Indian Defence Review: April - June 2007

Bharat Verma
Lancer Publishers, 2008 - 156 σελίδες
Indian Defense Review (IDR) is India's best-known defense journal. Over the year the journal has attained the "most quoted" status by defense and security analysts worldwide. The journal offers an incisive analysis of defense and politico-security affairs focused on Asia.

In addition to defense and security analyses, each issue includes regular feature sections on aerospace trends, naval affairs, and army force developments, including the latest arms transfers and news.

Indian Defense Review, a quarterly journal, is read by almost all leading policy makers at senior bureaucratic, political and military levels. Time and again, the incisive analyses in the Indian Defense Review have helped form opinions and shape strategic responses on the sub-continent.

"India's best known military publication."- India Today

"a premier strategic affairs think tank."- Hindustan Times

"The most impressive publication."- The Economic Times

"the most impressive, useful and independent publication.."- The Tribune

"Indian Defense Review prides itself on being a sober, pragmatic, mainstream journal."- Professor John W. Garver, in the book entitled, "India As An Emerging Power"


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