Marketing to Moviegoers: A Handbook of Strategies Used by Major Studios and Independents

Taylor & Francis, 2005 - 300 σελίδες
"Marketing to Moviegoers" is the essential guide to film marketing. Although there are many resources available about how to make a film, there are few about how to get your film seen once it's made and none that reveal the closely-guarded marketing secrets of the major motion picture studios. The author goes right to the source and provides data, quotes, and insights from high profile industry professionals and information on market research that the major studios don't want the moviegoing public to know.

This book will be indispensable for film marketing executives, consumer product marketers, students, and people new to the filmmaking field. It provides practical data, such as templates for advertising campaigns of different sizes, solutions, and an insight into the complicated movie marketing process. Armed with the strategies that Hollywood professionals would prefer not to share, film professionals and marketing professionals alike will have a leg up in this complicated business.

*Learn how to get your film seen by the public
*Learn how to inspire confidence in and generate excitement among investors and distributors
*Find practical solutions and strategies that you can apply to your own film
*Learn the secret strategies of the major studios, and find out information on market research that the studios don't want the moviegoing public to know

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Chapter 1 Creative Strategy
Chapter 2 Market Research
Chapter 3 Paid Media Advertising
Chapter 4 Promotional TieInsProduct Placement
Chapter 5 Merchandising
Chapter 6 Publicity
Chapter 7 Distribution to Theaters
Chapter 8 Exhibition
Chapter 9 Major Studios
Chapter 10 Independent Distributors
Chapter 11 Foreign Language Films
Chapter 12 Prints Advertising Funds
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Author Robert Marich has more than two decades of journalism experience covering the film and TV businesses while based in Los Angeles, New York, and London. He served as editor of film newsletter "Variety Deal Memo," and also as international and business editor at "The Hollywood Reporter." Earlier, he held full time reporting positions at "Advertising Age" and "Investors Business Daily." Marich is a regular contributor to "Variety" and London-based media researcher Informa Media, for whom he wrote the syndicated research report on pay TV movie rights entitled "The European Commission vs. the Hollywood Studios." His freelance articles have been published in the "Los Angeles Times" and "Forbes." Raised in Oak Park, IL, he is a graduate of Bradley University with a degree in Journalism. He lives in Westchester County, N.Y. with his wife and son.

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