Εικόνες σελίδας
Ηλεκτρ. έκδοση
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cloud y


thirst y

mor tise

norra • suf fidge

won der

haugh ty sur feit work man

haw thorn, Bound less sur geon

world ling laun dress brow beat sur plice worm wood law sūit syr up . wor ry

clown ish For ship

countless thurs day

wor sthy mort main doubt ful thor ough yon der naugh ty

floun der touch stone young ster

nor Bikern

found ling touch wood aw off spring fountain troub le Al most

pot trăit

hour ly - trùn cheon au burne

qualm ish house hold ver bal ver dant aus pice

sauce box mouth ful ver dict awk ward scorn ful

out wârd ver juice

slaugh ter scoundrel ver min broad cloth swar thy

õo ver nal

cause way thought ful Dooms day ver tex cor sair thral dom

buoy ant craw fish

tor toise troop er um brage daugh ter wa ter

oo un guent for feit

Butch er up right fort night

oi crook ed up start

for ward Clois ter cush ion whirl pool froth y joy ous foot stool whirlwind gor geous

poign ant worst ed

aug ment

quár tile

moun tain

braw ny

vir gin

wharf age

In the following words, ti, ci, and sci, sound

like sh.

[blocks in formation]

Cinct ure

iss ue



post ure

u beginning a syllable, has its full sound like yu.
feat ure

rupt ure
Fail ure
seiz ure

nat ure

fixt ure

struct ure
Cens ure

cult ure
Az ure
flex ure

mixi ure junct ure
capture gest ure scripture verd ure
fract ure
lect ure
tinct ure

virt ue
leis ure

vult ure
stat ure meas ure

ŏ stat ute pleasure

Glob ule Fort une
val ue

1gched ule vol uine
ten ure

ū tort ure
Past ure
text ure
Fut ure

ē vent ure


Joint ure
Creat ure vest ure

Punct ure

moist ure i and e beginning the last syllable like

y. a


viz ier
Braz ier
Best jal

1 christ ian ū

i Fusion
i Right eous junior
ă Bill ious
Bast ion

Cros ier

brilliant hos ier Fustian
bid eous

court ier scull ion
grand eur ind ian cloths ier bull ion

aw min ion Collier

Cord ial trans ient vis ion

nox ious

naus eous nova

pon iard

glaz ier
say iour



bill iards

ans ious
as iom

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os ier

on ion

span iel

case ia

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Be kind to all men. Love even those who do not love you. Learn this first great truth, that God is the common parent of all mankind, and that, therefore, all men are brethren: what you do for others, is all you have reason to expect from them.

mar Love labour. If you do not want it for food, you may for physic. Labour gives a sweetness and relish to your food, which all the spices of India cannot afford you, if you are idle. The lazy man is a burden to himself: time hangs like a great weight upon him ; he wishes, but his wishes are vain. Besides, he is in danger of falling into sin ; for, when the devil finds a man idrey he sets him to work.

Rise betimes in the morning, and apply thyself to useful labout, either of mind or body; and then sball sloth be a stranger in thy house, and want will not come near thy dwelling.

God made the world, and all things that are in it. He made the sun to shine by day, and the moon and stars to give light by night. He made all the beasts that walk or creep on the earth, all the fowls that fly in the air, and all the fish that swim in the sea. AN herbs, plants and trees he made too, and all for the use of man, who was made of the dust of the earth, to be the lord of this new world; and God gave him a soul. And God brought all the beasts to the man, to see what he would call them : and the man gave names to all the creatures that were brought to him : and the name that the man gave to each beast or bird, that was the name of it.

And the Lord God said it is not good that the inan should be alone; I will make him a help meet for him.

And the Lord God brought a deep sleep upon the man, and then took from his side a rib, of which he made him a wife, and brought her to him, and her name was Eve ; and from these two sprang all' the sons of men.

When the world had been made a great length of time, man be came bad, and would not serve his God; but took a wrong, turn and went on in sin. Then God swept him from the earth by a great flood.

All men were swept from the face of the earth, by the flood ex-cept one good man and his three sons and their wives : and from these came all the peo-ple that have been since on all the earth.

Words of two syllables, accented on the second.

A light

en force

be wray

de prive

trans pose

de prave

cas tile

ā for swear


dis course A gainst pre pare

di vorce ab stain

af fright

en close ac quaint Ag grieve ac quire

en croach ap praise a chieve

ap prize ar raign an tique

as cribe

en gross at taipt ap pease as sign en throne

aus lere a stride escha lot block ade be lieve be guile fore close campaign be neaths be stride

pro roguc *chain paign be queatho be times re course chi cane be reave

com prise re proach com plaint be siege

re source con straint be sinear de scribe

traps port croi sade blas pheme de spise ca price de spite

ū dis claim casb ier

dis guise

Ab struse dis train

em priss

ex clude em blaze cha grin

en light in clude e strange col league

en shrine in trude, ex change con geal

ere while

ob scure grim ace cou rier

e squire ob trude high way de cease

in scribe o paque

der nier per spire re mains dis please

re cruit trans late en shield re strain fa tigue re spire

trans fuse re straint feof fee sub scribe

å vouch safe fron tier sur prise

in crease

tran scribe at tract
in trigue
trans pire

con tract
Co heir
ma schine

o des patch com pare

Al 'though de tract de clare ob scene

ap proach e lapse re ceipt

re cluse

pre scribe

se clude

up braid

ob lique

des pair

be strew ex panse re prieve de throne

ex tract for bear trans piercé dis close

fi nanee

en snare

in print

ob serve

Jis pepse

en feoff

ga zette

en chapt

har angue

con tempt forth with in crust im plant co quet

im pinge in dulge romance de fence

in struct trans act de press

in Aict in trust trans plant de scend in fringe mis trust where as de scent

suc cinct with staod di gress trans mit ob struct ah

where in

per verse A ghast

where with pro mulge ad vance ex pense

ŏ re hearse as kaunce fare well Abscond re pulse be calm fi nesse ab solve re search be half fre quent de spond

re serve con trast

dis lodge

re verse em balm gro tesque

re spond so jouro im mense re sponse

sub serve en hance

in cense where of trans fer en trance in flect


oo in graft in spect

Af front Ap prove mis chance in stead

ad journ

ca noe re grant in tense ad judge

car touch ar in trench a mongst Ca tarrh

of fence as perse dis charge pre tense a thirst en large pro pense con front

in tomb guit ar re quest con struct mon soon sur charge re spect

con verge

ra gout ě re trench

con verse A breast re venge

con vulse ad dress sus pense

de serve at tempt

trans cend des sert where to be friend

trans gress dis burse be quest i

Ap plaud be spread A bridge

dis trust

ap plause bur lesque a squint

di verge com mence be twist

di vulge

ath wart corn press be witch ex punge

dis prove

en tomb

im prove

sur tout un couth un do


dis perse

as sault

be cause con demn dis tinct im burse be sought con dense e clipse

be troth con temn es tinct

de fault

im merge im merse

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