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German Bank of Sheboygan, Clarke v.

552 German National Bank of Oshkosh, Hyde v.

406 Getzinger, Cole v.

559 Geuder & Paeschke Mfg. Co., Vorbrich v..

279 Gianella v. Bigelow and others...

185 Estates of decedents: Banks and banking: Individual liability

of stockholders: Jurisdiction : Equity: Parties: Constitutional

law: Circuit and county courts: Judgments: Executions. Gillan v. State Journal Printing Co.....

460 Newspaper libel: Presumption of damage. Gilman, Toron of, Keller v...

445 Gordon, Strong v..

476 Gorr v. Mittlestaedt.

296 Dangerous place near traveled way: Liability of owner of prem

ises for injuries: Intervening space. Guetzkow Brothers Co. v. Breese and another....... 591 Duress of goods: Landlord and tenant: Agreement to insure:

Apportionment of insurance money.


Hale, Clausen v.

100 Haley, Hubbard v..

578 Ilani v. Agen...

493 Contracts: Architects: Compensation: Instructions to jury: Im

material errors. Heller v. City of Milwaukee ..

134 Special assessments: Milwaukee city charter: Liability of city

to refund money paid for void certificates of sale: Construe

tion of statutes. Henry, J. B. Alfree Mfg. Co. v...

327 libbard v. Chicago, St. Paul, M. & 0. R. Co......... 463 Railroads: Injury to warehouseman sealing car: Fellow-serv

ants: Negligence: Statutory liability. Hobbs, Bergeron v..

641 Homestead Land Co. v. Becker....

206 Fixtures: Intention: Giving of chattel mortgage. Hubbard v. Haley and another......

.. 578

..... 578

Hubbard v. Shove....
(1) Attachment: Practice. (2) Appeal: Pleading. (3-7) Con-
tracts: Guaranty: Demand: Corporations: Ultra vires: No-

tice of default: Agency: Estoppel: Damages. Hyde v. German National Bank of Oshkosh..... ... 406

Appealable order: Reference: Jurisdiction: Consent. Iynes Lumber Co., Kendall v......

... 659

Ingles v. Merriman....

400 Equity: Correction of errors in conveyances of land: Tax

titles: Costs.


Innes v. City of Milwaukee .....
Injury to employee: Failure to furnish most approved appli-

ances: Special verdict: Inconsistent findings.
In re Will of Lyon....
Wills: Witnesses: Wife of executor: Revocation: Marriage of

testatris. Insurance Company of Pennsylvania, Cooper v.



J. A. Fay & Egan Co. and others v. Brown and others 434 (1) Contracts: Construction: "Day.” (2-4) Corporations: Mort

gage to stockholder: Bona fide purchaser: Sufficiency of interest to raise objection: Laborers' claims: Payment by stock

holder personally liable: Preference. J. B. Alfree Mfg. Co. v. Henry.

327 Mechanics' liens: Amending claim: Landlord and tenant: Pri.

ority of liens: Privity of contract: Waiver. John V. Farwell Co. v. Wolf and others .....

... 10 Corporations: Ultra vires: Who may object: Assignment of

causes of action: Conspiracy to defraul: Measure of damages:

Immaterial error: Taxation of costs: Interest. Jones, Monitor Mfg. Co. v

619 Jones and another v. Roberts and another....

427 Wills: Probate: Court and jury: Immaterial errors: Mental com

petency: Expert testimony: Proof of execution: Costs, when payable out of estate: Rehearing: Appeal: Guardian ad litem.

Kasson v. Tousey..

511 Mortgages: Foreclosure: Deficiency judgment. Keefe v. Furlong..

.. 219 Fixtures: Conversion into personalty: Lease. Keller, Arndt v......

274 K’eller v. Town of Gilman.

445 Appeal: Order granting new trial: Record: Failure to perfect

appeal before judgment. Kellner, Follansbee v...

149 Kendall v. Hynes Lumber Co. and others....

659 Liens: Logs and lumber: Improvements to sawmill: Time of

filing. Kinzie Avenue lleights Co., Packard v..

114 Kneeland v. Western Paving & Supply Co..

148 Kraayvanger, Saladin v..


Lathrop, Monson v

386 Lenz v. Whitcomb and another....

310 Railroads: Injury at highway crossing: Failure to look: Con

tributory negligence: Court and jury. Levy v. Wilcox.....

.. 12 Tax certificates: Special assessments: Limitations: Joinder of

legal and illegal items: Commencement of action. Littlewood's Will.

.. 608

Wills: Construction.

Lyon, In re Will of

.. 339

Madison, City of, Morrison v...

.. 452 Maloney v. Warner and others.

238 Mann, Mathwig v.

213 Manufacturers' & Builders' Fire Ins. Co., F. Dohmen Co.v...

57 Marinette, T. & W. R. Co., The State ex rel., v. Common Council of Tomahawk.

73 Masons? Fraternal Accident A880., Fox v.

.. 390

Mathwig v. Mann and others.....

213 Mechanics' liens: Mortgages: Priority: Recording act. McCallan v. Buckstaff.

316 Mechanics’ liens: Evidence: Experts: Appeal. McCann v. Chicago, St. Paul, M. & 0. R. Co....... 664

Railroads: Fences: Killing of horses: Contributory negligence. McCormick Harvesting Machine Co., Merriman v.... 600 McCue v. City of Waupun.....

625 (1) Municipal corporations: Disallowance of claim for personal

injuries: Failure to appeal. (2) Failure to find on plea in abate

ment: Immaterial error. McElroy v. Minnesota Percheron Horse Co......... 317 Corporations: Ultra vires: Defense, when not available: Author

ity of president to make contract: Estoppel. McGeoch and another v. Carlson......

138 Evidence: Appeal from justice's court: Justice's minutes: Re

freshing recollection. Merriman, Ingles v...

400 Merriman v. McCormick Harvesting Machine Co..... 600 (1, 2) Agency: Recovery for services rendered before discharge under contract. (3) Statute of frauds: Part performance.

(4) Sale of chattels: Damages. Miller v. Donahue....

498 Tax titles: Liability of land to taxation: Mistake in patent: Cancellation by executive department: Evidence: Tenants in


...... 258

Milwaukee, City of, Heller v....

134 Milwaukee, City of, Innes v...

170 Milwaukee, City of, The State ex rel., v. Newman... Minneapolis, St. Paul & S. S. M. R. Co., Montague v... 633 Minnesota Percheron Horse Co., McElroy v.

317 Minnesota Thresher Mfg. Co. v. Wolfram.....

481 Agency: Transaction outside of contract: Sale: Rescission:

Evidence: Court and jury. Mitchell v. Western Paving & Supply Co......... 147 Mittlestaedt, Gorr v...


Momsen v. Plankinton...

. 166 Appeal: Findings, when disturbed: Voluntary assignment:

Fraudulent conveyances. Monitor Mfg. Co. v. Jones....

619 Contracts: Agency: Conditional sale or consignment on com

mission? Monson v. Lathrop....

386 Libel: Parties: Publication: Telegram. Montague v. Minneapolis, St. Paul & S. S. M. R. Co.... 633 Fires negligently set: Identification: Striking out conjectural

evidence. Moody v. Streissguth Clothing Co..

. 202 Master and servant: "General manager: ” Discretion as to man.

ner of performing duties: Condonation of breach of duty. Morawetz v. Sun Insurance Office...

175 Garnishment of foreign corporation: Situs of property: Debt to

non-resident: Jurisdiction. Morrison v. City of Madison

452 Municipal corporations: Defective cross-walk: Court and jury. Muth, German Bank v.


Ne-pee-nauk Club v. Wilson and others...

290 Waters: Riparian rights: Hunting and fishing. Neu v. Voege.

489 Taxation: Assessment of lots in recorded plat: Construction of

statute: Mandamus. Newman, The State ex rel. Milwaukee v

258 Newton, Dishneau v.

531 Niagara Fire Ins. Co., F. Dohmen Co. v.

38 Northwestern National Bank v. Ramsey

544 Land contracts: Application of payments by assignee of vendor:

Tender of conveyance: Equity: Practice. Norwegian Plow Co., Dickinson v....


Oberbeck Brothers Mfg. Co., Wilbur Lumber Co. v..... 383

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