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dis gorge

warownow morn de fraud re morse announce

pro nounce trans form ca rouse

pro pound e clat with draw com pound re bound en dorse

con found

re count ex haust Ap point

de nounce

re dound ex* hort em broil dis count

re mount. fore stalt ex ploit dis mount

re nounce in stall re joice e spouse

re sound in thral

ex pound sur mount me moirs

mis count

sur round
re call

with out

sub join

pro found

The wise industrious Bee employs her hours
In gathering honey from the various flowers :
Learn by the bee from each event to find,
Some hint of use or profit to thy mind.
Tue Lion rages round the wood,
And makes the lesser beasts bis food

Thus tyrants on their subjects prey,
And rule with arbitrary sway.

awan Let pot reading cause you to neglect your spelling. Learn to spell and pronounce well,"before you read much. Good spelling is the sure way to good reading: therefore, study spelling with the greatest care, till you can spell all the words in this book, as soon as you hear them, without seeing them.

When you can spell well, you can soon read well : and when yon can read well, you may study your grammar. Grammar will teach you to know what is meant by the parts of speech, and how to write and speak as you ought to do : and without the knowledge of grammar, your language will not be correct; and you will always be marked by your friends as a poor scholar.

Words of three Syllables, accented on the first.

clar i on clas sic al dal li ance das tard ly dram a tist fab ri cate fal li ble fam i ly fan ci ful far ri er fas cin ate faths er legs fath' om less fla" ge let fran gi ble frank in cense frat ri cide gal lan try

gal li cism

gal li pot

gal va nism gar ri son grat i fý grat i tude

a Ab sti bence ac ci dence ac ci dent, ad jec tive ad ju tant ad mi ral af flu ence ag gran dize ag gra vate ag gre gate al i ment al i quant al i quot al ka li al ka line am bas sage am ber gris am e thyst am i ty

av a rice az i muth bạn ish ment bapk rupt cy bar ri er bar ris ter bas i lisk bat tle door bat tle ment black a moor blan dish ment blas phe my cab i 'uet cal cu late cal i ber can di date can dle mas can dle stick can pi bal cap

i tal cap

ti vate car ri er car ri on cas ti gate cat a logue cat a plasm cat e chise cat e 'chism cav i ty cham pi on chan cel lor chan ti cleer char i ot char i ty chas ti ty claro or ous car i =

am o rous

am pli tude an chor age au gli cism an gri ly an i mal an i mate åph o rism ap o logue ap o thegm ap po site a" que duct a" qui line ar ro gance at mos phere at ti tule at tri bute


i tate grav i ty hal cỹ op hay di craft han vi ly háp pi ly hap pi ness baz ard ous lab ý riott las si tude

lax i ty

ma" cer ate ma" gis trate

mag net ism mag ni tude maj es ty mal con tent man age ment man ful ness man i fest man i fold mari göld mar i ner mar i time

scav en ger strat a gem ta cit ly tan ta lize tract a ble val iant ly val or ous van i ty al 1chy mist al chy my scham o mile Ichar ac ter bac ichan als

ah After ward laugh a ble nas ti ness psalm o dy

har di hood har di ness har le quin har mo dize harp si 'cbord heart i ly mar ca site mar a chion ess mar ma lade mar quis ate mar tin gal martyr dom mar vel lous mas ter piece par lia ment par son age

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mar ri age

mas cu line

mas que


par ti cle


mas ti cate mat ri cide max i mum par ra tive nav i gate pa'' ci fý pa' geant ry pal mist ry par a graph par a phrase par i ty par ox ism par ri cide pas sen ger pat ri ot pat rod age pat ron ize prac tic al quad ra ture quad ru ped rav en ous rhap so dy sac ri fice sac ri lege scan da lous scarify

Ar bi ter ar bi trate arch? e type archa i tect ar ichi trave ar mis tice ar ti choke ar ti cle ar ti fice ar ti san bar ba rism bar ba rous car di nal car ni val car pen ter car ti lage charge a ble far ci cal gar

ni ture


ti san part ner ship

à Alien ate a pricot a que ous blame a ble ca pri corn cha fing dish chami ber lain change a ble cra ni um dain tily dan ger ous eigh tieth fa vour ite feign ed ly fla gran cy grace fully gra cious ness grate fully has ti ly hein ous ness

guar di an

har bin ger

kna ve ry

la i ty

jeal ous jes sa mine

ma crocosm

leth ar gy



des ti tute hem or rhoids la bour er

det ri ment hep tar Ichy ed i fý

у la zi ness

el o quence
em bas sage

le'' gi ble main te nance em brý o le" gis late ma ni ac em i grant

len i ent neigh bour hood em i grate len i tive neigh bour ing em i nence

i neigh bour ly em i nent pa tri arch? em u lous

lev i ty pla gia ry en mi ty

les i con ra di ant en ter prize

mechi an ism ra pi er en vi ous

med i cine sa cra ment

ep i gram men di cant sa cri fice

ep i logue mer ri ment sa your y ep i taph

mes sen ger sta tion er

meth o dist va ri apce et qui page

nec ta rine va ri ous el qui ty

neg li gence wa ri ly ev i dence

neg li gent waste ful ness ev i dent

neth er most weight ily ex cel lent pel i can ě

ex cre ment Bed lam ite

pen i tence bless ed ness

ex quis ite brev i ty ex tri cate


sion er bu ri al feb ri fuge

peń sive ly cel e brate fel low ship

pen ta teuch 1 cen sor, ship

fem i nine cen ti pede fen ci ble

per il ous clean li ness

per i wig cred u lous flex i ble dec a logue

gen e rous def er ence dem a gogue


tle man pleas ant ly dep re cate gen tle ness plen i tude des ig nate

plen te ous des pa rale

belle bore des po tiem hem is phere

pre! ci pice

pen e trate

ex i gence

pen i tent

pen te cost

fer ri age

pes ti lence pet ri fy pet ti.coat

gen i tive


plen ti ful

ge ni al

prej u dice pręs by ter pres i dent prev a lence prev a lent

tel e scope

me ni al peace a ble

quer u lous

read i ly

pre vi ous

refer ence

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cu pred i cate stead fast ly

fre quently pref er ence stead i ly stead i ness

gree di ly stren u ous

gree di ness tech1 nic al griev ous ly

heaths en ish tem per ance me di ate quench a ble tem per ate


ten der ness pe

ri od
reck on ing
ter ri ble

pre mi um rec og nize

ter ri bly rec om pense ter ri fý

rea son ing rec ti tude tes ta ment se rious tes ti fỹ

speed i ly re'' gi cide treach er ous

teach a ble re'' gi men treach ery

ve he mence reli

gi ment twen ti eth rep ri mand rep ro bate ven tri cle

wea ri ness re'' qui site ver i ly

î res i dence ver ity



rick res i dent wretch ed ly

bit ter ness res in ous

yes ter day brig an tine ret ro grade

zeal ous ly rev e rence


bu si ly scep tic al Cheer fully

buľ si ness scep ti cisma cheer ful ness

chil der mas ced i ment

%chiv al rous de vi ate

cic a trize sen si ble

de vi ous sen si tive

ea ger nes3 crit i cise sen ti ment ea si ly

crit i cism sen ti nel e qui nox sup ul 1chre

e qui poise spe" cimen

fear ful ly dif fer ence spe ci fý fear less ly dif fer ent spec ta cle fea si ble

dif fi cult spheric al fee ble ness dif fi dence splen e tic fre quen cy

dif fi dent

ve hicle
ve ni al

ven om ous

brill iad cy

de i ty

self ish ness


crys tal line crystallize

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