trees put forth their tender buds and are soon covered with leaves apd blossoms : the birds fill the woods, groves, and orchards with their melodious notes : love tunes their voices ; they unite in pairs, and endowed, by an all-wise cre. ator, with an admirable instinct, build their little nests with the greatest industry, which are often destroyed by cruel and wicked boys.

The careful farmer now ploughs his fields, and scalters his precious seeds into the bosom of the earth, and waits with due dependance the coming harvest.

Summer comes next with its sultry heats caused by a more vertical sun, and longer days.

The flocks and herds, to avoid the burning rays, re. tire to the cooling shades of the trees: and the sprightly boys betake themselves to the water, to bathe and refresh themselves in the cooling stream. Early in the morning, the industrious mower with his scythe on his shoulder enters the meadow, and with sweeping strokes, cuts down the grass, while the jolly baymakers with forks and rakes, follow in his train, to turn and spread the new mown hay.

But see, the sky lowers! and rolling thunder bursts with vivid flashes of lightning, and the haymakers hasten to some shelter to screen them from the threat. ening shower.

Autumn follows, loaded with the golden harvest. The joyful farmer reaps his fields and fills his barns and granaries with the rich rewards of his labour. The cruel sportsman now traverses the fields with various instruments of death. With the wide spreading net he entangles the wild pigeon; but the more timid birds he shoots with his gun.

Now the boys are gathering nuts and laying them up to crack and eat of a winter's evening. The orchard affords us much enjoyment; the apple, peach, pear, plum, and various other fruits with their different flavours, delight the taste and furnish us with useful nourishment. And now the chilling breezes and falling leaves proclaim the approach of a more dreary season.

Winter comes at last. The trees are divested of their leaves : the verdure of the Gelds is decayed;

the snow begins to fall and clothe the earth with a - white mantle. The ponds and rivers are frozen, and

boys are seen sliding and skating upon the smooth surface of the ice. The farmer thrashes, out his grain ; some of which he carries to the mill to be ground for bread, and some he sells to the merchant, or exchanges for different kinds of merchandise.

The long evenings of winter are not without their delights. Neighbours now have leisure to make and return the social visit, and while the older people are enjoying the social converse, and the rustic treat of fruit and cider, the youth are taking their pleasure in more lively but innocent diversions.

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