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University College, 1905

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Σελίδα 29 - ... his exhibition during school days of moral force of character and of instincts to lead and to take an interest in his schoolmates...
Σελίδα xxvi - If two triangles have one angle of the one equal to one angle of the other and the sides about these equal angles proportional, the triangles are similar.
Σελίδα lxvii - ... meekness of my disposition! — Yet take care — the patience of a saint may be overcome at last ! — but mark! I give you six hours and a half to consider of this: if you then agree, without any condition, to do everything on earth that I choose, why — confound you! I may in time forgive you. — If not, zounds! don't enter the same hemisphere with me! don't dare to breathe the same air, or use the same light with me; but get an atmosphere and a sun of your own!
Σελίδα 94 - ... dixit, et e curru saltum dedit ocius arvis, perque hostes, per tela ruit, maestamque sororem deserit, ac rapido cursu media agmina rumpit. ac veluti montis saxum de vertice praeceps cum ruit, avulsum vento, seu turbidus imber proluit, aut annis solvit sublapsa vetustas ; fertur in abruptum magno mons...
Σελίδα lxxii - Ce fut le 8 juillet de l'année 1709 que se donna cette bataille décisive de Pultava, entre les d'eux plus singuliers monarques qui fussent alors dans le monde...
Σελίδα lxvii - So you will fly out ! Can't you be cool like me? What the devil good can passion do? Passion is of no service, you impudent, insolent, overbearing reprobate ! There you sneer again ! don't provoke me! but you rely upon the mildness of my temper — you do, you dog! you play upon the meekness of my disposition ! Yet take care, the...
Σελίδα 94 - Dictamnum genetrix Cretaea carpit ab Ida, Puberibus caulem foliis et flore comantem Purpureo ; non ilia feris incognita capris Gramina, cum tergo volucres hscserc sagittse.
Σελίδα xxv - Shame that skulks behind; Or pining Love shall waste their youth, Or Jealousy with rankling tooth That inly gnaws the secret heart, And Envy wan, and faded Care, Grim-visaged comfortless Despair, And Sorrow's piercing dart.
Σελίδα xxvii - DE : but equal triangles on the same base and on the same side of it, are between the same parallels ; (i.
Σελίδα lxvi - ... and striking, that every one considers himself, and, in some points of view, has a right to consider himself, entitled to form an opinion as to its existence and extent. It seems as if it were from personal experience that the distinction is continually drawn between moral and physical courage, to the advantage of the former.

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