Classified Digest of the Records of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, 1701-1892

Pub. at the Society's office, 1894 - 980 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 420 - Cast thy bread upon the waters, and thou shalt find it after many days.
Σελίδα 197 - ... a convenient number of professors and scholars maintained there ; all of them to be under the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience ; who shall be obliged to study and practice physic and chirurgery, as well as divinity ; that by the apparent usefulness of the former to all mankind, they may both endear themselves to the people, and have the better opportunities of doing good to men's souls, whilst they are taking care of their bodies ; but the particulars of the constitution I leave to the...
Σελίδα 290 - Wright.— THE BIBLE WORD-BOOK : A Glossary of Archaic Words and Phrases in the Authorised Version of the Bible and the Book of Common Prayer. By W. ALDIS WRIGHT, MA, Fellow and Bursar of Trinity College, Cambridge.
Σελίδα 76 - I can learn, in the other New England colonies, have proved themselves faithful, loyal subjects in these trying times ; and have to the utmost of their power opposed the spirit of disaffection and rebellion which has involved this continent in the greatest calamities. I must add, that all the other Clergy of our Church in the above colonies, though not in the Society's service, have observed the same line of conduct...
Σελίδα 60 - You are not to prefer any minister to any ecclesiastical benefice in that our province without a certificate from the Right Reverend Father in God the Lord Bishop of London, of his being conformable to the doctrine and discipline of the Church of England and of a good life and conversation.
Σελίδα 172 - It is better to walk than to run ; it is better to stand than to walk ; it is better to sit than to stand ; and it is better to lie than to sit.
Σελίδα 475 - Hindoos, having no object in such attainments beyond secular advantage. 3. For translating the Scriptures, the Liturgy, and moral and religious tracts. 4. For the reception of English Missionaries, to be sent out by the Society, on their first arrival in India.
Σελίδα 532 - Then, as if he had acquired new life, he begins to brandish his staff of bells, and to dance with a quick, but wild, unsteady step. Suddenly the afflatus descends ; there is no mistaking that glare, or those frantic leaps. He snorts, he stares, he gyrates. The demon has now taken bodily possession of him ; and though he retains the power of utterance and motion, both are under the demon's control, and his separate consciousness is in abeyance.
Σελίδα 77 - General Washington would be at church, and would be glad if the violent prayers for the king and royal family were omitted.
Σελίδα 102 - The Governor and Company of the City of London for the Plantation of the Somers Islands...

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