Natural Economic Order

T G S, 18 Απρ 2007 - 504 σελίδες
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Gesell's celebrated work on monetary and social reform is a modern attempt to provide a solid basis for economic liberalism, the creed of Adam Smith and almost all the great nineteenth century economists in contrast to the twentieth century trend of collectivism and planned economy - accompanied by 'austerity', 'import restriction', 'dollar shortage', 'pegging the exchanges' and 'credit squeeze'. There is now again trend toward economic liberalism: private initiative, free trade and free exchanges. Economic liberalism, believed to have been strongly influenced by Gesell's book, has produced the "West German miracle", the quickest and by far most complete recovery of any country that had been under the bombs. The book gives the economist, the politician and the businessman clear insight into the mechanism and dangers of inflation and deflation and contains an authorative account of unhoardable money, money that causes its holder carrying costs - a completely original idea important in monetary theory and practice.

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