Laws of the State of New York


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Σελίδα 205 - Facts were committed, and the Defendant may plead the General Issue, and give the Special Matter in Evidence...
Σελίδα 539 - The money arising from any loan or stock creating such debt or liability shall be applied to the work or object specified in the act authorizing such debt or liability, or for the payment of such debt or liability, and for no other purpose whatever.
Σελίδα 539 - No such law shall take effect until it shall, at a general election, have been submitted to the people, and have received a majority of all the votes cast for and against it, at such election.
Σελίδα 502 - And, generally, to use his utmost influence and most strenuous exertions to promote sound education, elevate the character and qualifications of teachers, improve the means of instruction and advance the interests of the schools under his supervision.
Σελίδα 451 - ... used in connection therewith, or necessary to the use and enjoyment thereof, to the extent of the right, title, and interest, at that time existing, of such owner, whether owner in fee or of a less estate, or lessee for a term of years, or vendee in possession under a contract of sale, shall be subject to a...
Σελίδα 121 - ... levy the same with costs by distress of the goods and chattels of the person who ought to pay the same or of any goods or chattels in his possession...
Σελίδα 203 - ... in the streets, highways, passages, or other public places, to beg or receive alms ; 6.
Σελίδα 510 - States weather bureau when certified under the seal of the department of agriculture], that the same is a true copy of such record, may be read in evidence in any court of this state and shall be prima facie evidence of the facts and circumstances therein stated.
Σελίδα 41 - ... destroy, cut, breaK, or injure, any tree, shrub, or plant, within the limits of...
Σελίδα 539 - ... single object or work, to be distinctly specified therein, which law shall provide ways and means, exclusive of loans, for the payment of the interest of such debt or liability as it falls due, and also to pay and discharge the principal of such debt or liability within twenty years from the time of the contracting thereof...

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